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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Laoighis/Queens/Laois/Leix
Proceed to Hugh Wallis' website : Hugh Wallis Batch input page or Familysearch Batch Search and enter the batch number in the approriate box for an IGI search

M701611 Abbeyleix - Laoighis
M701621 Abbeyleix - Laoighis
M701991 Abbeyleix - Laoighis
M702303 Abbeyleix - Laoighis
M702321 Abbeyleix (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M701611 Aghaboe - Laoighis
M701621 Aghavoe - Laoighis
M701621 Aghmacart - Laoighis
M701991 Aghmacart - Laoighis
M701621 Attanna - Laoighis
M701991 Attanna - Laoighis
M702303 Ballinakill - Laoighis
M701991 Ballintubbert - Laoighis
M702321 Ballyadams - Laoighis
M702321 Ballycolla (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M702303 Ballyroan - Laoighis
M701621 Ballyroan Parish - Laoighis
M702303 Borris In Ossory - Laoighis
M702321 Borris In Ossory - Laoighis
M702321 Camross (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M702321 Capard (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M702303 Cappanrush - Laoighis
M702303 Cappinrush - Laoighis
M702303 Castletown - Laoighis
M702321 Castletown By Mountrath (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M701616 Clonaslee - Laoighis
M701628 Clonaslee - Laoighis
M702303 Clonaslee - Laoighis
M702303 Clonaslie - Laoighis
M701611 Clonenagh - Laoighis
M701616 Clonenagh - Laoighis
M701621 Clonenagh - Laoighis
M701628 Clonenagh - Laoighis
M701991 Clonenagh - Laoighis
M702303 Comross - Laoighis
M701616 Coolbanagher - Laoighis
M701628 Coolbanagher - Laoighis
M702001 Coolbanagher - Laoighis
M702303 Coolbanagher - Laoighis
M702303 Corclons - Laoighis
M702321 Cullahill - Laoighis
M702303 Cullohill - Laoighis
M701617 Donaghmore - Laoighis
M701981 Donaghmore - Laoighis
M702321 Donaghmore - Laoighis
M702303 Doonane - Laoighis
M701611 Durrow - Laoighis
M701621 Durrow - Laoighis
M701991 Durrow - Laoighis
M702303 Durrow - Laoighis
M702001 Dysartenos - Laoighis
M702303 Graigue - Laoighis
M702321 Graigue - Laoighis
M702303 Grogan - Laoighis
M701613 Killabban - Laoighis
M701623 Killabban (Mayo Church) Laoighis
M702321 Killeen In Killabban (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M702303 Killenard - Laoighis
M701621 Killermogh - Laoighis
M701991 Killermogh - Laoighis
M701623 Killeshin - Laoighis
M702321 Knockaroe (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis
M702303 Kyle - Laoighis
M701616 Lea - Laoighis
M701628 Lea - Laoighis
M702303 Lea - Laoighis
M702303 Luggacurran - Laoighis
M701616 Maryborough - Laoighis
M701628 Maryborough - Laoighis
M702303 Maryborough - Laoighis
M702321 Maryborough - Laoighis
M701616 Mountmellick - Laoighis
M701628 Mountmellick - Laoighis
M701628 Mountmellick (Registrar Office) Laoighis
M701628 Mountmellick (Wesleyan Methodist Chapel) Laoighis
M702303 Mountmellick - Laoighis
M702321 Mountmellick - Laoighis
M702303 Mountrath - Laoighis
M702321 Mountrath Rc - Laoighis
M701616 Offerlane - Laoighis
M701628 Offerlane - Laoighis
M702303 Offerlane - Laoighis
M702321 Portarlington - Laoighis
M702321 Portarlington (St. Michaels Roman Cath) Laoighis
M702303 Raheen - Laoighis
M702321 Raheen Rc - Laoighis
M701617 Rathdowney - Laoighis
M701981 Rathdowney - Laoighis
M702291 Rathdowney Laoighis
M702303 Rathdowney - Laoighis
M702321 Rathdowney - Laoighis
M701741 Rathsaran - Laoighis
M701616 Rosenallis - Laoighis
M701628 Rosenallis - Laoighis
M702303 Rosenallis - Laoighis
M702321 Rosenallis (Wesleyan Chapel) Laoighis
M701741 Skirk - Laoighis
M701981 Skirk - Laoighis
M702321 Skirk - Laoighis
M702303 Skirke - Laoighis
M701611 Stradbally - Laoighis
M702303 Stradbally - Laoighis
M702321 Stradbally - Laoighis
M702303 Timahoe - Laoighis
M701621 Timogue - Laoighis
M702321 Vicarstown - Laoighis
M702303 Viccarstown - Laoighis
M702321 Wolfhill (Roman Catholic Chapel) Laoighis

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