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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Longford
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M702303 Abbeylara - Longford
M701627 Ardagh - Longford
M701997 Ardagh - Longford
M702303 Ardagh - Longford
M702321 Ardagh - Longford
M701616 Ballymacormick - Longford
M701627 Ballymacormick - Longford
M702303 Ballymahon - Longford
M702303 Bornacoola - Longford
M702303 Carrick Edmond - Longford
M702303 Carrickedmond - Longford
M701616 Cashel - Longford
M701627 Cashel - Longford
M701997 Cashel - Longford
M702287 Cashel - Longford
M702303 Cashel - Longford
M702321 Cashel - Longford
M702303 Clombroney - Longford
M701615 Clonbroney - Longford
M701626 Clonbroney - Longford
M702303 Clonbroney - Longford
M702321 Clonbroney - Longford
M702303 Clondra - Longford
M701616 Clongesh - Longford
M701627 Clongesh - Longford
M701997 Clongesh - Longford
M702287 Clongesh - Longford
M702303 Clongesh - Longford
M701997 Clongish Killoe - Longford
M702287 Clongish Killoe (Drumlish) Longford
M702303 Cloondra - Longford
M701626 Columbkille - Longford
M702001 Drumlish - Longford
M702303 Drumlish - Longford
M702303 Dunbeggan - Longford
M702303 Eanbegs - Longford
M702303 Edgeworthstown - Longford
M702321 Edgeworthstown - Longford
M702287 Forgney - Longford
M701615 Granard - Longford
M701626 Granard - Longford
M702303 Granard - Longford
M701616 Kilcommock - Longford
M701627 Kilcommock - Longford
M701997 Kilcommock - Longford
M702287 Kilcommock - Longford
M702303 Kilcomogue - Longford
M701616 Kilglass - Longford
M701627 Kilglass - Longford
M701997 Kilglass - Longford
M702287 Kilglass - Longford
M702321 Kilglass - Longford
M701616 Killashee - Longford
M701627 Killashee - Longford
M702287 Killashee - Longford
M702303 Killashee - Longford
M701627 Killoe - Longford
M702001 Killoe - Longford
M702287 Killoe - Longford
M702303 Lanesborough - Longford
M702303 Legga - Longford
M702303 Leggaugh - Longford
M701616 Longford - Longford
M701627 Longford - Longford
M701997 Longford - Longford
M702303 Longford - Longford
M701616 Mostrim - Longford
M702287 Mostrim - Longford
M702303 Mostrim - Longford
M701627 Moydow - Longford
M702303 Moydow - Longford
M702303 Moyne - Longford
M702303 Mullinalaghta - Longford
M702303 Newtown Forbes - Longford
M702303 Newtownforbes - Longford
M702303 Purth - Longford
M702321 Purth Roman Cath - Longford
M702303 Rathcline - Longford
M701616 Shrule - Longford
M701627 Shrule - Longford
M701997 Shrule - Longford
M701616 Taghshinny - Longford
M701627 Taghshinny - Longford
M701997 Taghshinny - Longford
M701616 Templemichael - Longford
M701627 Templemichael - Longford
M701997 Templemichael - Longford
M702287 Templemichael - Longford
M702303 Templemichael - Longford
M701616 Templemichael Killoe - Longford
M701627 Templemichael Killoe - Longford
M701997 Templemichael Killoe - Longford
M702287 Templemichael Killoe - Longford
M702303 Templemichael Killoe - Longford

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