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NOTE: All of these PLU/ GV revision files are under developement, most will be changed or reformatted over time.

The first General Valuation was completed by 1863-4.  Thereafter, properties were valued annually from 1864 until the early 1930s, the details of which are recorded in the annual revision books, with each volume covering approximately a ten-year period.  Each year, valuers recorded any change in the quality or dimensions of the properties, or in the names of occupiers or immediate lessors, and any differences in the acreage and value.  The changes were recorded in different colours of ink, one colour for each year, and the alterations are usually dated.  This can help to establish significant dates in family history, such as dates of death, sale or migration.  Associated maps at a scale of 6 inches to a mile can be found under VAL/12D and town plans under VAL/12E. 

Also of interest are a series of valuers' note-books (VAL/12A).  These first appeared in 1894 and record the details behind the revising valuer's decision to revise, upwards or downwards, the valuation of those premises where an addition or other alteration had been made.  There is an extensive catalogue of the series on the shelves of the Public Search Room. (The above note is from the Valuation Office in Dublin)

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General Valuation Revision Lists Ballina Union

General Valuation Revision Lists Kildare Union

County Donegal Revision Books (Cancellation Books)

Ballyshannon Union Cty Donegal

Donegal Union Cty Donegal

Dunfanaghy Union Cty Donegal

Glenties Union Cty Donegal

Inishowen Union Cty Donegal

Letterkenny Union Cty Donegal

Londonderry Union Cty Donegal

Millford Union Cty Donegal

Strabane Union Cty Donegal

Stranorlar Union Cty Donegal



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