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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Leitrim
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M702321 Aghavas (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M701613 Annaduff - Leitrim
M701623 Annaduff - Leitrim
M702303 Annaduff - Leitrim
M702303 Aughawillan - Leitrim
M702321 Aughawillin Roman Cath Chapel - Leitrim
M702303 Aughinasheelan - Leitrim
M702321 Ballinagl... Roman Cath Chapel - Leitrim
M702303 Ballinagleragh - Leitrim
M702303 Ballinamore - Leitrim
M702321 Ballinamore - Leitrim
M702302 Ballyhameehan Rc - Leitrim
M702303 Bornacoola - Leitrim
M702321 Bornacoola Roman Cath - Leitrim
M701623 Carrick On Shannon - Leitrim
M702303 Carrickon Shannon - Leitrim
M701616 Carrigallen - Leitrim
M701628 Carrigallen - Leitrim
M702001 Carrigallen - Leitrim
M702303 Carrigallen - Leitrim
M702321 Carrigallen - Leitrim
M702303 Cavan - Leitrim
M702303 Cloon - Leitrim
M702302 Cloonclare - Leitrim
M701616 Cloone - Leitrim
M702303 Cloone - Leitrim
M702303 Cloonturk - Leitrim
M702303 Dromcong - Leitrim
M702303 Drumcong - Leitrim
M702321 Drumcong (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M702303 Drumlea - Leitrim
M702321 Drumlea (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M701616 Drumlease - Leitrim
M701628 Drumlease - Leitrim
M702001 Drumlease - Leitrim
M702302 Drumlease - Leitrim
M701628 Drumreilly - Leitrim
M702001 Drumreilly - Leitrim
M702303 Drumreilly - Leitrim
M702321 Drumreilly - Leitrim
M702303 Drumshanbo - Leitrim
M702303 Drumsna - Leitrim
M702303 Fenagh - Leitrim
M701616 Fenagh Parish - Leitrim
M702321 Fenagh Parish (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M702321 Foxfield By Ballinamore (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M702302 Glenade - Leitrim
M702302 Glencar - Leitrim
M702001 Glenfarn - Leitrim
M701628 Glenlough - Leitrim
M702303 Gortletteragh - Leitrim
M702321 Gortletteragh (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M702303 Gowel - Leitrim
M702321 Gowel (Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M702303 Howel - Leitrim
M701616 Inishmagrath Parish - Leitrim
M701628 Inishmagrath Parish - Leitrim
M702302 Inishmagrath Parish - Leitrim
M702302 Inishmagrath Rc - Leitrim
M701616 Killanummery - Leitrim
M701628 Killanummery - Leitrim
M702302 Killanummery - Leitrim
M702302 Killargue Rc - Leitrim
M702302 Killasnet - Leitrim
M702302 Killasnet (Mullies Roman Catholic Chapel) Leitrim
M701613 Kiltoghert - Leitrim
M701623 Kiltoghert - Leitrim
M702303 Kiltoghert - Leitrim
M701613 Kiltubbrid - Leitrim
M701623 Kiltubbrid - Leitrim
M702321 Kiltubbrid - Leitrim
M702302 Kinlough - Leitrim
M701616 Manorhamilton - Leitrim
M701628 Manorhamilton - Leitrim
M702302 Manorhamilton - Leitrim
M701616 Mohill - Leitrim
M701628 Mohill - Leitrim
M702303 Mohill - Leitrim
M702321 Mohill - Leitrim
M702001 Mullies - Leitrim
M701616 Oughteragh - Leitrim
M701628 Oughteragh - Leitrim
M701612 Rossinver - Leitrim
M701622 Rossinver - Leitrim
M701992 Rossinver - Leitrim
M702302 Rossinver - Leitrim
M702302 Tullaghan - Leitrim

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