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ACHISON, Archibald, Sir [p. 508] - May be the same as: Archibald Acheson, Esq., who died at Letterkenny, County Donegal in 1634 but had been granted land in County Cavan [p. 472]

ALEXANDER, John [p. 507]

ALEXANDER, William, Sir of Menstrey [pp. 507, 508]

ALLANE, Robert [p. 506]

ARNETT, Andrew [p. 507]

ARNETT, William [p. 507]

AULA, Sir Aulant, Knight, resident and agent for the Duke of Lennox [p. 505]

BALFOUR, David [p. 512]

BINGLEY, Ralph, Sir [pp. 508, 509]

BLACKE, George [p. 507]

BOYL, James [p. 506]

BOYL, Robert [p. 506]

BOYLE, William [p. 506]

BROWNE, Andrew [p. 507]

BROWNE, John [p. 507]

BRYCE, John [p. 506]

CALHOWNE, John, Sir, son of Sir John Colquhoun, Laird of Luss [in Argyll, Scotland] [p. 511]

COLE, William, Sir [p. 512]

COLEWELL, Andrew [p. 506]

COLEWELL, Alexander [p. 506]

COLQUHOUN, John, Sir, Laird of Luss [in Argyll, Scotland] [p. 511]

CONNELL, Donnell [p. 506]

CRAWFORD, John, Laird of Kilberry [town and castle in Argyll, Scotland] [p. 505]

CUNNINGHAM - Including all spellings; e.g., Coningham, Cuningham, Cunyngham, etc., but alphabetized by forename ...

CUNINGHAM, Alex. of Ballesallagh [related to Ballysallagh Road, Down?], County Down [p. 507]

CONINGHAM, Andrew [p. 506]

CONINGHAM, Bernard [p. 506]

CUNNINGHAM, Cuthbert, of the CUNNINGHAMS of Glengarnock [North Ayrshire, Scotland], precise relationship or position in the family unknown, but probably uncle to Sir James [pp. 295,505,508]

CUNNINGHAM, George, son of Sir James [pp. 507,508]

CUNNINGHAM, James [p. 508]

CUNNINGHAM, James, esquire [p. 508]

CUNNINGHAM, James, Gentleman of Fowmilne in Scotland, uncle of James, laird of Glengarnock [pp. 295,506]

CUNNINGHAM, James, of Horomilne, returned to Scotland [p. 505]

CUNNINGHAM, James, Laird of Glangarnocke/Laird Glangarnoth [Glengarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland], took possession but returned to Scotland while his son remained [pp. 294,505,506]

CUNNINGHAM, James, Sir [pp. 507, 508] - Note: The first entry on p. 507 also mentions “the Lady and her Daughters”  then living on Sir James’s estate. Another entry further describes her as Katherine, daughter of the Earl of Glencairn.

CONINGHAM al’ Huggin, John [p. 510]

CUNNINGHAM, John, brother of Sir James [p. 507]

CUNNINGHAM, John, Gentleman [later Sir John Cunningham], of Crafield or Crawfield, son of Sir James Cunningham of Glengarnock (above), last of the Glengarnock Cunninghams [pp. 294, 505, 507, 508]

CUNNINGHAM, John, Esq., probably a kinsman of the Duke of Lennox [p. 295]

CONINGHAM, William [p. 506]

DROMOND, John, Master, servitor [p. 508]

DUNNE, Alex. [p. 507]

DUNNE, John [p. 507]

DUNNE, John junior [p. 507]

DUNSAYER, James [p. 510]

EKYN, William [p. 507]

FLEMINGE, John [p. 506]

FULLERTON, James, Sir [p. 513]

FULLERTON, William [p. 510]

FYEFF [FIFE?], John [p. 506]

GAATE/GALT, William [p. 507]

GALBRAITH, Humphrey [pp. 510, 511]

GALBRAITH, Robert [pp. 510, 511]

GALBRAITH/GALBREITH, William [pp. 511, 512]

GALE/GALL, George [p. 508]

GILLASPICK, Donnell [p. 506]

GILMORE, James [p. 507]

GRYNNEY, Alex. [p. 507]

HAMILTON, John [pp. 507, 508]

HARPER, John [p. 507]

HENRY, Wm. [p. 507]

HOLMES, Thomas [p. 513]

HOMES, Edward [p. 507]

HOOD, John [p. 510]

HUNTER, Alex. [p. 510]

HUNTER, Robert [p. 506]

HUTCHINE, John [p. 507]

KENNEDY, David [p. 507]

KENNYDAY [Kennedy], Gilbert [p. 510]

LEICH, George [p. 507]

LODGE, Thomas [p. 510]

LOKARD, William [p. 507]

MacDONNELL,  Inneen-duv, mother of the Earl of Tyrconnell [p. 293]

MACINTIRE, Owen [p. 510]

MacKAY, John [p. 510]

MAGHAN, James [p. 510]

MARTIN, John [p. 506]

McAULA [McCULLOUGH?], Alexander, Gentleman of Durlin or Durlinge [Duirling, Galway, Ireland?], probably from Dumbartonshire, Scotland [pp. 294,505]

McAULA, Alexander [p. 508]

McAWLEY alias STEWART, Alexander [p. 510]

McCASSACK, William [p. 506]

McEREDY, Donnell [p. 507]

McEVENE, Donnell [p. 506]

McKILCHANY, Alexander [p. 506]

McKILMUN, Donnell [p. 506]

McKYM, Donnell [p. 507]

McKYM, John [p. 507]

McLOGHERY, Michael [p. 510]

MOLSED, John [p. 506]

MOORE, Hugh [p. 507]

MOORE, William [p. 507]

MURRAY, David, Sir [p. 513]

LOKARD [LOCKHART?], Alex. [p. 510]

O’BRALLAGHAN, Dermont [p. 510]

O’BRALLAGHAN, Shane [p. 510]

O’DERNY, Killegroome [p. 510]

O’DOGHERTY, Hugh [p. 510]

O’DONNELL, Con [p. 510]

O’DONNELL, Niall Garve, Sir [p. 293]

PATERSON, Robert [p. 507]

PATTERSON, James [p. 506]

PEERE/PERY, George [p. 507]

PLOWRIGHT, John [p. 506]

PORTERFIELD, Gabriel, of Hapland, Dunlop parish; his spouse, Jean MAXWELL [p. 294]

PURVEYANCE, John [p. 507]

RAMSAY, John [p. 506]

RANKIN, William [p. 507]

ROBBIN, James [p. 506]

ROGER, John [p. 507]

SARE, William [p. 506]

SAYRE, James [p. 510]

SMELLEY, William [p. 510]

SMYTHE, Andrew [p. 507]

SMYTHE, John [pp. 507, 510]

STUART, Ludovic, Second Duke of Lennox [p. 293]

STEVENSON, Peter [p. 507]

STEWART, Alexander [p. 508; see also McAWLEY above]

STEWART, Alexander, progenitor of the earls and marquesses of Londonderry; his son, John STEWART of Ballylawn Castle [p. 294]

STEWART, Anthony, gent. [p. 510]

STEWART, Arthur, gent. [p. 510]

STEWART, Barbara, widow of John and mother of William [p. 510]

STEWART, Esme [p. 513]

STEWART, Francis, Earl of Bothwell [p. 513]

STEWART, John [p. 510]

STEWART, John (son of the above) [p. 510]

STEWART, John, Sir, Knight [pp. 511, 512, 513]

STEWART, Ludovic, Duke of Lennox [pp. 512, 513]

STEWART, Walter [p. 510]

STEWART, Sir Walter, Knight and laird of Minto or Mynto [Roxburghshire], Scotland [pp. 293, 505]

STEWART, William [p. 507]

STEWART, William, grandson of John [p. 510]

STEWART, William, Laird of Dunduff/Dunduffe [Dunduff Castle in Maybole Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland] [pp. 294, 505, 508, 510]

STEWART, William, Sir [p. 508]

SUTHERLAND, William [p. 507]

SCOTT, Thomas [p. 507]

TEYSE/TEESE, William [p. 507]

THOMSON, Archibald [p. 510]

VALENTYNE, William [p. 507]

WATSON, John [p. 507]

WIGTON, John [p. 506]

WILSON, John [p. 506]

WIMBES, John, Sir [pp. 511, 512]

WISHARD, John, Sir [p. 512]

WOOLSON, Stephen [p. 506]

YOUNGE, John [p. 507]

YOUNGE, Robert, resident and agent for Sir James Cunningham, above [p. 505]

YUNG [YOUNG], William, servant to Sir John Stewart [p. 513]



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