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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Tipperary
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701981 Templeneiry - Tipperary
M701624 Altedesert - Tipperary
M702303 Anacarty - Tipperary
M701628 Ardcrony - Tipperary
M701623 Ardfinnan - Tipperary
M702304 Ardfinnan - Tipperary
M702322 Ardfinnan - Tipperary
M702303 Ardmayle - Tipperary
M702303 Ballina - Tipperary
M702303 Ballinahinch - Tipperary
M702303 Ballingarry - Tipperary
M701613 Ballingarry By Callan - Tipperary
M701617 Ballingarry Parish By Cloghjordan Tipperary
M701623 Ballingarry Parish By Callan - Tipperary
M701629 Ballingarry Parish Near Uskane - Tipperary
M702304 Ballingarry Rc Parish - Tipperary
M702321 Ballingarry Rc Parish - Tipperary
M702303 Ballinree - Tipperary
M702303 Ballintemple - Tipperary
M701623 Ballintemple Parish - Tipperary
M702303 Bally William - Tipperary
M702304 Ballybacon - Tipperary
M702303 Ballycahill - Tipperary
M702304 Ballylooby - Tipperary
M701616 Ballymackey - Tipperary
M701628 Ballymackey - Tipperary
M701616 Ballynaclogh - Tipperary
M702321 Ballynahinch In Kilcomenty (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M702304 Ballyneill - Tipperary
M702304 Ballyporeen - Tipperary
M702322 Ballyporeen - Tipperary
M702303 Bansha - Tipperary
M702321 Bansha - Tipperary
M702303 Boherlahan - Tipperary
M702321 Boherlahan - Tipperary
M702303 Borris O Leigh - Tipperary
M701616 Borrisokane - Tipperary
M701628 Borrisokane - Tipperary
M702303 Borrisokane - Tipperary
M701617 Bourney - Tipperary
M701741 Bourney - Tipperary
M701981 Bourney - Tipperary
M702303 Bourney - Tipperary
M702303 Burgesbeg - Tipperary
M702321 Burgesbeg (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M702303 Burgess Beg - Tipperary
M702303 Burris - Tipperary
M701741 Burris (by Littleton) (Littleton Church) Tipperary
M701613 Caher - Tipperary
M701623 Caher - Tipperary
M702304 Caher - Tipperary
M702303 Cappagh White - Tipperary
M701613 Carrick On Suir - Tipperary
M701623 Carrick On Suir - Tipperary
M702304 Carrick On Suir - Tipperary
M702322 Carrick On Suir - Tipperary
M702321 Carrig - Tipperary
M701613 Cashel - Tipperary
M701623 Cashel - Tipperary
M702303 Cashel - Tipperary
M701628 Castletownarra - Tipperary
M702304 Clerihan - Tipperary
M701623 Clogheen - Tipperary
M702304 Clogheen - Tipperary
M702322 Clogheen - Tipperary
M701616 Cloghjordan - Tipperary
M702303 Cloghjordan - Tipperary
M702303 Clonakenny - Tipperary
M701617 Clonbeg - Tipperary
M701741 Clonbeg - Tipperary
M701981 Clonbeg - Tipperary
M702291 Clonbeg Tipperary
M702303 Clonbeg - Tipperary
M701614 Clonmel - Tipperary
M701624 Clonmel - Tipperary
M701624 Clonmel (Registrar Office) Tipperary
M702304 Clonmel - Tipperary
M702304 Clonmel (Ss Peter And Paul) Tipperary
M702304 Clonmel (St Marys) Tipperary
M702304 Clonmel (St. Marys) Tipperary
M702304 Clonmel (St. Mary's) Tipperary
M702304 Clonmel (St. Peter And Paul) Tipperary
M702303 Clonoulty - Tipperary
M702303 Cooriganeen - Tipperary
M701981 Corbally Parish - Tipperary
M702291 Corbally Parish Tipperary
M701617 Cullen - Tipperary
M701741 Cullen - Tipperary
M701981 Cullen - Tipperary
M702303 Doneskeogh - Tipperary
M702303 Donohill - Tipperary
M702303 Doon - Tipperary
M702303 Drangan - Tipperary
M702303 Drom - Tipperary
M702303 Drumbane - Tipperary
M702303 Dualla - Tipperary
M702304 Duhill - Tipperary
M701617 Eglish - Tipperary
M701629 Eglish - Tipperary
M701617 Emly - Tipperary
M702303 Emly - Tipperary
M701741 Fennor - Tipperary
M702291 Fennor Tipperary
M701613 Fethard - Tipperary
M701623 Fethard - Tipperary
M702303 Fethard - Tipperary
M702321 Fethard - Tipperary
M701628 Finnoe - Tipperary
M702001 Finnoe - Tipperary
M702304 Gammonsfield - Tipperary
M702321 Gartnahoe (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M701981 Glenkeen - Tipperary
M702303 Golden - Tipperary
M702304 Grangemockler - Tipperary
M702322 Grangemockler - Tipperary
M702321 Graunorish Roman Cath - Tipperary
M702303 Grawn - Tipperary
M702303 Grawn Arish - Tipperary
M702303 Greenestown - Tipperary
M702303 Gurtagarry - Tipperary
M702303 Gurthnahoe - Tipperary
M701617 Holycross - Tipperary
M701741 Holycross - Tipperary
M701981 Holycross - Tipperary
M702303 Holycross - Tipperary
M701614 Inishlounaght - Tipperary
M701624 Inishlounaght - Tipperary
M702303 Kilbarron - Tipperary
M701617 Kilcooly - Tipperary
M701741 Kilcooly - Tipperary
M701981 Kilcooly - Tipperary
M702291 Kilcooly Tipperary
M702303 Kilcummin - Tipperary
M702303 Kilcummins - Tipperary
M702303 Kilcummun - Tipperary
M702303 Kildangan - Tipperary
M702303 Kilfeacle - Tipperary
M702321 Kilfeakle - Tipperary
M701741 Kilfithmone - Tipperary
M701981 Kilfithmone - Tipperary
M702303 Killadangan - Tipperary
M702303 Killadangon - Tipperary
M701614 Killaloan - Tipperary
M702303 Killbarron - Tipperary
M702303 Killeen - Tipperary
M701613 Killenaule - Tipperary
M702303 Killenaule - Tipperary
M702321 Killenaule - Tipperary
M702303 Killoscully - Tipperary
M702321 Killoscully - Tipperary
M702304 Killusty - Tipperary
M701616 Kilmastulla - Tipperary
M702303 Kilmoyler - Tipperary
M701616 Kilruane - Tipperary
M701628 Kilruane - Tipperary
M701616 Kilvellane - Tipperary
M701628 Kilvellane - Tipperary
M702303 Kilvellane - Tipperary
M701613 Kilvemnon - Tipperary
M702303 Knockavilla - Tipperary
M702303 Knockballymaher - Tipperary
M701623 Knockgraffon - Tipperary
M702303 Latten - Tipperary
M701613 Lismalin Parish - Tipperary
M702321 Lismore (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M702304 Lisronagh - Tipperary
M702303 Lisvernane - Tipperary
M701629 Lorrha - Tipperary
M702289 Lorrha - Tipperary
M702289 Loughkeen - Tipperary
M702291 Loughmoe Tipperary
M702303 Loughmoe - Tipperary
M702303 Magloss - Tipperary
M701613 Magorban - Tipperary
M702321 Magorban - Tipperary
M701616 Modreeny - Tipperary
M701628 Modreeny - Tipperary
M701616 Monsea - Tipperary
M701628 Monsea - Tipperary
M701741 Moyaliffe - Tipperary
M702321 Moycarky (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M702303 Moykarky - Tipperary
M701981 Moyne - Tipperary
M702303 Moyne - Tipperary
M702304 Mullinahone - Tipperary
M702321 Mullinahone - Tipperary
M701616 Nenagh - Tipperary
M701628 Nenagh - Tipperary
M702303 Nenagh - Tipperary
M702321 Nenagh - Tipperary
M702304 Newcastle - Tipperary
M702322 Newcastle - Tipperary
M702303 Newinn - Tipperary
M702303 Newport - Tipperary
M702321 Newport - Tipperary
M702304 Newtown - Tipperary
M702303 O Leigh - Tipperary
M702303 Portroe - Tipperary
M702303 Puckane - Tipperary
M702303 Rathcabban - Tipperary
M701624 Rathronan - Tipperary
M701741 Relickmurry (Church Of Golden) Tipperary
M701617 Roscrea - Tipperary
M701741 Roscrea - Tipperary
M701981 Roscrea - Tipperary
M702291 Roscrea Tipperary
M702303 Roscrea - Tipperary
M702303 Rossmore - Tipperary
M701624 Saint Marys Clonmel (Scots Church) Tipperary
M702304 Shanrahan - Tipperary
M701981 Shronell - Tipperary
M702303 Silvermines - Tipperary
M702303 Solloghed - Tipperary
M702303 St John Baptist - Tipperary
M701616 Templederry - Tipperary
M701628 Templederry - Tipperary
M702303 Templederry - Tipperary
M701617 Templemore - Tipperary
M701741 Templemore - Tipperary
M701981 Templemore - Tipperary
M702291 Templemore Tipperary
M702303 Templemore - Tipperary
M701617 Templeneiry - Tipperary
M701741 Templeneiry - Tipperary
M702291 Templeneiry Tipperary
M701623 Templetenny - Tipperary
M702303 Templetuohy - Tipperary
M701616 Terryglass - Tipperary
M701628 Terryglass - Tipperary
M702303 Terryglass - Tipperary
M701617 Thurles - Tipperary
M701741 Thurles - Tipperary
M701981 Thurles - Tipperary
M702291 Thurles Tipperary
M702303 Thurles - Tipperary
M701617 Tipperary - Tipperary
M701741 Tipperary - Tipperary
M701981 Tipperary - Tipperary
M702291 Tipperary Tipperary
M702303 Tipperary - Tipperary
M701741 Toem - Tipperary
M701981 Toem - Tipperary
M702291 Toem Tipperary
M702303 Toomyvara - Tipperary
M701613 Tubbrid - Tipperary
M701623 Tullaghmelan - Tipperary
M702304 Tullaghmelan - Tipperary
M702303 Twomileborris - Tipperary
M702321 Twomileborris (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M702303 Upperchurch - Tipperary
M702321 Upperchurch (Roman Catholic Chapel) Tipperary
M702303 Youghal Arra - Tipperary

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