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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Louth
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701611 Ardee - Louth
M701621 Ardee - Louth
M701991 Ardee - Louth
M702001 Ardee - Louth
M702302 Ardee - Louth
M701995 Ballymascanlan - Louth
M702302 Ballymascanlan - Louth
M701625 Barronstown - Louth
M702321 Barronstown - Louth
M701615 Beaulieu - Louth
M701625 Beaulieu - Louth
M702302 Bridgeachrin Rc - Louth
M701615 Carlingford - Louth
M701625 Carlingford - Louth
M701995 Carlingford - Louth
M702302 Carlingford - Louth
M702321 Carlingford - Louth
M702302 Cartown - Louth
M701611 Charlestown - Louth
M701621 Clonkeen - Louth
M701615 Clonmore - Louth
M701611 Collon - Louth
M701621 Collon - Louth
M701991 Collon - Louth
M702302 Collon - Louth
M702302 Courtbane Rc - Louth
M702321 Darver - Louth
M702302 Drakestown - Louth
M701615 Drogheda - Louth
M701625 Drogheda - Louth
M701625 Drogheda (Palace St. Presbyterian) Louth
M701995 Drogheda - Louth
M701995 Drogheda (Palace St. Presby Mettinghouse) Louth
M701995 Drogheda (St Peters) Louth
M701995 Drogheda (St. Mary) Louth
M701995 Drogheda (St. Peters) Louth
M702302 Drogheda (St. Peter) Louth
M702302 Drogheda (St. Peters) Louth
M702302 Drogheda (St. Peter's) Louth
M702321 Drogheda Saint Peter's (Wesleyan Chapel) Louth
M701625 Dromiskin - Louth
M702302 Dromiskin - Louth
M702321 Dromiskin - Louth
M701611 Drumcar - Louth
M701621 Drumcar - Louth
M701991 Drumcar - Louth
M701611 Dunany - Louth
M701991 Dunany - Louth
M701615 Dundalk - Louth
M701625 Dundalk - Louth
M701995 Dundalk - Louth
M702302 Dundalk - Louth
M702321 Dundalk - Louth
M701611 Dunleer - Louth
M702302 Dunleer - Louth
M702302 Dysart - Louth
M702302 Fieldstown - Louth
M702302 Grange - Louth
M702302 Hacketts Cross - Louth
M702302 Haggardstown - Louth
M702302 Jonesborough Rc - Louth
M702302 Kilcurry - Louth
M702302 Killaney - Louth
M702321 Killaney (Roman Catholic Chapel) Louth
M701995 Killincoole - Louth
M701991 Kilsaran - Louth
M702302 Kilsaran - Louth
M702302 Knockbridge - Louth
M701615 Louth - Louth
M701625 Louth - Louth
M701995 Louth - Louth
M702302 Louth - Louth
M701615 Omeath - Louth
M701995 Omeath - Louth
M702302 Omeath - Louth
M701995 Rathdrumin - Louth
M702302 Ravensdale - Louth
M702321 Ravensdale - Louth
M702001 Reastown - Louth
M702302 Reastown - Louth
M701991 Stabannan - Louth
M702302 Tenure - Louth
M701625 Termonfeckin - Louth
M701995 Termonfeckin - Louth
M702302 Termonfeckin - Louth
M702321 Termonfeckin - Louth
M701625 Tullyallen - Louth
M701995 Tullyallen - Louth
M702302 Tullyallen - Louth
M702321 Tullyallen (Roman Catholic Chapel) Louth
M702302 Walshestown - Louth

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