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List below are a few Links that contain data related to various census data base for Ireland.
Note: that you will have drill down through the various pages to find the data.
These are only a few of the web sites that contain census data, if you encounter links that are not listed email the link to the Bob's E-mail listed at the bottom of this page.

Bob's Ireland Census Link
Donegal Genealogy Resources Census Link

F�ilte Romhat Census Links
From Ireland Links
Online Irish Census Inexes
Census Online
Census Finder on Line
Irish Genealogy Databases
Claire County Library Census Records
Grogan's Link to Census Data
Inishowen Heritage Census Data Lin
A Little Bit of Ireland - Census Data
Leitrim-roscommon Census Links
US Link to Galway Census Data
Ireland List Census Page
County Kerry Census Links
Londonderry Census Links
Scrapbook Census Links
Mayo Census Links
Meath County Census Links
Sligo Census Links
1799 Unofficial Census of Carrick
County Tipperary Census Link
Wicklow Census Data
Carlow IGP Census Data
Queen's Unv Census data
Online Irish Census Indexes & Records
Irish Genealogy Databases
County Cork Census Data
Galway Headford - Killursa 1901 Census
Ballynagall - Laois 1911 Census
Longford- Cranlaghbeg Census 1901
Mayo- Crossmolina Census 1901
Mayo-Burrishhoole Census 1901
Meath Census 1901
Tipperary Census 1821 Fragments


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