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Donegal District

Dunkineely District

Laghy District

Mountcharles District

Pettigoe District

County Donegal consists of ten regions/districts, Donegal Union - 58 is one of these.
Donegal Union - 58  data as of 1881 consists of five districts:
Donegal District,
Dunkineely District,
Laghy District,
Mount Charles District,
and Pettigoe District.

Registration of Births and Deaths in Ireland are done by Districts. In the County of Donegal there are a number of districts/regions.  Each district is subdivided into Electoral Districts (E.D.). then into Parishes and finally into Townlands

If a birth or death was to be registered in one of the Townlands in Donegal District (part of County Donegal- one of the 32 counties of Ireland) it would be registered at the Donegal District Regional Office, located in the Town of Donegal, County of Donegal, Ireland.

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