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The links below are for selective photos of headstones in the St. Mary's Church, Frosses, Donegal, Ireland. Parish of Inver. The cemetery is in two parts, Frosses New and Frosses Old. This file is for the Frosses New Cemetery

Frosses Town Limit

Frosses Cemetery - centre view

Frosses Cemetery - right view

Frosses Cemetery - left view

Frosses Cemetery - view

Frosses Cemetery - from back

Brogan Edward - Drimconnor

Brogan Edwar - enhanced

Brogan Patrick - Mullinbuoys

Brogan Hugh - family

Brogan James - Drimnacullion, Inver

Brogan James - Drimnacullion, enhanced

Brogan Denis - Drimnacullion, Inver

Brogan James - family

Doherty Thomas - Drimkeelan

Dorrian Daniel - family

Dorrian Daniel - family - enhanced

Dorrian Frank - family Ballyshannon

Dorrian Annie - Licnaul

Dorrian Augustine

Dorrian Patrick - family

Dorrian - Drimlatafin

Friel Hugh & Thomas - Fanachan

Friel Ellen - family - Inver

Friel Ellen - Inver - enhanced

Friel Charles - family - Glencoach

Friel Mary Ann - family - Keelogs

Friel Conn - family - Glencoach

Griffin William - family - Keelogs

Griffin John - family - Castleocry

McBrearty Annie - family - Castleogary

McBrearty Joseph - family

Mary McMonagle - husband Dan McMonagle

John MacMonagle- Brigid - Michael - Una

Sweeney William - family - Drimnacullion




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