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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Antrim
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M702001 Aghagallon - Antrim
M701616 Aghalee - Antrim
M701627 Aghalee - Antrim
M701997 Aghalee - Antrim
M702287 Aghalee - Antrim
M701611 Ahoghill - Antrim
M701612 Ahoghill - Antrim
M701621 Ahoghill - Antrim
M701622 Ahoghill - Antrim
M701991 Ahoghill - Antrim
M701992 Ahoghill - Antrim
M702001 Ahoghill - Antrim
M701611 Antrim - Antrim
M701621 Antrim - Antrim
M701991 Antrim - Antrim
M701615 Ardclinis - Antrim
M701626 Ardclinis - Antrim
M701611 Armoy - Antrim
M701612 Armoy - Antrim
M701621 Armoy - Antrim
M701622 Armoy - Antrim
M701991 Armoy - Antrim
M701992 Armoy - Antrim
M701615 Ballinderry - Antrim
M701616 Ballinderry - Antrim
M701626 Ballinderry - Antrim
M701627 Ballinderry - Antrim
M701997 Ballinderry - Antrim
M702287 Ballinderry - Antrim
M701611 Ballintoy - Antrim
M701621 Ballintoy - Antrim
M701991 Ballintoy - Antrim
M701611 Ballycastle - Antrim
M701621 Ballycastle - Antrim
M702001 Ballycastle - Antrim
M701611 Ballyclare - Antrim
M701991 Ballyclare - Antrim
M702001 Ballyclare - Antrim
M701611 Ballyclug - Antrim
M701621 Ballyclug - Antrim
M701621 Ballycor - Antrim
M701611 Ballycor And Rashee - Antrim
M701611 Ballyeaston - Antrim
M701621 Ballyeaston - Antrim
M701991 Ballyeaston - Antrim
M702001 Ballyeaston - Antrim
M701991 Ballylinny_Parish - Antrim
M701621 Ballylinny_Parish (Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701612 Ballymena - Antrim
M701622 Ballymena - Antrim
M701992 Ballymena - Antrim
M702001 Ballymena - Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney District (Dervock Presby Reformed Mtg. House) Antrim
M701622 Ballymoney District (Registrar Office) Antrim
M701612 Ballymoney District (Registrars Office) Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney District (Registrars Office) Antrim
M701612 Ballymoney District (Roseyardes Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney nd Presby - Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney Presby - Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney rd Presby - Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney st Presby - Antrim
M701612 Ballymoney_Parish - Antrim
M701622 Ballymoney_Parish - Antrim
M701992 Ballymoney_Parish - Antrim
M701622 Ballymoney_Parish (First Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701612 Ballymoney_Parish (nd Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M702001 Ballymoney_Parish (Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701622 Ballymoney_Parish (Presbyterian Meeting House) Antrim
M701612 Ballymoney_Parish (rd Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M702001 Ballymoney_Parish (Register Office) Antrim
M702001 Ballymoney_Parish (Roman Cath. Chapel) Antrim
M701622 Ballymoney_Parish (Second Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701612 Ballymoney_Parish (st Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M701622 Ballymoney_Parish (Third Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701615 Ballynure - Antrim
M701626 Ballynure - Antrim
M702001 Ballynure (Ind. Mtg. House Straid) Antrim
M701614 Ballyrashane - Antrim
M701624 Ballyrashane - Antrim
M701612 Ballyscullion - Antrim
M701614 Ballywillan Parish - Antrim
M701624 Ballywillan Parish - Antrim
M702001 Ballywillan Parish - Antrim
M701624 Ballywillan Parish (Presbyterian Meeting House) Antrim
M702001 Bay (Roman Cath. Ch.) Antrim
M701612 Belfast - Antrim
M701613 Belfast - Antrim
M701622 Belfast - Antrim
M701623 Belfast - Antrim
M701992 Belfast - Antrim
M702001 Belfast - Antrim
M701612 Belfast (Donegal Street Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M701622 Belfast (May Street Presbyterian) Antrim
M702001 Belfast (St Anns) Antrim
M701612 Billy - Antrim
M701614 Billy - Antrim
M701621 Billy - Antrim
M701622 Billy - Antrim
M701624 Billy - Antrim
M701991 Billy - Antrim
M701992 Billy - Antrim
M701615 Broadisland - Antrim
M701626 Broadisland - Antrim
M701626 Broadisland (Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701611 Camlin - Antrim
M701621 Camlin - Antrim
M701991 Camlin - Antrim
M701621 Camlin Tullyrusk And Glenavy - Antrim
M701991 Camlin Tullyrusk And Glenavy - Antrim
M702001 Carnaghts - Antrim
M701615 Carncastle - Antrim
M701626 Carncastle (Presbyterian Meeting House) Antrim
M701615 Carncastle (Presbyterian) Antrim
M701612 Carnmoney - Antrim
M701613 Carnmoney - Antrim
M701622 Carnmoney - Antrim
M701623 Carnmoney - Antrim
M701992 Carnmoney - Antrim
M701615 Carrickfergus - Antrim
M701626 Carrickfergus - Antrim
M701615 Carrickfergus (Presbyterian) Antrim
M701611 Connor - Antrim
M701621 Connor - Antrim
M701622 Connor - Antrim
M701991 Connor - Antrim
M701611 Craigs Near Ballymena - Antrim
M701621 Craigs Near Ballymena - Antrim
M701991 Craigs Near Ballymena - Antrim
M701612 Craigs Near Ballymena (Cullybeckey Ch.) Antrim
M701611 Culfeightrin - Antrim
M701621 Culfeightrin - Antrim
M701991 Culfeightrin - Antrim
M701615 Derryaghy - Antrim
M701626 Derryaghy - Antrim
M702001 Derryaghy - Antrim
M701612 Derrykeighan - Antrim
M701622 Derrykeighan - Antrim
M701992 Derrykeighan - Antrim
M702001 Derrykeighan - Antrim
M701611 Donegore - Antrim
M701621 Donegore Parish - Antrim
M701991 Donegore Parish - Antrim
M701991 Donegore Presby - Antrim
M701616 Drumbeg - Antrim
M701997 Drumbeg - Antrim
M701627 Drumbeg (Dunmurry Presbyterian Mtg House) Antrim
M702287 Drumbeg (Dunmurry Presbyterian Mtg House) Antrim
M701611 Drummaul - Antrim
M701621 Drummaul - Antrim
M701991 Drummaul - Antrim
M701991 Drummaul (st Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701611 Dunaghy Parish - Antrim
M701621 Dunaghy Parish - Antrim
M701991 Dunaghy Parish - Antrim
M701612 Dunaghy Parish (Clough Presby Ch.) Antrim
M701612 Dunaghy Parish (Clough Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M701622 Dunaghy Parish (Clough Presbyterian) Antrim
M701992 Dunaghy Presby - Antrim
M701611 Duneane - Antrim
M701621 Duneane - Antrim
M701991 Duneane - Antrim
M702001 Dunloy (Roman Cath. Chapel) Antrim
M701614 Dunluce - Antrim
M701624 Dunluce - Antrim
M701611 Dunseverick - Antrim
M701621 Dunseverick - Antrim
M701991 Dunseverick - Antrim
M702001 Dunseverick - Antrim
M701612 Finvoy - Antrim
M701622 Finvoy - Antrim
M701992 Finvoy - Antrim
M701622 Finvoy (Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M702001 Glenariff - Antrim
M701615 Glenavy - Antrim
M701616 Glenavy - Antrim
M701626 Glenavy - Antrim
M701627 Glenavy - Antrim
M701997 Glenavy - Antrim
M702287 Glenavy - Antrim
M702001 Glenravel - Antrim
M701612 Glenwhirry - Antrim
M701622 Glenwhirry - Antrim
M701992 Glenwhirry - Antrim
M701615 Glynn - Antrim
M701626 Glynn - Antrim
M701992 Grange Church - Antrim
M701622 Grange Of Ballyscullion - Antrim
M701992 Grange Of Ballyscullion - Antrim
M702001 Grange Of Muckamore - Antrim
M701615 Inver - Antrim
M701626 Inver - Antrim
M701615 Island Magee - Antrim
M701626 Island Magee - Antrim
M701991 Kilbride - Antrim
M702001 Kilbride - Antrim
M701612 Killagan - Antrim
M701622 Killagan - Antrim
M701992 Killagan - Antrim
M701611 Killead - Antrim
M701621 Killead - Antrim
M701991 Killead - Antrim
M702001 Killead - Antrim
M701992 Killymurris Presby - Antrim
M701992 Kilraghts - Antrim
M701622 Kilraghts (First Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701612 Kilraghts (st Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M701611 Kirkinriola - Antrim
M701612 Kirkinriola - Antrim
M701621 Kirkinriola - Antrim
M701622 Kirkinriola - Antrim
M701991 Kirkinriola - Antrim
M701992 Kirkinriola - Antrim
M701615 Lambeg - Antrim
M701626 Lambeg - Antrim
M701615 Larne - Antrim
M701626 Larne - Antrim
M702001 Larne - Antrim
M701611 Layd - Antrim
M701621 Layd - Antrim
M701991 Layd - Antrim
M701616 Lisburn - Antrim
M701623 Lisburn - Antrim
M701627 Lisburn - Antrim
M701997 Lisburn - Antrim
M702287 Lisburn - Antrim
M702287 Lisburn (nd Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701612 Loughguile - Antrim
M701622 Loughguile - Antrim
M701992 Loughguile - Antrim
M702001 Loughguile (Roman Cath. Chapel) Antrim
M701615 Magheragall - Antrim
M701616 Magheragall - Antrim
M701626 Magheragall - Antrim
M701627 Magheragall - Antrim
M701997 Magheragall - Antrim
M702287 Magheragall - Antrim
M701622 Malone - Antrim
M701992 Malone - Antrim
M702001 Moneyglass - Antrim
M701611 Muckamore - Antrim
M701621 Muckamore - Antrim
M701991 Muckamore - Antrim
M701611 Newtown Crommelin - Antrim
M701612 Newtown Crommelin - Antrim
M701621 Newtown Crommelin - Antrim
M701992 Newtown Crommelin - Antrim
M701622 Newtown Crommelin (Presbyterian Church) Antrim
M701611 Portglenone - Antrim
M701612 Portglenone - Antrim
M701621 Portglenone - Antrim
M701622 Portglenone - Antrim
M701991 Portglenone - Antrim
M701992 Portglenone - Antrim
M701612 Racavan - Antrim
M701622 Racavan - Antrim
M701992 Racavan - Antrim
M701615 Raloo - Antrim
M701626 Raloo - Antrim
M701611 Ramoan - Antrim
M701621 Ramoan - Antrim
M701991 Ramoan - Antrim
M701612 Rasharkin - Antrim
M701622 Rasharkin - Antrim
M701992 Rasharkin - Antrim
M701621 Rashee And Ballycorr - Antrim
M701621 Rathlin - Antrim
M701611 Rathlin Island - Antrim
M701622 Roseyards - Antrim
M701622 Shankhill - Antrim
M701623 Shankhill - Antrim
M701612 Shankill - Antrim
M701613 Shankill - Antrim
M701992 Shankill - Antrim
M702001 Shankill - Antrim
M702001 Shankill (Presbyterian Ch. Duncairn Oo) Antrim
M701991 Skerry And Racavan - Antrim
M701992 Skerry Parish - Antrim
M701622 Skerry Parish (Cloughwater Presbyterian) Antrim
M701612 Skerry Parish (Presby. Ch.) Antrim
M701992 Skerry Presby - Antrim
M701611 Skerry With Rathcavan - Antrim
M701621 Skerry With Rathcavan - Antrim
M701615 Templecorran - Antrim
M701626 Templecorran - Antrim
M701611 Templepatrick - Antrim
M701621 Templepatrick - Antrim
M701991 Templepatrick - Antrim
M701615 Tickmacrevan - Antrim
M701626 Tickmacrevan - Antrim

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