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Mevagh to Raymunterdoney Parishes

The Parish files are sorted Surname/Given/Location

Mevagh Parish Townlands: Aghadachor,  Aghalatty,  Ardbane, Ballyoghagan, Carnagore, Carrick, Carrickart, Clontallagh, Creevagh, Crocknamurleog, Derrycassan, Devlinm0re, Devlinreagh, Doagh, Downies, Downies Barr, Drumdutton, Drumlackagh, Dundooan  Lower, Dundooan  Upper, Dunmore, Finver, Glebe, Glengillagrana  High, Glenieraragh, Glenineeny, Glenkeo, Glenmenagh, Glenmenagh  Village of Glen, Glenoory, Glenree, Gortnabrade, Gortnalughoge, Highglen, Island Roy Barr or Drumfin, Islands  Illaunachurry  South, Islands  nishfaugh, Islands  Island Roy, Islands  Reagh, Islands  ûIllaunachurry  South, Islands  Ulsl and Roy, Kill, Kinnalargy, Larganreagh, Larganreagh Barr or Meenacross, Maghera Beg, Magheramoragan, Meenformal, Meenlaragh, Melmore, Mevagh, Rawros, Rosepenna, Tirloughan, Toragh, Tullagh, Umlagh.

Mevagh Parish

Mintiaghs or Barr of Inch Parish Townlands: Ballinlough, Ballintlieve, Carroghill, Glasmullan, Meenadiff.

Mintiaghs Parish

Moville Lower Parish Townlands: Balleeghan, Ballybrack, Ballymacarthur, Ballymagaraghy, Ballynally, Bredagh, Bredagh Glen, Carnagarve, Carrowbeg, Carrowblagh, Carrowblagh or Leckenny, Carrowhugh, Carrowmenagh, Carrowtrasna, Drumaweer, Eleven Ballyboe, Glennagiveny, Gulladoo, Meenletterbale, Mossy Glen, Stroove, T/Moville Back Lane, T/Moville Fair Green Row, T/Moville Main Street, T/Moville Malin Road, T/Moville Quay Street.

Moville Lower Parish

Moville Upper Parishes Townlands: Ballyargus, Ballylawn, Ballyrattan, Cabry, Carrickmaquigley, Carrowkeel, Carrownaff, Claggan, Clare, Clencaw, Cooly, Creehennan, Crockahenny, Crockglass, Cross, Culineen, Drung, Flughland, Glebe, Glencrow, Gort  North, Gort  South, Gortanny, Keeranbane, Leamacrossan, Magheralahan, Meenabaltin, Meenaleavin, Meenavanaghan, Roosky, Tiryrone, Tromaty, Tullyally, Tullynavinn, Whitecastle.

Moveill Upper Parish

Muff Parish Townlands: Ardmore, Aught, Carnamoyle, Craig, Derryvane, Drumskellan, Eskaheen, Glenard, Meenyanly, Muff, Soppog, Three Trees, Tromaty, Ture.

Muff Parish

Raphoe Parish Townlands: Aghakeeragh,  Ardvarnock  Glebe,  Ballyholey Near, Ballyholey  Far, Beltany, Blackrepentance, Bogagh, Braehead, Broadlea, Burnside, Carrickbrack, Common, Cooladerry, Coolaghy,
Coolaghy Glebe, Cottown, Craigs, Creggan, Deerpark, Difflin, Doorabble, Drumineney, Drumnabratty, Figart, Flemingstown, Ghosthouse  End Street  Raphoe Town, Glenkeeran, Glenmaquin  Lower, Gort  Glebe, Gort  Glebe or Cooladerry, Gortaquigley, Gortnesk, Habbitstown, Irish Row  Raphoe Town, Kiltole, Lismontigley, Lisnoble, Magheestown, Magherahaan, Magherahee, Magherasollus, McBride  Street  Raphoe  Town, Meeting House Street  Raphoe Town, Milltown, Mongorry, Mountainpark, Mullafin, Muntertinny, Newrow, Oakfield Demesne, Raphoe Townparks, Roosky Lower, Roosky Upper, Sesnacully, Shannagh, Slievebuck, Stranorlarlaghan, The Close  Raphoe Town, The Diamond  Raphoe Town, Tops, Tops Demesne, Tullydonnell  Lower, Tullydonnell  Upper, Tullyvinny, William Street  Raphoe own, Winnyhaw.

Raphoe Parish

Raymoghy Parish Townlands: Ardnaditian,  Balleeghan, Ballyboe, Ballylawn, Ballylevin, BigIsle, Carrickballydooey, Carrickballydooey Glebe, Carricknamart, Castleblaugh, Castledowey, Corkey, Cottage, Dooish, Drean, Drumatoland, Drumbarnet, Drumbarnet Lower, Drumbarnet Middle, Drumbarnet Upper, Drumcarn, Drumoghill, Dunduffsfort, Errity, Errity  Churchland, Galdonagh, Galdonagh  Glebe, Glebe, Grawky, Grawky  Glebe, Highbank, Hungersmother, Killyverry, Kincraigy, Labbadish, Lisclamerty, Lismoghry, Maghera Beg, Maghera More, Manorcunningham,
Manorcunningham  Churchland, Manorcunningham  Churchland  Isle, Maylin, Milltown, Monclink, Mondooey, Mondooey  Lower, Mondooey  Middle, Mondooey  Upper, Moneyhaughly, Moneymore, PleaIsle, Pluck, Raymoghy, Roosky, Ryelands, Sallybrook, Sharon Glebe, Sheskinapoll, T/Manorcunningham, Tinklersford, Tirharon, Town of Manorcunningham, Tully, Tullybogley, Veagh, Woodhill,

Raymoghy Parish

Raymunterdoney Parish Townlands: Ballyboe, Ballyboe E5977Mountain, Ballyconnell, Carrowcanon, Derryreel, Devlin or Barr of allyconnell, Drumnatinny, Drumnatinny Barr, Dunmore, Errarooey  Beg, Errarooey  More,
Meencoolasheskin, Moyra  Glebe, Ray, T/Crossroads Ballyconnell Road, T/Crossroads Dunfanaghy Road,

Raymunterdoney Parish

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