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The following pages cover the Griffith Valuation index for the Parish of Killabban and parishes that adjoin Killabban. They include the parishes of Tankardstown, Ballyadams, Killeshin, Monksgrange, Rathpick and Shrule.
The sort order is Surname, Townland and Parish.

This page covers surnames : Abbott to Byrne

Surname Given Name Townland Parish County
Abbott  Luke  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Abbott  Luke  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Agar Margaret Huntspark Ardough Killabban Laois
Agar  James Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Alcock  Catherine Graigue Killeshin Laois
Alcock  William Graigue Killeshin Laois
Allen Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Allen James Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Allerton George Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Allerton George Kilnacreevy Ballyadams Laois
Anderson William Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Annesley u/k Clonpierce Killabban Laois
Annesley u/k Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Atkinson Samuel Huntspark Ardough Killabban Laois
Atkinston Samuel Monavea Killabban Laois
Aylward Anne Farnans Killabban Laois
Ayres Anne Gortahile Killabban Laois
Baggot Hugh Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Bailey Catherine Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Bailey Edward Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Bambrick Edward Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Bambrick William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Bambrick John Gortahile Killabban Laois
Bambrick Anne  Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Bambrick James Monavea Killabban Laois
Bambrick Anne Oldleagh Killabban Laois
Bambrick Henry Shrule Shrule Laois
Bambrick Anne Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Bambrick Hugh Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Bambrick John Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
Bamick Richard Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Banbrick William Rushes Killabban Laois
Banbrick Edward Turra Killabban Laois
Barber Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Barber Martin Crettyard Killabban Laois
Barnett Anastasia Turra Killabban Laois
Barrett Patrick Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Barrett Peter Ballybeg Tankardstown Laois
Barrett Peter Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Barrington Francis Graigue Killeshin Laois
Barrington William Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Barron James Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Barron Garrett Killabban Killabban Laois
Barry Lawrence Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Baxter William Drumlea Ballyadams Laois
Baxter John Lislahy Ballyadams Laois
Baxter Edward Toome Ballyadams Laois
Beahan Mary Farnans Killabban Laois
Beakon Finton Farnans Killabban Laois
Beard James Garroonagh Ballyadams Laois
Beggs James Killaphort Ballyadams Laois
Behan James Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Behan Denis Springhill Killeshin Laois
Behan Mary  Springhill Killeshin Laois
Behan Michael Springhill Killeshin Laois
Bergan Martin Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Bergin Mark Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Bergin Catherin Crettyard Killabban Laois
Bergin William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Bergin John Jr Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Bergin John Sr Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Bergin Catherine Monavea Killabban Laois
Bergin  John  Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Berne Patrick Lisroughty Ballyadams Laois
Berry Martin Crettyard Killabban Laois
Betts John Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Bigley  John Sr Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Bigley  James Jr Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Bigley  Patrick Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Bigley  Richard Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Blakely John Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Bobbyn Murtagh Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Bolger Catherine Aghanure Killabban Laois
Bolger David Aghanure Killabban Laois
Bolger William Aghanure Killabban Laois
Bolger James Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Bolger David Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Bolger Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Bolger Edward Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Bolger Patrick Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Bolger Jane Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Bolger Daniel Gurteen Killabban Laois
Bolger Edward Gurteen Killabban Laois
Bolger Elizabeth Gurteen Killabban Laois
Bolger John Gurteen Killabban Laois
Bolger William Oldcourt Killabban Laois
Bolger Patrick Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Bolger Michael Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Bolger Hugh Tirernan Killabban Laois
Bolger  Martin Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Bolger  Matthew Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Bolger  James Graigue-Killeshin St. Killeshin Laois
Bolger  John  Graigue-Leighlin St. Killeshin Laois
Bolger  James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Bolton Ebenezer Esq. Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Bolton  William Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Bolton  Thomas Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Bolton  Thomas Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Bolton  William Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Booth Thomas Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Borris  Elizabeth Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Bourke John Aghcross Killabban Laois
Bourke Anastatia Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Bourke James Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Bourke John Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Bourke Lawrence Farnans Killabban Laois
Bourke Anne Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Bourke  John  Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Bowden James Garroonagh Ballyadams Laois
Bowden John Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Bowe Peter Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Bowe John Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Bowe Patrick Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Bowe Michael Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Bowen Chas H Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Bowen Chas. Esq Farnans Killabban Laois
Bowes Patrick Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Boyd William Leckan Ballyadams Laois
Boyd James Mullaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Boyle Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Boyle Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Boyle Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Boyle Thomas Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Boyle Mary Farnans Killabban Laois
Bracken  Margaret Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Bradley Catherine Mayo Killabban Laois
Brady Thomas Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Branagan Thomas Kellyville Ballyadams Laois
Branagan Esther Southfield Ballyadams Laois
Brannan Michael Toome Ballyadams Laois
Brearton RalphW.Esq. Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Breen Bridget Boley Rathaspick Laois
Breen Thomas Boley Rathaspick Laois
Breen Margaret Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Breen James  Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Brennan James Aghanure Killabban Laois
Brennan John Aghanure Killabban Laois
Brennan John Jr. Aghanure Killabban Laois
Brennan William Aghaterry Killabban Laois
Brennan John Aghcross Killabban Laois
Brennan Anne  Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Brennan Daniel Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Brennan John  Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Brennan Martin Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Brennan Thomas Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Brennan Michael Ashfield Killabban Laois
Brennan Bridget Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Brennan James Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Brennan John Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Brennan William Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Brennan Bridget Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan James Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan John Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan William Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan John Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Michael Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Brennan William Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Brennan James Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Michael Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Brennan William Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Edward Ballyharmon Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Brennan John  Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Brennan Michael Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Brennan Patrick Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Brennan John Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Brennan William Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Brennan Anastasia Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan Owen Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan Thomas Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan William Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Brennan James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Brennan Sarah Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Brennan Abbin Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Brennan James Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Brennan John Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Brennan William Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Brennan John  Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Castletown Killabban Laois
Brennan Bridget Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Daniel Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Elizabeth Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Honoria Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Thomas Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan William Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Winefred Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brennan Bridget Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan Elizabeth Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan John  Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan Thomas Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Clonpierce Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Clonpierce Killabban Laois
Brennan Thomas Clonpierce Killabban Laois
Brennan William Clonpierce Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Brennan Daniel Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Jr Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Brennan John  Cooranriska Killeshin Laois
Brennan Edward Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Brennan Michael Crettyard Killabban Laois
Brennan Winifred Crettyard Killabban Laois
Brennan John  Derrymoyle Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Drumagh Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Drumagh Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Drumagh Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Catherine Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan James Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan John Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan Neill Jr. Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan Neill Sr. Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Farnans Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Brennan Ellen Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Brennan James Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Gortahile Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Gortahile Killabban Laois
Brennan James Graigue Killeshin Laois
Brennan John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Brennan Martin Graigue Killeshin Laois
Brennan Thomas Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Brennan Anastasia Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Brennan Martin Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Brennan Thomas Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Brennan Bridget Graigue-Morrin's Lane Killeshin Laois
Brennan Andrew Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Brennan Catherine Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Grange Monksgrange Laois
Brennan John  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Brennan Catherine Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Brennan Thomas Keeloge Killeshin Laois
Brennan Andrew Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan Catherine Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan John Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan Judith Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan Neill Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan William Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Brennan Anne Kilgory Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Kilgory Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Kilgory Killabban Laois
Brennan John Killenny Killabban Laois
Brennan Letitia Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Brennan Michael Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Brennan James Mayo Killabban Laois
Brennan William Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Bridget Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan John Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan Judith Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan Winifred Monavea Killabban Laois
Brennan James Monebrock Tankardstown Laois
Brennan John Oldcourt Killabban Laois
Brennan John Jr. Oldcourt Killabban Laois
Brennan John  Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Brennan Michael Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Brennan Patrick Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Brennan Julia Rahin Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Rahin Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Rahin Killabban Laois
Brennan Thomas Rahin Killabban Laois
Brennan John Rathgilbert Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Michael Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Brennan Martin Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan Patrick Jr Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan Patrick Sr Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Brennan Alice Rushes Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Jr. Rushes Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Sr. Rushes Killabban Laois
Brennan John Rushes Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Rushes Killabban Laois
Brennan John Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Brennan Philip Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Brennan William Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Brennan Ellen Springhill Killeshin Laois
Brennan Patrick Springhill Killeshin Laois
Brennan Michael Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Brennan Terence Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Brennan Anne Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Darby Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan James Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Margaret Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Mary Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Patrick Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Peter Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brennan Edward Turra Killabban Laois
Brennan James Turra Killabban Laois
Brennan Judith Turra Killabban Laois
Brennan Martin Turra Killabban Laois
Brennan Michael Turra Killabban Laois
Brennan Thomas Turra Killabban Laois
Brennan William Woodland Killabban Laois
Brennan William Jr. Woodland Killabban Laois
Brennan  Lawrence Aghamafir Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Patrick Boley Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Jr  Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Ellen  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Honoria Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  James  Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Lawrence Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Murth Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Thomas Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  William Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Winifred Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Inch Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Murtagh Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Mary Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Patrick Milltown Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Patrick Rathaspick Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Patrick Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  John Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Patrick Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Sarah  Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  James  Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Brennan  Owen Wolfhill Rathaspick Laois
Brien Daniel Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Brien Matthew Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Brophy John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Brophy Catherine Farnans Killabban Laois
Brophy Mary Farnans Killabban Laois
Brophy William Farnans Killabban Laois
Brophy Anne Monascreeban Ballyadams Laois
Brophy Michael Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Brophy Patrick Towlerton Killabban Laois
Brophy  Michael Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Brophy  Martin Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Brophy  Patrick Graigue-King St. Killeshin Laois
Brophy  Mary  Graigue-Morrin's Lane Killeshin Laois
Browne William Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Browne Thomas Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Browne Nicholas Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Browne James Farnans Killabban Laois
Browne John Farnans Killabban Laois
Browne Mary Farnans Killabban Laois
Browne Rep. John Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Browne Michael Gortahile Killabban Laois
Browne Anne Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Browne John Kellystown Rathaspick Laois
Browne Rep. John Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Browne Bridget Killenny Killabban Laois
Browne Thomas Mayo Killabban Laois
Browne Michael Monavea Killabban Laois
Browne Thomas Monavea Killabban Laois
Bruders James Grange Monksgrange Laois
Bruders John  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Bruders Patrick Grange Monksgrange Laois
Bryan John Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Bryan James Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Bryan John Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Bryan John Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Bryan John  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Bryan Myles Towlerton Killabban Laois
Bryne John Esq Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Buggy John Gortahile Killabban Laois
Butler Edward Esq Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Butler William Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Butler William Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Butler Garrett Esq. Crettyard Killabban Laois
Butler Garrett Esq. Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Butler Nicholas Gortahile Killabban Laois
Butler Garrett Esq. Kilgory Killabban Laois
Butler Mary Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Butler James Rahin Killabban Laois
Butler  Patrick Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Butler  John  Graigue-Mill St. Killeshin Laois
Butler  James Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Butler  Michael Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Butler  James Grange Monksgrange Laois
Byrne Thomas Aghamafir Rathaspick Laois
Byrne Patrick Anneville Shrule Laois
Byrne Terence Anneville Shrule Laois
Byrne Patrick Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Byrne Thomas Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Byrne Patrick Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Byrne Peter Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Byrne Thomas Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Byrne Edward Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Byrne Robert Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Byrne Edward Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Byrne James Ballykillen Killeshin Laois
Byrne Edward Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Byrne Michael Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Byrne James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Byrne Walter Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Byrne Lawrence Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Byrne Thomas Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Byrne Thomas Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Byrne Eliza  Boley Rathaspick Laois
Byrne Honoria Boley Rathaspick Laois
Byrne Bryan Clonagh Killabban Laois
Byrne Garrett Clonagh Killabban Laois
Byrne James Clonagh Killabban Laois
Byrne William Clonagh Killabban Laois
Byrne Mary Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Byrne Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Byrne Thomas Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Byrne Matthew Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Byrne Bryan Coolanagh Killabban Laois
Byrne William Coolanagh Killabban Laois
Byrne Patrick Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Byrne Michael Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Byrne Peter Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Byrne Timothy Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Byrne Philip Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Byrne Patrick Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Byrne Matthew Farnans Killabban Laois
Byrne Thomas Graigue Killeshin Laois
Byrne Timothy Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Byrne Patrick Graigue-High St. Killeshin Laois
Byrne Michael Graigue-Killeshin St. Killeshin Laois
Byrne Moses Graigue-Mill St. Killeshin Laois
Byrne Charles Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Byrne Thomas Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Byrne Matthew Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Byrne Denis Grange Monksgrange Laois
Byrne Patrick Grange Monksgrange Laois
Byrne James Gurteen Killabban Laois
Byrne Patrick Killabban Killabban Laois
Byrne James Killeen Killabban Laois
Byrne John  Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Byrne Patrick Kilmorony Tankardstown Laois
Byrne Catherine Leagh Killeshin Laois
Byrne Matthew Leagh Killeshin Laois
Byrne Bridget Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Byrne John Mayo Killabban Laois
Byrne Patrick Milford Tankardstown Laois
Byrne Judith Monure Killeshin Laois
Byrne Mary Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
Byrne Garrett Oldcourt Killabban Laois
Byrne Patrick Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Byrne Mary Rappa Shrule Laois
Byrne Patrick Rappa Shrule Laois
Byrne Matthew Rathtillig Killabban Laois
Byrne Edward Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Byrne John  Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Byrne Martin Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Byrne Michael Skehanagh Killabban Laois
Byrne Denis Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Byrne Peter Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Byrne James Tirernan Killabban Laois
Byrne Michael Tirernan Killabban Laois
Byrne William Tirernan Killabban Laois
Byrne John Towlerton Killabban Laois
Byrne Maurice Towlerton Killabban Laois



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