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The following pages cover the Griffith Valuation index for the Parish of Killabban and parishes that adjoin Killabban. They include the parishes of Tankardstown, Ballyadams, Killeshin, Monksgrange, Rathpick and Shrule.

The sort order is Surname, Townland and Parish.

This page covers surnames : Dooragan to Gerrand

Surname Given Name Townland Parish County
Dooragan Thaddeus Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Dooragan Charles Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Dooragan Charles Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Dooragan John Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Doran James Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Doran William Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Doran Denis Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Doran Edward Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Doran Patrick Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Doran Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Doran William Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Doran Cornelius Farnans Killabban Laois
Doran Hugh  Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Doran John  Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Doran Martin Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Doran William Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Doran Henry Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Dormer Catherine Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Dormer Mary Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Dormer Bridget Turra Killabban Laois
Douglas Julia Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Dowd  Michael Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dowdle  Robert  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Dowling Bridget Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dowling John  Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dowling Michael Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dowling Patrick Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dowling William Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dowling Mary  Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Dowling Michael Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Dowling Patrick Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Dowling Thomas Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Dowling Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Dowling Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Dowling Anne Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Dowling Mrs Bridget Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Dowling Denis Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Dowling Hugh Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Dowling Michael Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Dowling Edward Graigue Killeshin Laois
Dowling Edward Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Dowling William Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Dowling James Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Dowling  Thomas Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Doyle Michael Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Doyle Patrick Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Doyle Maurice Ashfield Killabban Laois
Doyle Patrick Ashfield Killabban Laois
Doyle Thomas Ashfield Killabban Laois
Doyle Catherine Ballinrahin Killabban Laois
Doyle James Ballinrahin Killabban Laois
Doyle Judith Ballinrahin Killabban Laois
Doyle Michael Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Doyle Patrick Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Doyle James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Doyle John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Doyle John Jr. Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Doyle Michael Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Doyle William Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Doyle Catherine Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Doyle Bridget Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Doyle Mary Barrowhouse Tankardstown Laois
Doyle John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Doyle James Farnans Killabban Laois
Doyle William Farnans Killabban Laois
Doyle Michael Gortahile Killabban Laois
Doyle Byran Graigue Killeshin Laois
Doyle Eliza Graigue Killeshin Laois
Doyle Thomas Graigue Killeshin Laois
Doyle Francis Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Doyle Mary  Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Doyle Eliza Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Doyle Alexander Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Doyle James Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Doyle John Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Doyle John Monavea Killabban Laois
Doyle Moses Monavea Killabban Laois
Doyle Patrick Rossena Killabban Laois
Doyle Bryan  Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Doyle Daniel Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Doyle James  Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Doyle John Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Doyle Thomas Turra Killabban Laois
Drennan Denis Aghanure Killabban Laois
Drennan John Coolanagh Killabban Laois
Drennan Michael Oldleagh Killabban Laois
Drennan Patrick Oldleagh Killabban Laois
Duff James Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Duff John Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Duff James Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duff Anne Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Duff Peter Killabban Killabban Laois
Duggan Thomas Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Duggan Catherine  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Duggan Denis  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Duggan William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Duggan Bridget Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Duggan Henry  Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Duggan Patrick Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Duigan Michael Ashfield Killabban Laois
Duigan Patrick Ashfield Killabban Laois
Duigan Edward Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan Elizabeth Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan John Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan Mary Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan Michael Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan Patrick Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan Thomas Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Duigan Edward Farnans Killabban Laois
Duigan Patrick Graigue Tankardstown Laois
Duigan Edward Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Duigan Mary Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Duigan  Patrick Graigue-Bridge St. Killeshin Laois
Duigan  John  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Dunne William Aghamafir Rathaspick Laois
Dunne John  Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Dunne Mary Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Dunne John Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Catherine Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Patrick Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Dunne John Esq Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Dunne John  Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Dunne Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Dunne John Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Dunne James  Boley Rathaspick Laois
Dunne William Boley Rathaspick Laois
Dunne Martin Cappanaboe Killeshin Laois
Dunne Edward Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Dunne Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Dunne William Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Dunne James Cullenagh Tankardstown Laois
Dunne Denis  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Dunne Michael Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Dunne Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Dunne William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Dunne Margaret Drumagh Killabban Laois
Dunne Patrick Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Anne Farnans Killabban Laois
Dunne John Farnans Killabban Laois
Dunne Thomas Farnans Killabban Laois
Dunne Edward Graigue Killeshin Laois
Dunne Denis Graigue Tankardstown Laois
Dunne John Graigue Tankardstown Laois
Dunne Thomas Graigue Tankardstown Laois
Dunne William Brdg Graigue-Whitecastle Killeshin Laois
Dunne Mary  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Dunne John Hollymount Killabban Laois
Dunne Jane Kellyville Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Mary Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Dunne Margaret Killabban Killabban Laois
Dunne Margaret Killeen Killabban Laois
Dunne Walter Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Dunne John Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Terence Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Timothy Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Mary Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Dunne Patrick Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Dunne George Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Timothy Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Catherine Monavea Killabban Laois
Dunne George Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Timothy Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Dunne William Ratherrig Ballyadams Laois
Dunne Patrick Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Dunne James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Dunne Morgan Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Dunne Thomas Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Dunne Edward Shrule Shrule Laois
Dunne James Springhill Killeshin Laois
Dunne John Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Dunne Mary Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Dunne Simon Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Dunne Anthony Towlerton Killabban Laois
Dunne Margaret Towlerton Killabban Laois
Dunne James Turra Killabban Laois
Dunne John Turra Killabban Laois
Dunne Patrick Turra Killabban Laois
Dunphy James Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Dunphy Robert Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Dunphy  Anastasia Grange Monksgrange Laois
Duplex Edward Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Duplex Edward Farnans Killabban Laois
Dwyer Lawrence Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Dwyer Mary Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Dwyer Patrick Boley Rathaspick Laois
Dwyer Patrick Jr Boley Rathaspick Laois
Dwyer Catherine Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Dwyer Thomas Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Dwyer Michael Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Dwyer Denis  Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Dwyer John Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Dwyer Patrick Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Dyall Catherine Graigue-Mill St. Killeshin Laois
Eaton Alexander Rahin Killabban Laois
Eaton George Southfield Ballyadams Laois
Edge John Esq. Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Edge William Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Edge John Esq. Crettyard Killabban Laois
Edge John Esq Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Edge Samuel Esq Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Edge John Esq. Farnans Killabban Laois
Edge John Esq. Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Edge John Esq. Kilgory Killabban Laois
Edge John Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Egan Anne Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Egan Bridget Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Egan  Daniel Springhill Killeshin Laois
Elliot  Samuel Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Elliott Rev Charles Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Emerson John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Emmerson John  Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Empy William Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Empy Robert Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Empy William Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
English Michael Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Ennis Crague Toome Ballyadams Laois
Ennis William Toome Ballyadams Laois
Fahy Matthew Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Fahy Michael Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Falkiner Harmon Monure Killeshin Laois
Falkiner Harmon Springhill Killeshin Laois
Fannan Michael Sraloaghan Ballyadams Laois
Fannin Bridget Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Fanning William Aghaterry Killabban Laois
Fanning Ellen Rushes Killabban Laois
Farmer Hannah Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Farrell Andrew Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Farrell Margaret Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Farrell Margaret Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Farrell Jane Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell John Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell Joseph Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell Michael Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell Peter Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell Richard Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell Thomas Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell William Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Farrell Rose Castletown Killabban Laois
Farrell Catherine Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Farrell Margaret Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Farrell James Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Farrell Mary  Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Farrell Thomas Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Farrell William Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Farrell William Drumagh Killabban Laois
Farrell James Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Farrell Michael Gortahile Killabban Laois
Farrell Robert Graigue Killeshin Laois
Farrell Bridget Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Farrell Mary  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Farrell Simon Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Farrell Jane  Graigue-Morrin's Lane Killeshin Laois
Farrell James Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Farrell Patrick Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Farrell Patrick Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Farrell Peter Killeen Killabban Laois
Farrell John  Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Farrell Patrick Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Farrell Owen Oldleagh Killabban Laois
Farrell William Rahin Killabban Laois
Farrell James Rathduff Shrule Laois
Farrell Richard Rushes Killabban Laois
Farrell William Rushes Killabban Laois
Farrell John Shrule Shrule Laois
Farrell William Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Farrell Peter Southfield Ballyadams Laois
Farrell William Turra Killabban Laois
Farrell Michael Well Ln Graigue-Wash Ln Killeshin Laois
Farrell  Thomas Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Farrelly John Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Farrelly Anne Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Farrelly Edward Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Farrelly James Knocks Ballyadams Laois
Fee Bryan Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Fee James Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Feely Richard Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Feely James Gurteen Killabban Laois
Feely Richard Gurteen Killabban Laois
Feeney Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Fegan Peter  Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
Fenelly  Bernard Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Fenelon Timothy Gurteen Killabban Laois
Fenlon Bridget Aghanure Killabban Laois
Fenlon John Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Fenlon Rev Edward Boley Rathaspick Laois
Fenlon Patrick Kellyville Ballyadams Laois
Fenlon Rev Edward Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Fenlon  Sarah Cappanaboe Killeshin Laois
Fenlon  John  Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Fennan Timothy Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Fennel Michael Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Fennel Denis Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Fennel John Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Fennel James Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Fennel Edward Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Fennel Margaret Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Fennell Thomas Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Fennell Edward Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Fennell John  Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Fennell Garrett Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Fennell Michael Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Fennell John  Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Fennell Jane Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Fennell Nathaniel Mayo Killabban Laois
Fennell William Mayo Killabban Laois
Fennell James Monebrock Tankardstown Laois
Fennell Richard Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fennell Catherine Woodland Killabban Laois
Fennell  William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Fennelly James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Fennelly Judith Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Fennelly Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Fennelly Sarah Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Fennelly Michael Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Fennelon Timothy Tirernan Killabban Laois
Fennon Daniel Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Fennon Mark Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Fennon Timothy Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Fife John Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Finch William Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Finch James  Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Finch Bridget Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Finch James  Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Fingleton James Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Fingleton Michael Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Fingleton Edward Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Fingleton James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Fingleton Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Finlan William Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Finlan  John  Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Finlay Patrick Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Finn Bridget Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Finn Mary  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Finn William Grange Monksgrange Laois
Finn  Daniel Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Finn  James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fisbourne Joseph Rosstillegane Killabban Laois
Fishbourne Jos Esq Cappanamrogue Killeshin Laois
Fishbourne Wm Esq Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Fisher  Matthew Graigue Killeshin Laois
Fisher  Rep Benj Esq Springhill Killeshin Laois
Fitzgerald Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Fitzhenry James Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Fitzhenry John Ballinrahin Killabban Laois
Fitzmaurice Jas Esq Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Fitzmaurice Jas Esq Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Fitzmaurice Wm Esq Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Fitzmaurice James Esq Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick Bridget Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick William Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick Patrick Farnans Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick Margaret  Graigue-Morrin's Lane Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick Catherine Gurteen Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick Patrick Gurteen Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick Bernard Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Fitzpatrick Margaret Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Fitzpatrick Patrick Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Fitzpatrick Mary Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Fitzpatrick John Kilmorony Tankardstown Laois
Fitzpatrick John Milford Tankardstown Laois
Fitzpatrick John Rahin Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick John Jr. Rahin Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick Bridget Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick Judith Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick Judith Jr Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick Mary  Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Fitzpatrick Bridget Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Fitzpatrick John Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Fitzpatrick Michael Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Fitzpatrick James Towlerton Killabban Laois
Fitzpatrick Patrick Towlerton Killabban Laois
Flanagan Anne  Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Flanagan John Boley Rathaspick Laois
Flanagan Bridget Lisroughty Ballyadams Laois
Flanagan James  Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Flanagan John Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Flanagan William Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Flannagan Daniel Leganamer Ballyadams Laois
Flannagan James Leganamer Ballyadams Laois
Fleming Geoffrey Ashfield Killabban Laois
Fleming James Ashfield Killabban Laois
Fleming Murtagh Ashfield Killabban Laois
Fleming John Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Fleming Catherine Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Fleming James Farnans Killabban Laois
Fleming Michael Farnans Killabban Laois
Fleming Mary  Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Fleming Anne Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Fleming Mary Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Fleming William Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Fleming Anne Rahin Killabban Laois
Fleming Eliza Rahin Killabban Laois
Fleming John Rahin Killabban Laois
Fleming William Rahin Killabban Laois
Fleming William Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Fleming  John Aghamafir Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Eleanor Boley Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Thomas Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Catherine  Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  James  Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Michael Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Patrick Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Thomas Jr Slatt Lower Rathaspick  Laois
Fleming  Thomas Sr Slatt Lower Rathaspick  Laois
Fleming  John Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Fleming  Timothy Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Flinn Margaret Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Flood Mary Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Flood John  Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Flood Patrick Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Flood Richard Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Flood John  Graigue-Wellington Quay Killeshin Laois
Flynn James Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Flynn Bridget Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Flynn Philip Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Flynn Owen Greaghnaloughry Ballyadams Laois
Flynn Michael Knocks Ballyadams Laois
Flynn Michael Rahin Killabban Laois
Focklin John Knocks Ballyadams Laois
Fogarty Martin Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Foley James Ashfield Killabban Laois
Foley Oliver Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Foley Daniel Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Foley James Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Foley Henry Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Foley Edward Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Foley Martin Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Foley Edward Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Foley Denis Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Foley James  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Foley Patrick Farnans Killabban Laois
Foley Mary  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Foley Susan Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Foley John Rushes Killabban Laois
Foley John Turra Killabban Laois
Forde Margaret Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Fox James Coonbeg Killabban Laois
Fox Martin Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Fox Matthew Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Fox John  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Fox Thomas Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Foy Michael Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Freeman Michael Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Freeman Rev Philip Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Freeman Catherine Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Freney John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Freney Margaret Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Freney Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Fullam  Patrick Graigue Killeshin Laois
Furney George Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Furney Hannah Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Furney Robert Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Furney Lemuel Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Furney Benjamin Castletown Killabban Laois
Furney Mary Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Furney Alice Coonbeg Killabban Laois
Furney James Coonbeg Killabban Laois
Furney Lemuel Rahin Killabban Laois
Gaban Judith Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney Maurice Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney Elizabeth Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney James Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney James Jr Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney Myles Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney James Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney Michael Mullaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Gaffney John  Springhill Killeshin Laois
Gahan James Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Gailagher  William Well Graigue Killeshin Laois
Gain Michael Aghanure Killabban Laois
Galbraith  Benjamin  Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Gale Peter Esq. Ashfield Killabban Laois
Gale  Margaret  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Gallagher Anne Hollymount Killabban Laois
Gallagher Peter Toome Ballyadams Laois
Gallagher  Judith Leagh Killeshin Laois
Gallagher  Michael Rathduff Killeshin Laois
Gallaher Matthew Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Gallaher Michael Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Gambin  John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Gannon Thomas Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Gannon Thomas Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Gannon Peter Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Gannon Winifred Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Gannon James Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Gaul  James Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Gault William Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Gault John Leckan Ballyadams Laois
Geehan Bridget Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Geehan Honoria Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Geehan John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Geehan Mark Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Geoghegan John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Geoghegan John Wolfhill Rathaspick Laois
Geoghegan Mark Wolfhill Rathaspick Laois
George Benjamin Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
George John Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
George John Jr  Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
Gerrand Thomas Ballinree Tankardstown Laois

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