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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Meath
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M702291 Agher Parish Meath
M701611 Ardagh - Meath
M701621 Ardagh - Meath
M701991 Ardagh - Meath
M701616 Ardbraccan - Meath
M701628 Ardbraccan - Meath
M701617 Athboy - Meath
M701741 Athboy - Meath
M701981 Athboy - Meath
M702001 Athboy - Meath
M702291 Athboy Meath
M702302 Athboy - Meath
M702303 Ballinabracky - Meath
M702303 Ballinacree - Meath
M702302 Ballivor - Meath
M702303 Ballyboggan - Meath
M702302 Batterstown - Meath
M702302 Bohermeen Rc - Meath
M702303 Castle Jordan - Meath
M701615 Castlejordan - Meath
M701625 Castlejordan - Meath
M701995 Castlejordan - Meath
M701741 Castlerickard - Meath
M701628 Castletown Kilpatrick - Meath
M702321 Castletown Parish (Roman Catholic Chapel) Meath
M702302 Castletown Rc - Meath
M702302 Clonalvy - Meath
M701615 Colpe - Meath
M701625 Colpe - Meath
M702302 Cooldurneen Rc - Meath
M702302 Dangan - Meath
M701628 Donaghpatrick - Meath
M702302 Donore - Meath
M701611 Drumcondra - Meath
M702302 Drumcondra - Meath
M701625 Duleek - Meath
M701995 Duleek - Meath
M701615 Dunboyne - Meath
M702302 Dunboyne - Meath
M702302 Dunderry - Meath
M701625 Dunshaughlin - Meath
M701995 Dunshaughlin - Meath
M702302 Dunshaughlin - Meath
M701621 Enniskeen - Meath
M701991 Enniskeen Presby - Meath
M702302 Fletcherstown - Meath
M701617 Galtrim - Meath
M702001 Galtrim - Meath
M702302 Johnstown Rc - Meath
M702321 Johnstown Roman Catholic - Meath
M702302 Jordanstown In Rathcore - Meath
M702321 Jordanstown In Rathcore (Roman Catholic Chapel) Meath
M701615 Kells - Meath
M701626 Kells - Meath
M702302 Kells - Meath
M702302 Kentstown - Meath
M702302 Kilbeg - Meath
M702302 Kilbride In Moymet - Meath
M702302 Kildalkey - Meath
M702321 Kildalkey - Meath
M702303 Killallon - Meath
M701629 Killeagh - Meath
M702289 Killeagh - Meath
M702303 Killeagh - Meath
M701617 Killeconnighan - Meath
M702321 Killeen - Meath
M701741 Killoghconnoghan - Meath
M701981 Killoghconnoghan - Meath
M702291 Killoghconnoghan Meath
M702321 Killyon - Meath
M702001 Kilmainham Wood - Meath
M701628 Kilshine - Meath
M701617 Kilskeer - Meath
M701629 Kilskeer - Meath
M702289 Kilskeer - Meath
M701995 Knockmark - Meath
M702302 Knockmark - Meath
M701617 Laracor - Meath
M701981 Laracor - Meath
M702291 Laracor Meath
M702302 Longwood - Meath
M701617 Loughcrew - Meath
M701629 Loughcrew - Meath
M702302 Monalvey - Meath
M702302 Monknewtown - Meath
M701615 Moynalty - Meath
M702302 Moynalty - Meath
M702321 Moynalty - Meath
M702302 Moynalvy Rc - Meath
M701616 Navan - Meath
M702302 Navan - Meath
M702321 Navan - Meath
M702302 Newtown Rc - Meath
M702302 Nobber - Meath
M701617 Oldcastle - Meath
M701629 Oldcastle - Meath
M702289 Oldcastle - Meath
M702303 Oldcastle - Meath
M702321 Oldcastle - Meath
M701617 Rathcore - Meath
M701981 Rathcore - Meath
M702291 Rathcore Meath
M701617 Rathmolyon - Meath
M701981 Rathmolyon - Meath
M702291 Rathmolyon Meath
M702321 Rathmolyon - Meath
M702302 Rathmore - Meath
M701625 Ratoath - Meath
M701995 Ratoath - Meath
M702302 Ratoath - Meath
M702321 Ratoath - Meath
M702302 Robinstown Rc - Meath
M702302 Rosnaree - Meath
M701628 Skreen - Meath
M702302 Skreen - Meath
M701616 Slane - Meath
M701628 Slane - Meath
M702302 Slane - Meath
M701616 Stackallan - Meath
M701628 Stackallan - Meath
M702302 Staholmoch - Meath
M701617 Trim - Meath
M701741 Trim - Meath
M701981 Trim - Meath
M702291 Trim Meath
M702302 Trim - Meath
M702302 Trim (St. Patricks Roman Catholic) Meath
M702302 Yellow Furze - Meath

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