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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Monaghan
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701613 Aghabog - Monaghan
M701614 Aghabog - Monaghan
M701623 Aghabog (Newbliss Presbyterian Church) Monaghan
M701624 Aghabog - Monaghan
M702303 Aghabog - Monaghan
M702001 Aghmakerr - Monaghan
M702303 Ahabog - Monaghan
M701613 Aughnamullin - Monaghan
M701614 Aughnamullin - Monaghan
M701623 Aughnamullin - Monaghan
M701624 Aughnamullin - Monaghan
M701613 Ballybay - Monaghan
M701623 Ballybay - Monaghan
M702303 Ballyushen - Monaghan
M701613 Carrickmacross - Monaghan
M702302 Carrickmacross - Monaghan
M702303 Carrickroe - Monaghan
M701623 Castleblayney - Monaghan
M702001 Castleblayney - Monaghan
M702303 Clara - Monaghan
M701613 Clones - Monaghan
M701616 Clones - Monaghan
M701623 Clones - Monaghan
M702303 Clones - Monaghan
M702321 Clones - Monaghan
M701616 Clontibret - Monaghan
M701628 Clontibret - Monaghan
M702303 Coraderin - Monaghan
M702303 Corravacan - Monaghan
M702321 Corravacan (Roman Catholic Chapel) Monaghan
M701613 Currin - Monaghan
M701614 Currin - Monaghan
M701623 Currin - Monaghan
M701624 Currin - Monaghan
M702303 Currin - Monaghan
M701616 Donagh - Monaghan
M701628 Donagh - Monaghan
M702303 Donagh - Monaghan
M701613 Donaghmoyne - Monaghan
M701613 Donaghmoyne (Broomfield Presby. Ch.) Monaghan
M701623 Donaghmoyne - Monaghan
M701623 Donaghmoyne (Broomfield Presbyterian Church) Monaghan
M702302 Donaghmoyne - Monaghan
M702302 Drumcallan Rc - Monaghan
M702303 Drummully - Monaghan
M701616 Drumsnat - Monaghan
M701628 Drumsnat - Monaghan
M701614 Ematris - Monaghan
M701624 Ematris - Monaghan
M702303 Ematris - Monaghan
M701616 Errigal Trough - Monaghan
M701628 Errigal Trough - Monaghan
M702303 Errigal Trough - Monaghan
M702321 Glaslough - Monaghan
M701625 Inishkeen - Monaghan
M701995 Inishkeen - Monaghan
M702302 Inishkeen - Monaghan
M701613 Killeevan - Monaghan
M701623 Killeevan - Monaghan
M702303 Killeevan - Monaghan
M702303 Killevan - Monaghan
M701616 Kilmore - Monaghan
M701628 Kilmore - Monaghan
M702303 Kilmore - Monaghan
M702321 Kilmore - Monaghan
M702303 Latnamard - Monaghan
M702001 Latton - Monaghan
M701613 Magheracloone - Monaghan
M702302 Magheracloone - Monaghan
M702302 Magheracloone Rc (St. Patricks) Monaghan
M702302 Magheracloone Rc (St. Peters) Monaghan
M701613 Magheross - Monaghan
M701623 Magheross (Carrickmacross Presbyterian Church) Monaghan
M702302 Magheross - Monaghan
M701616 Monaghan - Monaghan
M701628 Monaghan - Monaghan
M702303 Monaghan - Monaghan
M702321 Monaghan - Monaghan
M701613 Mucknoe - Monaghan
M701623 Mucknoe - Monaghan
M702001 Mucknoe - Monaghan
M702303 Scotshouse - Monaghan
M702321 Scotshouse - Monaghan
M701628 Scotstown - Monaghan
M702321 Scotstown - Monaghan
M701616 Shanco Errigle - Monaghan
M701628 Shanco Errigle - Monaghan
M702001 Shanco Errigle - Monaghan
M702303 Shanco Errigle - Monaghan
M702303 St Marys - Monaghan
M702303 St Marys Glenan - Monaghan
M702303 St Sivers - Monaghan
M702321 St. Marys Bally... Roman Cath - Monaghan
M702302 Taplagh - Monaghan
M701616 Tedavnet - Monaghan
M701628 Tedavnet - Monaghan
M701628 Tedavnet (Balinode) Monaghan
M702303 Tedavnet - Monaghan
M702303 Three Mile House - Monaghan
M701616 Tullycorbet - Monaghan
M701628 Tullycorbet - Monaghan
M701616 Tyholland - Monaghan
M701628 Tyholland - Monaghan
M702303 Tyholland - Monaghan
M702321 Tyholland - Monaghan
M702303 Urbelshanny - Monaghan

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