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The following pages cover the Griffith Valuation index for the Parish of Killabban and parishes that adjoin Killabban. They include the parishes of Tankardstown, Ballyadams, Killeshin, Monksgrange, Rathpick and Shrule.
The sort order is Surname, Townland and Parish.

This page covers surnames : Cahill to Dooly

Surname Given Name Townland Parish County
Cahill Maria Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Cahill Margaret Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Cahill Maria Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Cahill Anne Boley Rathaspick Laois
Cahill Elizabeth Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Cahill  Daniel Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Callaghan  Martin Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Callaghan  Sarah Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Callan Michael Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Callan  Michael Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Callanan John  Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Campbell John Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Campbell William Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Campbell William Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Campion John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Campion Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Campion William Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Campion Anastatia Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Campion Daniel Killabban Killabban Laois
Campion  Anastasia  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Campion  Michael Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Campion  Patrick Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Campion  William Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Cantwell William Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Cantwell Bridget Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Cantwell Richard Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Carberry Daniel Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Carey James Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Carey Timothy Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Carey William Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Carey James Curragh Killeshin Laois
Carey Pierce Garrough Killeshin Laois
Carey James Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Carey Mary  Graigue-Leighlin St. Killeshin Laois
Carey Timothy Springhill Killeshin Laois
Carey Pierce Stanney Killeshin Laois
Carpenter William Anneville Shrule Laois
Carpenter Anne Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Carpenter Patrick Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Carpenter Judith Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Carpenter Charles Ballynagarr Killabban Laois
Carpenter Anne Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Carpenter James Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Carpenter Joseph Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Carpenter  Charles Cappanaboe Killeshin Laois
Carpenter  Andrew Graigue Killeshin Laois
Carr  William Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Carrigan John Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Carrigan John Stroke Ballyadams Laois
Carroll Margaret Aghanure Killabban Laois
Carroll Michael Ashfield Killabban Laois
Carroll Edward Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Carroll Sarah Ballyharmon Killeshin Laois
Carroll Michael Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Carroll Daniel Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Carroll Thomas Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Carroll Stephen Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Carroll John Rathtillig Killabban Laois
Carroll Matthew Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Carroll  Martin Boley Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  Patrick Boley Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  George Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  George Sr Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  Margaret Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  Martin Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  Michael Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  James  Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  John Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Carroll  Thomas Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Carter John Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Carter William Esq. Drumagh Killabban Laois
Carter Robert Gortahile Killabban Laois
Carter Anne Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Carter Henry Monavea Killabban Laois
Carter William Esq. Monavea Killabban Laois
Carter Rose Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Carter  John  Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Carthy Michael Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Carthy Patrick Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Carthy Honoria Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Carthy  John  Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Cartor Peter Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Caseberry  John  Graigue-Bridge St. Killeshin Laois
Casey Owen Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Casey Edward Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Casey Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Cavanagh James Toome Ballyadams Laois
Chequin John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Chester James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Chester  James  Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Christian Thomas Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Christian Thomas Southfield Ballyadams Laois
Clarke  Edward Graigue-Barrow St. Killeshin Laois
Clarke  Edward Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Clear Patrick Southfield Ballyadams Laois
Cleary  Owen  Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Cleere  Patrick Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Cleere  Denis Springhill Killeshin Laois
Clegg Catherine Clonagh Killabban Laois
Cline Michael Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Close Henry Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Cody Margaret Ashfield Killabban Laois
Cody William Ashfield Killabban Laois
Cody John Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Cody Tobias Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Coe William Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Coe Susan Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Coe William Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Coffey John Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Coghlan James Aghanure Killabban Laois
Cohen Mary Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Colclough  Ellen Graigue Killeshin Laois
Colclough  John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Colclough  Patrick Graigue Killeshin Laois
Cole  Henry Esq Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Cole  Henry Graigue-Leighlin St. Killeshin Laois
Cole  Charles Graigue-Wellington Quay Killeshin Laois
Colgan John Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Colgan Patrick Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Collier John  Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Collins Eleanor Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Collins Patrick Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Collins Bridget Coolrain Killeshin Laois
Collins Mary  Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Collins Mary  Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Collins Robert M.D. Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Collins John  Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Collins Robert M.D. Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Collins Robert M.D. Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Collins Robert M.D. Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Comerford Martin Rathaspick Rathaspick Laois
Commins Thomas Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Condon Patrick Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Condron Mark Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Condron Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Condron James Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Condron Margaret Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Condron Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Condron William Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Condron Margaret Gortahile Killabban Laois
Condron Hugh Rushes Killabban Laois
Condron Margaret Rushes Killabban Laois
Condron Mark Sronscull Ballyadams Laois
Condron  James  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Condron  Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Condron  Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Conlan Michael Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Conlan Patrick Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Conlan Michael Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Conlan Patrick Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Conlan  John  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Connell Ellen Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Connell Bridget Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Connell Patrick Farnans Killabban Laois
Connell Patrick Oldleagh Killabban Laois
Connell  John Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Connell  Judith Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Connell  Eliza  Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Connell  John Wolfhill Rathaspick Laois
Connolly Catherine Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Connolly John Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Connolly Nicholas Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Connolly Hugh Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Connolly James Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Connolly Michael Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Connolly John Drumlea Ballyadams Laois
Connolly John Killabban Killabban Laois
Connolly Thomas Shrule Shrule Laois
Connor James Monebrock Tankardstown Laois
Connor John Rahin Killabban Laois
Connor Sarah Rahin Killabban Laois
Connor William Ratherrig Ballyadams Laois
Connor James Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Connor Patrick Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Connor  Michael Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Connors James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Connors Jane  Clogrenan Killeshin Laois
Conran Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Conran William Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Conroy Bryan Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Conroy Martin Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Conroy Judith Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Conway Patrick Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Conway Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Conway Michael Jr. Farnans Killabban Laois
Conway Michael Sr. Farnans Killabban Laois
Conway William Farnans Killabban Laois
Conway Michael Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Conway James Rushes Killabban Laois
Conway Patrick Rushes Killabban Laois
Conwell Daniel Mayo Killabban Laois
Conwell Margaret Mayo Killabban Laois
Conwell Owen Mayo Killabban Laois
Coogan Michael Aghcross Killabban Laois
Coogan James Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Coogan John Killenny Killabban Laois
Coogan  Elizabeth Grange Monksgrange Laois
Coogan  John  Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Cooke John Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Cooke George Esq. Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Cooke George Esq Grange Monksgrange Laois
Cooke George Esq. Rossena Killabban Laois
Cooney Patrick Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Cooney Timothy Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Cooney William Gurteen Killabban Laois
Cooper William C Esq Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Cooper William C Esq Ballinrahin Killabban Laois
Cooper Gilbert Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Cooper Wm.C Esq. Coolrain Killabban Laois
Cooper Wm.C Esq. Cooper Hill C 1613 Demesne Killabban Laois
Cooper Harman H Esq Shrule Shrule Laois
Cooper  Jeremiah H Esq Cappalug Killeshin Laois
Cooper  Jermh H Esq Coolrain Killeshin Laois
Cooper  Wm C Esq Coolrain Killeshin Laois
Cooper  Thos H Esq Graigue Killeshin Laois
Cooper  James Jr Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Cooper  James Sr Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Cooper  John  Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Cooper  Michael Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Cooper  Wm C Esq Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Coote Baronet Chas.H. Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Coote Baronet Chas.H. Turra Killabban Laois
Cope Henry Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Cope Henry J. Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Cope Samuel Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Cope Samuel Rahin Killabban Laois
Corcoran James Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Corcoran Edward Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Corcoran Rev. Terence Lisroughty Ballyadams Laois
Corcoran Elizabeth  Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Cosgrave Timothy  Rossena Killabban Laois
Costello John Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Costello Rose  Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Costello Andrew Clogrenan Killeshin Laois
Costello William Greaghnaloughry Ballyadams Laois
Craig Thomas Kellyville Ballyadams Laois
Cranny James  Ashfield Killabban Laois
Cranny Denis Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Cranny James Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Crawford William Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Crawley Ralph Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Crawley Thomas Rahin Killabban Laois
Creamer Patrick Garadice Ballyadams Laois
Creamer Catherine Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Creamer John Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Crennan Edward Gortahile Killabban Laois
Crennan  William Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Crosby  Peter Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Crosby  Owen  Springhill Killeshin Laois
Crosthwaite John Rahin Killabban Laois
Crosthwaite John Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Cullen Patrick Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Culligan Ellen Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Cummins Andrew Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Cummins Michael Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Cummins Elizabeth Cappanaboe Killeshin Laois
Cummins Rev .Matt. Dunbrin Upper Ballyadams Laois
Cummins Mary  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Cummins Patrick Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Cummins James Springhill Killeshin Laois
Cunningham Daniel Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Cunningham Loretta Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Cunningham Margaret Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Cunningham Geo. Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Cunningham George Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Cunningham Robert Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Cunningham Cath Killabban Killabban Laois
Curran Patrick Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Curran Joseph Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Curran Thomas Ballynagarr Killabban Laois
Curran John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Curran Alice Crettyard Killabban Laois
Curran John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Curran Lawrence Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Curran Patrick Milford Tankardstown Laois
Curran Edward Tirernan Killabban Laois
Curran  James Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Curran  Martin Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Curran  Patrick Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Curran  Catherine Cloonaloo Killeshin Laois
Curran  John  Garrough Killeshin Laois
Curran  John Jr Garrough Killeshin Laois
Curran  Thomas Graigue-Barrow St. Killeshin Laois
Curran  Martin Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Curran  Bridget Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Curran  John Jr Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Curran  John Sr Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Curran  James Leagh Killeshin Laois
Curran  Edward Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Curren Michael Drumlea Ballyadams Laois
Curren James Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Curren Patrick Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Cushen Mary Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Cushen Patrick Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Dalton Bridget Farnans Killabban Laois
Dalton Edward Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Dalton  Thomas Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Daly Anne Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Daly Michael Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Daly Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Daly Anthony Crettyard Killabban Laois
Daly Giles Crettyard Killabban Laois
Daly Mary Crettyard Killabban Laois
Daly Robert Crettyard Killabban Laois
Daly John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Daly Ulick J. Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Daly Michael Rahin Killabban Laois
Daly Ulick J. Whitebog Ballyadams Laois
Darcy Thomas Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Darcy Ellen Knocks Ballyadams Laois
Dargan Judith Aghcross Killabban Laois
Dargan Honoria Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Davis James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Davis Thomas Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Davis John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Davis James Rahin Killabban Laois
Davis Thomas Rathgilbert Ballyadams Laois
Davy Bridget Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Dawson John Milford Tankardstown Laois
Day Daniel Graigue Killeshin Laois
Deane John Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Deegan John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Deegan Eliza Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Deegan Anne Killabban Killabban Laois
Deegan Francis Killabban Killabban Laois
Deegan John Killabban Killabban Laois
Deegan Patrick Killabban Killabban Laois
Deering Richard Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Degan Peter Aghanure Killabban Laois
Delahunty Margaret Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Delany John Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Delany Sarah Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Delany Ellen Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Delany Lawrence Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Delany Bridget Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany James Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany Judith Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany Martin Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany Michael Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany Philip Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Delany Anne Crettyard Killabban Laois
Delany Michael Crettyard Killabban Laois
Delany Patrick Crettyard Killabban Laois
Delany Patrick Sr. Crettyard Killabban Laois
Delany Michael Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Delany Michael Cullenagh Tankardstown Laois
Delany James  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Delany Judith Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Delany James Drumagh Killabban Laois
Delany Michael Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Delany James  Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Delany James  Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Delany John Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Delany Patrick Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Delany James  Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Delany Michael Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Delany  Martin Graigue Killeshin Laois
Delany  Thomas Graigue Killeshin Laois
Delany  James Graigue-Bridge St. Killeshin Laois
Delany  Patrick Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Delany  Patrick Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Delany  Willian Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Delany  Patrick Springhill Killeshin Laois
Dempsey James Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Dempsey Patrick Clonagh Killabban Laois
Dempsey Edward Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Dempsey John  Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Dempsey Mary  Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Dempsey Anne  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Dempsey Patrick Grange Monksgrange Laois
Dempsey Patrick Jr Grange Monksgrange Laois
Dempsey Edward Killeen Killabban Laois
Dempsey Edward Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Dempsey James Rathduff Shrule Laois
Dempsey  Bridget Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Dempsey  Edward Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Dempsey  Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Dempsy Denis Killabban Killabban Laois
Dempsy Edward Tirernan Killabban Laois
Deneny John Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Deven Michael Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Devereux William Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Devine  Peter Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Dillon James Gortahile Killabban Laois
Dillon  Patrick Springhill Killeshin Laois
Dobbyn William Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Dobson Anne Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Dobson James Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Dobson James Mullaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Dobson Anne Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Dogue Jane Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Dogue Edward Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Dogue Patrick Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Doherty James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Doherty Hugh  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Dolan Cornelius Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Dolan John Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Dolan Luke Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Dolan Owen Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Dolan James Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Dolan Patrick Kilnacreevy Ballyadams Laois
Dolan Peter Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Dolan James Lislahy Ballyadams Laois
Dolan Laurence Lisroughty Ballyadams Laois
Dolan Michael Stroke Ballyadams Laois
Dollard James Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Donaghy John Greaghnaloughry Ballyadams Laois
Donegan Sylvester Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Donegan Thomas Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Donnegan Thomas Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Donnelly Mary Aghanure Killabban Laois
Donnelly Abbin Ashfield Killabban Laois
Donnelly James Ashfield Killabban Laois
Donnelly Peter Ashfield Killabban Laois
Donnelly Mary Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Donnelly Patrick Boley Rathaspick Laois
Donnelly Catherine Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Donnelly James Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Donnelly John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Donnelly Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Donnelly Margaret  Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Donnelly James  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Donnelly Abbin Farnans Killabban Laois
Donnelly Bryan Farnans Killabban Laois
Donnelly John Farnans Killabban Laois
Donnelly Matthew Farnans Killabban Laois
Donnelly Patrick Farnans Killabban Laois
Donnelly John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Donnelly John Mayo Killabban Laois
Donnelly Michael Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Donnelly Bryan Rushes Killabban Laois
Donnelly Peter Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Donohoe Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Donohoe Patrick Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Donohoe James Graigue Killeshin Laois
Donohoe Mary  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Donohoe Charles Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Donohoe John  Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Donohoe Sylvester Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Donohoe Murtagh Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Donohoe James Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Donohoe John  Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Donohoe Thomas  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Donohoe Thomas Huntspark Ardough Killabban Laois
Donohoe Thomas Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Donohoe James Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Donohoe Patrick Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Donohoe Patrick Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Donohoe  Agnes  Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Doogan Edward Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Doogan Catherine  Boley Rathaspick Laois
Doogan Patrick Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Doogan Thomas Farnans Killabban Laois
Doogan Bridget Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Doogan Matthew Mullaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Doogan Michael Tirernan Killabban Laois
Doogan  Patrick Graigue Killeshin Laois
Doogue Judith Ashfield Killabban Laois
Doogue Michael Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Doogue Patrick Towlerton Killabban Laois
Doogue John Woodland Killabban Laois
Doolan Patrick Aghanure Killabban Laois
Doolan Martin Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Doolan William Castletown Killabban Laois
Doolan Bridget Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Doolan Denis Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Doolan Mary Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Doolan James  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Doolan Martin Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Doolan Mary Drumagh Killabban Laois
Doolan John Gortahile Killabban Laois
Doolan Michael Gortahile Killabban Laois
Doolan William Gortahile Killabban Laois
Doolan James Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Doolan James Jr. Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Doolan William Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Doolan James Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Doolan Daniel Mayo Killabban Laois
Doolan John Mayo Killabban Laois
Doolan Catherine Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Doolan Edward Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Doolan  Mary  Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Dooley Anne Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Dooley Edward Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Dooley John Rappa Shrule Laois
Dooley Matthew Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Dooley Thomas Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Dooley William Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Dooley  Thomas Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Dooley  Anne  Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Dooly John Farnans Killabban Laois
Dooly Margaret Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Dooly Lawrence Towlerton Killabban Laois

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