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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Donegal
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701615 Aghanunshin - Donegal
M701626 Aghanunshin - Donegal
M701616 All Saints - Donegal
M701627 All Saints - Donegal
M701997 All Saints - Donegal
M702287 All Saints - Donegal
M702302 All Saints - Donegal
M701615 Ardara - Donegal
M701626 Ardara - Donegal
M702302 Ardara - Donegal
M701628 Aughnish - Donegal
M702302 Aughterlin Roman Catholic Chapel - Donegal
M702001 Ballintra - Donegal
M702302 Ballintra Rc - Donegal
M702302 Ballybrack - Donegal
M702302 Ballynacrea Roman Catholic Chapel - Donegal
M701612 Ballyshannon - Donegal
M701622 Ballyshannon - Donegal
M701992 Ballyshannon - Donegal
M702001 Ballyshannon - Donegal
M702302 Ballyshannon - Donegal
M702302 Boccan Roman Catholic Chapel - Donegal
M702001 Bundoran - Donegal
M702302 Bundoran - Donegal
M701616 Burt - Donegal
M701627 Burt - Donegal
M701997 Burt - Donegal
M702287 Burt - Donegal
M702302 Burt - Donegal
M702302 Carndonagh - Donegal
M702001 Carrick - Donegal
M702302 Carrick - Donegal
M702302 Cashelard - Donegal
M702302 Castlefinn - Donegal
M701615 Clonca - Donegal
M701626 Clonca - Donegal
M701626 Clonca (Malin Presbyterian Mtg House) Donegal
M702302 Clonca (Presbyterian Meetinghouse) Donegal
M701615 Clondahorky - Donegal
M701625 Clondahorky - Donegal
M702302 Clondahorky - Donegal
M701625 Clondahorky (Presbyterian Meeting House) Donegal
M702302 Clondavaddog - Donegal
M701616 Clondevadock - Donegal
M701628 Clondevadock - Donegal
M701617 Clonleigh - Donegal
M701741 Clonleigh - Donegal
M701981 Clonleigh - Donegal
M702302 Clonleigh - Donegal
M702291 Clonleigh   Donegal
M701615 Clonmany - Donegal
M702001 Clonmany - Donegal
M702302 Clonmany - Donegal
M701617 Convoy - Donegal
M701741 Convoy - Donegal
M701981 Convoy - Donegal
M702302 Convoy - Donegal
M702291 Convoy   Donegal
M701615 Conwal - Donegal
M701626 Conwal - Donegal
M701615 Conwall - Donegal
M701626 Conwall - Donegal
M702302 Conwall - Donegal
M701626 Culdaff - Donegal
M702001 Culdaff - Donegal
M702302 Culdaff - Donegal
M702302 Doe Or Dol Rc - Donegal
M701615 Donagh - Donegal
M701626 Donagh - Donegal
M702302 Donagh - Donegal
M701617 Donaghmore - Donegal
M701741 Donaghmore - Donegal
M701981 Donaghmore - Donegal
M702302 Donaghmore - Donegal
M701741 Donaghmore (Carnone Presbyterian Mgt House) Donegal
M701741 Donaghmore (Carnone Presbyterian Mtg House) Donegal
M702302 Donaghmore (Carnone Presbyterian Mtg. House) Donegal
M701741 Donaghmore (Donaghmore Presbyterian Mtg House) Donegal
M702291 Donaghmore (Presbyterian Meeting House) Donegal
M701981 Donaghmore (Presbyterian Mtg House) Donegal
M702291 Donaghmore   Donegal
M701614 Donegal - Donegal
M701624 Donegal - Donegal
M702001 Donegal - Donegal
M702302 Donegal - Donegal
M702001 Doneyloop - Donegal
M702302 Doneyloop - Donegal
M701614 Drumholm - Donegal
M701624 Drumholm - Donegal
M702302 Drumholm - Donegal
M702302 Drumholm Rc - Donegal
M702302 Drumoghill In Raymoghy - Donegal
M702001 Dunglow - Donegal
M702302 Dunglow - Donegal
M702302 Eskaheen - Donegal
M702302 Fanavolty - Donegal
M701992 Finner - Donegal
M702302 Fintown - Donegal
M701615 Gartan - Donegal
M701626 Gartan - Donegal
M701615 Glencolumbkille - Donegal
M701626 Glencolumbkille - Donegal
M702302 Glencolumbkille - Donegal
M702302 Glenties - Donegal
M702302 Glenvar - Donegal
M702001 Gortahork - Donegal
M702302 Gortahork - Donegal
M701626 Gortlee - Donegal
M702001 Gweedore - Donegal
M702302 Gweedore - Donegal
M701616 Inch - Donegal
M701627 Inch - Donegal
M701997 Inch - Donegal
M702001 Inch - Donegal
M701615 Inishkeel - Donegal
M701626 Inishkeel - Donegal
M701614 Inver - Donegal
M701624 Inver - Donegal
M702001 Inver - Donegal
M702302 Inver - Donegal
M701612 Kilbarron - Donegal
M701622 Kilbarron - Donegal
M701992 Kilbarron - Donegal
M702001 Kilbarron - Donegal
M702302 Kilbarron - Donegal
M701626 Kilcar - Donegal
M702001 Kilcar - Donegal
M702302 Kilcar - Donegal
M702302 Kilchar - Donegal
M701614 Killaghtee - Donegal
M701624 Killaghtee - Donegal
M702001 Killaghtee - Donegal
M702302 Killaghtee - Donegal
M701616 Killea - Donegal
M701997 Killea - Donegal
M701615 Killybegs - Donegal
M701626 Killybegs - Donegal
M702001 Killybegs - Donegal
M702302 Killybegs - Donegal
M701616 Killygarvan - Donegal
M701628 Killygarvan - Donegal
M702302 Killygarvan - Donegal
M701614 Killymard - Donegal
M701624 Killymard - Donegal
M702001 Killymard - Donegal
M702302 Killymard - Donegal
M701616 Kilmacrenan - Donegal
M701628 Kilmacrenan - Donegal
M702001 Kilmacrenan - Donegal
M702302 Kilmacrenan - Donegal
M701981 Kilteevock - Donegal
M701617 Kilteevoge - Donegal
M701741 Kilteevoge - Donegal
M702001 Kilteevoge - Donegal
M702302 Kilteevoge - Donegal
M702291 Kilteevoge   Donegal
M702302 Kincasslagh Rc - Donegal
M702001 Kinkaslagh - Donegal
M702302 Lag - Donegal
M702302 Lagg - Donegal
M702302 Laghy - Donegal
M701626 Leck - Donegal
M701626 Letterkenny - Donegal
M702302 Letterkenny - Donegal
M701626 Lettermacaward - Donegal
M702302 Lettermacaward - Donegal
M702001 Lettermacward - Donegal
M701615 Lower Fahan - Donegal
M701626 Lower Fahan - Donegal
M702001 Massmount - Donegal
M702302 Massmount - Donegal
M701628 Mevagh - Donegal
M702001 Millford - Donegal
M702302 Millford - Donegal
M702302 Mountcharles - Donegal
M701626 Moville - Donegal
M702001 Moville - Donegal
M702302 Moville - Donegal
M701615 Moville Lower - Donegal
M701626 Moville Lower - Donegal
M702302 Moville Lower - Donegal
M701615 Moville Upper - Donegal
M701626 Moville Upper - Donegal
M702302 Moville Upper - Donegal
M701616 Muff Parish - Donegal
M701627 Muff Parish - Donegal
M701997 Muff Parish - Donegal
M702287 Muff Parish - Donegal
M702302 Muff Parish - Donegal
M701627 Muff Parish (Knowhead Presbyterian Mtg House) Donegal
M702287 Muff Parish (Knowhead Presbyterian) Donegal
M701997 Muff Parish (Presbyterian Church) Donegal
M702001 Murlough In Clonleigh (Roman Cath. Ch.) Donegal
M702001 Pettigoe - Donegal
M702302 Pettigoe - Donegal
M701617 Raphoe - Donegal
M701741 Raphoe - Donegal
M701981 Raphoe - Donegal
M702302 Raphoe - Donegal
M702291 Raphoe   Donegal
M701616 Rathmelton - Donegal
M701628 Rathmelton - Donegal
M702302 Rathmelton - Donegal
M702001 Rathmullan - Donegal
M701615 Raymoghy - Donegal
M701626 Raymoghy - Donegal
M702302 Raymoghy - Donegal
M701626 Raymoghy (nd Presbyterian Meeting House) Donegal
M702001 Raymoghy (Roman Cath. Ch.) Donegal
M701626 Raymoghy (st Presbyterian Meeting House) Donegal
M701615 Raymunterdoney - Donegal
M702302 Rosguill - Donegal
M701612 Rossnowlagh - Donegal
M701622 Rossnowlagh - Donegal
M701992 Rossnowlagh - Donegal
M702001 Sessiagh O'neill - Donegal
M702302 Sessiagh O'neill - Donegal
M701617 Stranorlar - Donegal
M701741 Stranorlar - Donegal
M701981 Stranorlar - Donegal
M702001 Stranorlar - Donegal
M702302 Stranorlar - Donegal
M702291 Stranorlar   Donegal
M701616 Taughboyne - Donegal
M701617 Taughboyne - Donegal
M701627 Taughboyne - Donegal
M701741 Taughboyne - Donegal
M701981 Taughboyne - Donegal
M701997 Taughboyne - Donegal
M702287 Taughboyne - Donegal
M702302 Taughboyne - Donegal
M701741 Taughboyne (St. Johnston Presbyterian Mtg House) Donegal
M702291 Taughboyne   Donegal
M701614 Templecarn - Donegal
M701624 Templecarn - Donegal
M701615 Templecrone - Donegal
M701626 Templecrone - Donegal
M702302 Templecrone - Donegal
M701616 Templemore - Donegal
M702302 Termon - Donegal
M701615 Tullaghobegley - Donegal
M702302 Tullaghobegly - Donegal
M702302 Tullaghobegly West - Donegal
M702001 Tully In Clondavaddog (Fannet Meeting House) Donegal
M701616 Tully Parish - Donegal
M701628 Tully Parish (Fannet Presbyterian) Donegal
M701628 Tully Parish (Milford) Donegal
M701616 Tullyaughnish - Donegal
M701628 Tullyaughnish - Donegal
M702302 Tullyaughnish - Donegal
M702001 Tullyfern - Donegal
M702302 Tullyfern - Donegal
M701616 Upper Fahan - Donegal
M701627 Upper Fahan - Donegal
M701997 Upper Fahan - Donegal
M702287 Upper Fahan - Donegal
M701627 Upper Fahan (Presbyterian Church) Donegal
M701617 Urney - Donegal
M701981 Urney - Donegal
M702302 Urney - Donegal
M701741 Urney (Alt Presbyterian Church) Donegal
M702291 Urney   Donegal

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