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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Wexford
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M702304 Adamstown - Wexford
M701615 Ardamine - Wexford
M701626 Ardamine - Wexford
M701617 Ardcolm - Wexford
M701741 Ardcolm - Wexford
M701981 Ardcolm - Wexford
M702304 Ardcolm - Wexford
M702321 Askamore - Wexford
M702304 Ballaghkeen - Wexford
M702304 Ballindaggan - Wexford
M701615 Ballycanew - Wexford
M701626 Ballycanew - Wexford
M701615 Ballycarney - Wexford
M702302 Ballygarrett - Wexford
M701615 Ballyhuskard - Wexford
M701625 Ballyhuskard - Wexford
M702304 Ballykelly - Wexford
M702304 Ballymitty - Wexford
M702304 Ballymore By Wexford - Wexford
M702304 Ballymurn - Wexford
M702302 Ballyoughter - Wexford
M702304 Barntown - Wexford
M702322 Blackwater Near Enniscorthy - Wexford
M702304 Blackwater Rc - Wexford
M702304 Boleyvogue - Wexford
M702304 Caim - Wexford
M701615 Camolin - Wexford
M701626 Camolin - Wexford
M702302 Camolin - Wexford
M702321 Camolin - Wexford
M701617 Carn Parish - Wexford
M701981 Carn Parish - Wexford
M702304 Carnagh By New Ross - Wexford
M702304 Carrig On Bannow - Wexford
M701615 Castle Ellis - Wexford
M701995 Castle Ellis - Wexford
M702304 Castlebridge - Wexford
M702304 Castledockrell - Wexford
M702304 Claristown - Wexford
M702322 Claristown - Wexford
M701615 Clone - Wexford
M701625 Clone - Wexford
M701995 Clone - Wexford
M701995 Clonmore Parish - Wexford
M702304 Courtnacuddy - Wexford
M702322 Courtnacuddy - Wexford
M702302 Craanford - Wexford
M702321 Craanford - Wexford
M702321 Craanford (Roman Catholic Chapel) Wexford
M702304 Crossabeg - Wexford
M702304 Cushenstown - Wexford
M702322 Davidstown In Rossdroit - Wexford
M702304 Davidstown Rc - Wexford
M702322 Duncannon - Wexford
M701617 Duncormac - Wexford
M701741 Duncormac - Wexford
M701981 Duncormac - Wexford
M701615 Enniscorthy - Wexford
M701625 Enniscorthy - Wexford
M701995 Enniscorthy - Wexford
M702304 Enniscorthy - Wexford
M701615 Ferns - Wexford
M701625 Ferns - Wexford
M701995 Ferns - Wexford
M702304 Ferns - Wexford
M701616 Fethard - Wexford
M701628 Fethard - Wexford
M702322 Galbally In Ballyhoge - Wexford
M702304 Glenbrien - Wexford
M702322 Glenbrien - Wexford
M702322 Glynn - Wexford
M702304 Glynn Rc - Wexford
M701615 Gorey - Wexford
M701626 Gorey - Wexford
M702302 Gorey - Wexford
M702302 Gorey (St. Michaels) Wexford
M702304 Horeswood - Wexford
M702322 Horeswood - Wexford
M701616 Horetown Parish - Wexford
M701628 Horetown Parish - Wexford
M701615 Inch_By_Gorey - Wexford
M701995 Kilbride Parish (Ballentore Friends Mtg. House) Wexford
M701615 Kilcormick - Wexford
M701625 Kilcormick - Wexford
M701995 Kilcormuck - Wexford
M701617 Kilkevan By Taghmon - Wexford
M701981 Kilkevan By Taghmon - Wexford
M701615 Killann - Wexford
M701625 Killann - Wexford
M701995 Killann - Wexford
M701615 Killegney - Wexford
M701625 Killegney - Wexford
M701616 Killesk - Wexford
M701981 Killinick - Wexford
M701617 Killurin - Wexford
M701741 Killurin - Wexford
M701981 Killurin - Wexford
M702291 Killurin Wexford
M702304 Kilmeashill - Wexford
M702304 Kilmore - Wexford
M702302 Kilmuckridge - Wexford
M701626 Kilnahue - Wexford
M702302 Kilnahue (Hollyfort Church) Wexford
M701615 Kilnamanagh - Wexford
M701626 Kilnamanagh - Wexford
M702302 Kilnamanagh - Wexford
M701981 Kilpatrick By Wexford - Wexford
M702291 Kilpatrick By Wexford Wexford
M702304 Kilpatrick By Wexford - Wexford
M702304 Kilrane - Wexford
M701615 Kilrush - Wexford
M701625 Kilrush - Wexford
M701995 Kilrush - Wexford
M702304 Kilrush - Wexford
M701617 Kilscoran - Wexford
M702304 Kiltealy - Wexford
M702001 Kiltennell - Wexford
M701981 Kilturk - Wexford
M702304 Kilturk - Wexford
M702302 Kilunnin - Wexford
M702304 Ladys Island - Wexford
M701615 Liskinfere - Wexford
M702302 Liskinfere - Wexford
M702304 Marshallstown Rc - Wexford
M702304 Mayglass - Wexford
M702304 Monagear - Wexford
M701615 Monamolin Parish - Wexford
M702302 Monamolin Rc - Wexford
M701615 Monart - Wexford
M701625 Monart - Wexford
M701995 Monart - Wexford
M701617 Mulrankin - Wexford
M702322 Murntown - Wexford
M701616 New Ross - Wexford
M701616 New Ross (St. Mary) Wexford
M701628 New Ross - Wexford
M701628 New Ross (St. Marys) Wexford
M702001 New Ross - Wexford
M702304 New Ross - Wexford
M702304 New Ross (St. Marys) Wexford
M702322 New Ross - Wexford
M702304 Newbawn - Wexford
M701615 Newtownbarry - Wexford
M701625 Newtownbarry - Wexford
M701995 Newtownbarry - Wexford
M702304 Newtownbarry - Wexford
M702304 Oilgate - Wexford
M701628 Old Ross - Wexford
M702304 Piercestown - Wexford
M702304 Poulfur Rc Chapel - Wexford
M702304 Poulpeasty - Wexford
M702304 Raheen Rc Chapel - Wexford
M702304 Ramsgrange - Wexford
M702304 Rathangan - Wexford
M702322 Rathangan - Wexford
M701617 Rathaspick - Wexford
M701981 Rathaspick - Wexford
M702304 Rathgaroge - Wexford
M702304 Rathnure - Wexford
M702302 Riverchapel - Wexford
M701625 Rossdroit - Wexford
M701995 Rossdroit - Wexford
M701981 Saint Iberius Wexford City - Wexford
M701628 Saint James And Killesk - Wexford
M701625 Saint Mary's Enniscorthy - Wexford
M701995 Saint Mary's Enniscorthy - Wexford
M702304 Skreen - Wexford
M702322 Skreen - Wexford
M702304 St. Leonards - Wexford
M702322 Tacumshin - Wexford
M701615 Taghmon - Wexford
M701741 Taghmon - Wexford
M701981 Taghmon - Wexford
M702304 Taghmon - Wexford
M702322 Taghmon - Wexford
M702304 Tagoat - Wexford
M702322 Tagoat - Wexford
M702304 Templeludigan - Wexford
M701615 Templeshanbo - Wexford
M701625 Templeshanbo - Wexford
M701995 Templeshanbo - Wexford
M701628 Templetown - Wexford
M702304 Templetown - Wexford
M702304 Templetown Rc - Wexford
M702304 The Moor - Wexford
M701616 Tintern - Wexford
M701628 Tintern - Wexford
M701617 Tomhaggard - Wexford
M701981 Tomhaggard - Wexford
M702304 Tomhaggard - Wexford
M701615 Wexford (Friends Mtg House) Wexford
M701617 Wexford - Wexford
M701617 Wexford (St. Iberius) Wexford
M701617 Wexford (St. Selskar) Wexford
M701981 Wexford - Wexford
M702304 Wexford - Wexford
M702304 Wexford (St. Iberius) Wexford
M702322 Wexford - Wexford
M701741 Wexford Saint Iberius - Wexford
M701741 Wexford Saint Iberius (Presbyterian Church) Wexford
M702291 Wexford Saint Iberius (Presbyterian Church) Wexford
M702291 Wexford Saint Iberius Wexford
M702291 Wexford Saint Patrick (Rathaspeck Church) Wexford
M701741 Wexford Saint Patricks Union (Rathaspeck Church) Wexford
M702291 Wexford Saint Patricks Union (Johnstown Castle House) Wexford
M701616 Whitechurch By New Ross - Wexford

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