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The links below are for selective photos of headstones in the St. Mary's Church, Frosses, Donegal, Ireland. Parish of Inver. The cemetery is in two parts, Frosses New and Frosses Old. This file is for the Frosses Old Cemetery

St Mary's Church - interior

St Mary's Church - interior

St Mary's Old Cemetery

Breslin Con - family - Meenabradden

Breslin John & Sisamme

Breslin Mary - family - Ballybrillighan

Breslin Condy

Brogan - Meenagran

Brogan Michael - family - Loughnabrogue

Prendiville Edward - family - Loughnabrogue

Brogan James - family - Dognan

Dorrian Connell - family - Drimfin

Friel Owen

Friel Michael - family - Drimcoe

Friel Jim - family

Friel Patrick - family - Licnaul, Inver

Friel Charles - family - Ballybrillichan

Friel Pat

Friel John - Keelogs

Friel Charles - family

Friel Margaret - family

Griffin Maggie - family

Griffin Phil - family - Tullyhumber

Griffin - family

Griffin Thomas - family -

Griffin Thomas - family - enhanced

Griffin Daniel - family

Griffith Peter - family

Griffith Peter - family - enhanced

Griffith Bernard - family - Stonepark

Griffith Anthony - family - Drimacra

Griffith George - family - Mountcharles

McGready Hugh - family - Mullenbouys

McGready Hugh - family - Drimbarin

McGready Gerald - Clonard, Sion Mills

McManus James - 1866

Porter Sarah - 1928

Quinn Elizabeth - family


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