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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Offaly
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701741 Aghancon - Offaly
M701981 Aghancon - Offaly
M701617 Ballyboy Parish - Offaly
M701629 Ballyboy Parish - Offaly
M702289 Ballyboy Parish - Offaly
M701995 Ballyburly - Offaly
M701981 Ballycommon - Offaly
M702303 Ballykean - Offaly
M702303 Banagher - Offaly
M701617 Birr - Offaly
M701629 Birr - Offaly
M702289 Birr - Offaly
M702303 Birr - Offaly
M702321 Birr - Offaly
M702303 Boher - Offaly
M701741 Borrisnafarney - Offaly
M702303 Brackna - Offaly
M702321 Bracknagh (Roman Catholic Chapel) Offaly
M702303 Clara - Offaly
M701617 Clara Parish - Offaly
M701741 Clara Parish - Offaly
M701981 Clara Parish - Offaly
M702303 Cloghan - Offaly
M702303 Clonbullogue - Offaly
M702303 Clonmacnois - Offaly
M701617 Clonmacnoise - Offaly
M701629 Clonmacnoise - Offaly
M702303 Clonmacnoise - Offaly
M701625 Clonsast - Offaly
M701995 Clonsast - Offaly
M702303 Coolderry - Offaly
M701617 Dunkerrin - Offaly
M701981 Dunkerrin - Offaly
M702291 Dunkerrin Offaly
M702303 Dunkerrin - Offaly
M701617 Durrow - Offaly
M701741 Durrow - Offaly
M701981 Durrow - Offaly
M702303 Durrow - Offaly
M701615 Edenderry - Offaly
M701995 Edenderry - Offaly
M701617 Eglish - Offaly
M702289 Eglish - Offaly
M702303 Eglish - Offaly
M701617 Ettagh - Offaly
M701741 Ettagh - Offaly
M701981 Ettagh - Offaly
M701617 Ferbane - Offaly
M702289 Ferbane - Offaly
M702303 Ferbane - Offaly
M702303 Frankford - Offaly
M701617 Gallen - Offaly
M701629 Gallen - Offaly
M701616 Geashill - Offaly
M701617 Geashill - Offaly
M701628 Geashill - Offaly
M701741 Geashill - Offaly
M701981 Geashill - Offaly
M702291 Geashill Offaly
M701617 Kilbride Tullamore - Offaly
M701741 Kilbride Tullamore - Offaly
M701981 Kilbride Tullamore - Offaly
M702291 Kilbride Tullamore Offaly
M702303 Kilcoleman - Offaly
M702289 Kilcolman - Offaly
M702321 Kilcolman (Roman Catholic Chapel) Offaly
M701617 Killaderry - Offaly
M701741 Killaderry - Offaly
M701981 Killaderry - Offaly
M702303 Killan - Offaly
M702291 Killaughey Offaly
M702303 Killeigh - Offaly
M701617 Killoughy - Offaly
M701981 Killoughy - Offaly
M701617 Kinnitty - Offaly
M701629 Kinnitty - Offaly
M702289 Kinnitty - Offaly
M702303 Kinnitty - Offaly
M702321 Kinnitty - Offaly
M701617 Lemanaghan - Offaly
M701629 Lemanaghan - Offaly
M702303 Lusmagh - Offaly
M701741 Lynally - Offaly
M701981 Lynally - Offaly
M701615 Monasteroris - Offaly
M701625 Monasteroris - Offaly
M702303 Monasteroris - Offaly
M702303 Mount Bolus - Offaly
M702289 Parsonstown - Offaly
M702303 Parsonstown Registrar Office - Offaly
M701981 Philipstown - Offaly
M702303 Philipstown - Offaly
M702303 Portarlington - Offaly
M701617 Rahan - Offaly
M701981 Rahan - Offaly
M702291 Rahan Offaly
M702303 Rahan - Offaly
M702321 Rahan - Offaly
M701617 Reynagh - Offaly
M701629 Reynagh - Offaly
M702289 Reynagh - Offaly
M702303 Reynagh - Offaly
M702303 Rhode - Offaly
M702321 Rhode - Offaly
M702321 Roman Catholic Chapel - Offaly
M702303 Roscrea - Offaly
M701617 Seirkeiran - Offaly
M702289 Seirkeiran - Offaly
M701617 Shinrone - Offaly
M701741 Shinrone - Offaly
M701981 Shinrone - Offaly
M702291 Shinrone Offaly
M702303 Shinrone - Offaly
M702303 St Michaels Portarlington - Offaly
M701741 Templeharry - Offaly
M701981 Templeharry - Offaly
M702303 Templeharry - Offaly
M701617 Tessaurin - Offaly
M702303 Tubber - Offaly
M701981 Tullamoore Kilbride - Offaly
M701741 Tullamore - Offaly
M702291 Tullamore (Registrars Office) Offaly
M702303 Tullamore - Offaly
M702321 Tullamore - Offaly

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