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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Kilkenny
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701626 Ballinamara - Kilkenny
M702303 Ballycallan - Kilkenny
M702303 Ballyfoyle - Kilkenny
M702321 Ballyfoyle - Kilkenny
M702304 Ballyhale Rc - Kilkenny
M702303 Ballyoskil - Kilkenny
M702303 Ballyragget - Kilkenny
M701613 Burnchurch - Kilkenny
M701623 Burnchurch - Kilkenny
M701623 Callan - Kilkenny
M702304 Callan - Kilkenny
M702321 Callan - Kilkenny
M702304 Carrigeen In Portnascully Parish - Kilkenny
M702303 Castle Comer - Kilkenny
M701615 Castlecomer - Kilkenny
M701626 Castlecomer - Kilkenny
M701615 Castleinch - Kilkenny
M701626 Castleinch - Kilkenny
M702303 Castletown - Kilkenny
M702303 Clara - Kilkenny
M702321 Clara - Kilkenny
M702303 Clifden - Kilkenny
M702303 Clifden Clara - Kilkenny
M702303 Clogh - Kilkenny
M701626 Clomantagh - Kilkenny
M701613 Clonmore - Kilkenny
M701623 Clonmore - Kilkenny
M702321 Coan (Roman Catholic Chapel) Kilkenny
M702321 Connahy (Roman Catholic Chapel) Kilkenny
M702303 Conohy - Kilkenny
M702304 Coolagh Rc - Kilkenny
M702303 Coon - Kilkenny
M702304 Danesfort - Kilkenny
M701626 Dungarvan Parish - Kilkenny
M702304 Dunnamaggan - Kilkenny
M701615 Erke - Kilkenny
M701626 Erke - Kilkenny
M701626 Fertagh - Kilkenny
M701613 Fiddown - Kilkenny
M701623 Fiddown - Kilkenny
M702303 Foulkstown St Patrick - Kilkenny
M702303 Freshford - Kilkenny
M702303 Galmoy - Kilkenny
M702303 Gazebo - Kilkenny
M702304 Glenmore Near Waterford - Kilkenny
M702322 Glenmore Near Waterford - Kilkenny
M702304 Goresbridge - Kilkenny
M701615 Gowran - Kilkenny
M701626 Gowran - Kilkenny
M702303 Gowran - Kilkenny
M702321 Gowran - Kilkenny
M701628 Graig Parish - Kilkenny
M702001 Graig Parish - Kilkenny
M702304 Graigue By Borris - Kilkenny
M702321 Grean Roman Catholic - Kilkenny
M702304 Hugginstown - Kilkenny
M702322 Hugginstown - Kilkenny
M702304 Inistioge - Kilkenny
M702321 Johnstown - Kilkenny
M701613 Kells - Kilkenny
M701623 Kells - Kilkenny
M702304 Kells - Kilkenny
M701741 Kilbeacon - Kilkenny
M701981 Kilbeacon - Kilkenny
M701615 Kilkenny - Kilkenny
M701626 Kilkenny - Kilkenny
M702303 Kilkenny - Kilkenny
M702321 Kilkenny - Kilkenny
M701626 Kilkenny Saint Canice - Kilkenny
M701626 Kilkenny Saint John - Kilkenny
M702321 Kilkenny Saint John - Kilkenny
M702321 Kilkenny Saint John (Roman Catholic Chapel) Kilkenny
M701626 Kilkenny Saint Mary - Kilkenny
M702321 Kilkenny Saint Mary (Roman Catholic Chapel) Kilkenny
M702321 Kilkenny Saint Patrick (Roman Catholic Chapel) Kilkenny
M701613 Killamery - Kilkenny
M702001 Kilmacow - Kilkenny
M702304 Kilmacow - Kilkenny
M702322 Kilmacow - Kilkenny
M701613 Kilmaganny - Kilkenny
M701623 Kilmaganny - Kilkenny
M701613 Kilmanagh - Kilkenny
M701623 Kilmanagh - Kilkenny
M702304 Kilmanagh - Kilkenny
M702303 Lisdowney - Kilkenny
M702321 Lisdowney - Kilkenny
M702304 Mooncoin - Kilkenny
M702322 Mooncoin - Kilkenny
M702303 Mothel - Kilkenny
M701615 Mothell - Kilkenny
M701626 Mothell - Kilkenny
M702303 Muckalee - Kilkenny
M702304 Mullinaharigae Rc - Kilkenny
M702304 Mullinavat - Kilkenny
M702304 Owning - Kilkenny
M702304 Piltown - Kilkenny
M701628 Rosbercon - Kilkenny
M702304 Rosbercon - Kilkenny
M702322 Rosbercon - Kilkenny
M702304 Rower - Kilkenny
M702001 Shankill - Kilkenny
M702304 Slieveroe - Kilkenny
M702303 St Canice - Kilkenny
M702303 St Canice's - Kilkenny
M702303 St John - Kilkenny
M702303 St John The Evangelist - Kilkenny
M702303 St Johns - Kilkenny
M702303 St Marys - Kilkenny
M702303 St Patrick - Kilkenny
M702304 Templeorum - Kilkenny
M701615 Thomastown - Kilkenny
M701626 Thomastown - Kilkenny
M702304 Thomastown - Kilkenny
M702322 Thomastown - Kilkenny
M702304 Tullagher - Kilkenny
M702304 Tullaghought - Kilkenny
M702321 Tullaghought (Roman Catholic Chapel) Kilkenny
M702303 Urlingford - Kilkenny
M702321 Urlingford - Kilkenny
M701623 Whitechurch - Kilkenny
M702322 Whitechurch - Kilkenny
M702303 Whitehall - Kilkenny
M702321 Whitehall - Kilkenny
M702304 Windgap - Kilkenny

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