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Inver Parish Record Dates

Inver RC Parish Registers

Start Dates:
Births: 1861
(gaps from - Oct 1864-Sep 1866; Dec 1866-Apr 1867; Oct 1867-June 1871
((only one record for June 1871)); June 1871-Jan 1872)

Marriages: 1861
(gaps from – Nov 1890-March 1891)

No Deaths available

Inver Church of Ireland

Start dates:
Births: 1805

Marriages: 1805

Deaths: 1818

PRONI Records

INVER R.C. ( Raphoe Diocese)
Baptisms 1861 - 1881;
Marriages 1861-7; 1875- 1881
No Burials.
Ref Mic1D/86

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