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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Cavan
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M702303 Anna - Cavan
M701613 Annagh Parish (Belturbet Ch.) Cavan
M701623 Annagh Parish (Belturbet Church) Cavan
M701613 Arvagh - Cavan
M701623 Arvagh - Cavan
M702303 Arvagh - Cavan
M702321 Arvagh - Cavan
M701614 Ashfield - Cavan
M701624 Ashfield - Cavan
M702303 Ashfield - Cavan
M701611 Bailieborough - Cavan
M701621 Bailieborough - Cavan
M701991 Bailieborough - Cavan
M702302 Bailieborough - Cavan
M702302 Bailieborough (St. Annes) Cavan
M702303 Ballinamore - Cavan
M701613 Ballintemple - Cavan
M701623 Ballintemple - Cavan
M702303 Ballyconnell - Cavan
M702303 Ballyhaise - Cavan
M702321 Ballyhaise - Cavan
M701617 Ballyjamesduff - Cavan
M701629 Ballyjamesduff - Cavan
M702289 Ballyjamesduff - Cavan
M701623 Ballymachugh - Cavan
M701615 Ballymackillenny - Cavan
M701626 Ballymackillenny - Cavan
M702303 Bellananagh - Cavan
M702303 Belturbet - Cavan
M702302 Billis In Killinkere - Cavan
M702303 Bruskey - Cavan
M702303 Carrick - Cavan
M702303 Carrickallen - Cavan
M701617 Castlecorr Kilbride - Cavan
M701629 Castlecorr Kilbride - Cavan
M702289 Castlecorr Kilbride - Cavan
M701617 Castlerahan - Cavan
M701629 Castlerahan - Cavan
M702303 Castlerahan - Cavan
M701629 Castlerahan (Presbyterian Church) Cavan
M701613 Castleterra - Cavan
M701623 Castleterra - Cavan
M701623 Cavan - Cavan
M702303 Cavan - Cavan
M702001 Clanaphillip - Cavan
M702303 Cliferna - Cavan
M701614 Cootehill - Cavan
M701624 Cootehill - Cavan
M702001 Cootehill - Cavan
M702303 Cootehill - Cavan
M702303 Corick - Cavan
M702303 Coronay - Cavan
M702321 Coronea Roman Catholic - Cavan
M701623 Crosserlough - Cavan
M702303 Crosserlough - Cavan
M702321 Crosserlough - Cavan
M701613 Denn - Cavan
M701623 Denn - Cavan
M702303 Denn - Cavan
M701623 Derryheen (District Church) Cavan
M702321 Derrylane In Killashandra - Cavan
M702303 Drumalee - Cavan
M702321 Drumalee Roman Catholic - Cavan
M702303 Drumgoon - Cavan
M701614 Drumgoon Parish - Cavan
M701624 Drumgoon Parish (Dernaclish Church) Cavan
M701614 Drumgoon Parish (Dernakesh Ch.) Cavan
M701614 Drumgoon Parish (nd Presby. Ch.) Cavan
M701624 Drumgoon Parish (nd Presbyterian Church) Cavan
M701624 Drumgoon Parish (st Presbyterian Church) Cavan
M702303 Drumkilly - Cavan
M702303 Drumlane - Cavan
M701613 Drumlane Parish - Cavan
M701623 Drumlane Parish - Cavan
M701614 Drung - Cavan
M701624 Drung - Cavan
M702303 Drung - Cavan
M702321 Drung - Cavan
M701611 Enniskeen - Cavan
M701621 Enniskeen - Cavan
M701991 Enniskeen - Cavan
M702302 Enniskeen - Cavan
M702302 Glengavlen - Cavan
M702303 Kellyshandra - Cavan
M701613 Kildallan - Cavan
M701623 Kildallan - Cavan
M702303 Kildallan - Cavan
M701623 Kildallan (Presbyterian Meeting House) Cavan
M702321 Kildallan (Roman Catholic Chapel) Cavan
M701613 Kildrumferton - Cavan
M701623 Kildrumferton - Cavan
M702303 Kildrumsherdan - Cavan
M702303 Kilersherdany - Cavan
M702303 Kill - Cavan
M702321 Kill - Cavan
M701613 Killashandra - Cavan
M701614 Killashandra - Cavan
M701623 Killashandra - Cavan
M702303 Killashandra - Cavan
M701624 Killershadany - Cavan
M701615 Killinagh - Cavan
M701625 Killinagh - Cavan
M702001 Killinagh - Cavan
M702302 Killinagh - Cavan
M701611 Killinkere - Cavan
M701621 Killinkere - Cavan
M701991 Killinkere - Cavan
M702302 Killinkere - Cavan
M702303 Killoghton - Cavan
M701614 Killoughter - Cavan
M701624 Killoughter - Cavan
M702303 Kilmore - Cavan
M701613 Kilmore Near Cavan - Cavan
M701623 Kilmore Near Cavan - Cavan
M702303 Kilsherdina - Cavan
M701615 Kinawley - Cavan
M701625 Kinawley - Cavan
M701614 Knockbride - Cavan
M701624 Knockbride - Cavan
M702001 Knockbride - Cavan
M702302 Knockbride - Cavan
M701614 Knockbride (Corronary Meetinghouse) Cavan
M701613 Larah - Cavan
M701623 Larah - Cavan
M702303 Larah - Cavan
M702321 Larah - Cavan
M701623 Lavey - Cavan
M702303 Lavey - Cavan
M701617 Lurgan - Cavan
M701629 Lurgan - Cavan
M702289 Lurgan - Cavan
M702303 Maghera - Cavan
M702303 Mount Nugent - Cavan
M702303 Muddebawn - Cavan
M701626 Mullagh - Cavan
M702302 Mullagh - Cavan
M702303 Mulloughorn - Cavan
M702321 Mulloughorn Roman Cath - Cavan
M701617 Munterconnaught - Cavan
M701629 Munterconnaught - Cavan
M702289 Munterconnaught - Cavan
M702303 Munterconnaught - Cavan
M702303 Patahee - Cavan
M702303 Potahee - Cavan
M702303 Scrabby - Cavan
M701611 Shercock - Cavan
M701621 Shercock - Cavan
M702001 Shercock - Cavan
M701991 Shercock (Presbyterian Church) Cavan
M702302 Shercock (Presbyterian Church) Cavan
M702302 St. Killians - Cavan
M702303 Stag Hall - Cavan
M702303 Swanlinbar - Cavan
M702321 Swanlinbar - Cavan
M701613 Templeport - Cavan
M701623 Templeport - Cavan
M702303 Templeport - Cavan
M702321 Templeport - Cavan
M701613 Tomregan - Cavan
M701623 Tomregan - Cavan
M702303 Tunnyduff - Cavan
M702321 Tunnyduff (Roman Catholic Chapel) Cavan
M702303 Urnet - Cavan
M701623 Urney And Annageliffe (Cavan Presbyterian Mtg House) Cavan
M701613 Urney And Annageliffe (Presby. Ch.) Cavan
M701613 Urney Parish - Cavan
M701623 Urney Parish - Cavan
M701623 Urney Parish (Cavan Parish Church) Cavan
M701623 Urney Parish (Registrars Office) Cavan
M702303 Virginia - Cavan

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