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The following Surname Index is for the county of Donegal. This page is for the surnames beginning with M.
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MacGowan, MacNaughtan, Mac Near, Macaulay, Macauley, Maccalin, Macgrorty, Macken, Mackery, Mackey, Mackim, Mackintosh, Macklim, Macklin,  Macklon, Macky, Macloom, Macneill, Maconnell, Macpherson, Macward, Madden, Maddeson, Maddock, Magahern, Magahy, Maganly, Magarvey, Magee, Magennia, Magennis, Magenniss, Magettigan, Magill, Magilway, Maginley, Maginly, Maginn, Maginnis, Maglade, Maglone, Magonagy,  Magorlick, Magouran, Magowan, Magrane, Magrath, Magrorty, Magrory, Maguigan, Maguire, Mahaffy, Maher, Mahon, Major, Makelam, Makerry, Malarky, Malcolm, Malee, Maley, Malia, Malley, Malloney, Malone, Maloney, Malowney, Malseed, Manalis, Mandrum,  Maneely, Manelis, Mangan, Mann, Mansfield, Manwell, Manzes, Maragay, Marchant, Margary, Margey, Margy, Markey, Marks, Marlay, Marley, Marly, Marrow, Mars, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Masser, Mathers, Mathews, Matson, Matthews, Maturin,  Maude, Maughrey, Maxwell, May, Maybury, McNagh, McNaght, McNaghter, McNaire, McNalis, McNally, McNalty, McNamee, McNealis, McNeally, McNealy, McNee, McNicholl, McNulty, McJunken, McKane, McKay, McKeague, McKean, McKeely, McKeeny, McKeever, McKelvey,  McKelvy, McKemmey, McKendrick, McKenna, McKenny, McKeon, McKern, McKerron, McKerry, McKevers, McKevlin, McKew, McKim, McKinin, McKinley, McKinly, McKinnley, McKnight, McNaght, McNally, McNamee, McNaught, McNeeley, McNiff, McNulty, McPaul, McPhelan, McPhelim,  McPhelin, McPherson, McAdam, McAdams, McAdoo, McAdora, McAfee, McAffrick, McAlea, McAleeny, McAleer, McAlinny, McAllion, McAllister, McAloon, Mcalwee, McAna, McAndrew, McAnley, McAnnair, McAnulty, McAnurrin, McArthur, McAsparron, McAtee, McAteer, McAtella, McAthacklin,  Mcaulain, McAuley, Mcaulian, McAuliff, McAvea, McAveagh, McAveety, McAvenny, Mcaverty, McAvey, McBarron, McBay, Mcbeth, McBoyce, McBradden, McBrearly, McBrearton, McBrearty, McBreighty, McBrerety, McBrerty, McBride, McBrien, McBrierty, McBriety, McBryan, McCabe, McCaddan,  McCadden, McCafferky, McCafferty, McCaffery, McCaffrey, McCaffry, McCahill, McCahy, McCaim, McCain, McCairn, McCall, McCalla, McCallan, McCallian, McCallig, McCallioge, McCallion, McCallog, McCallum, McCally, McCalvey, McCalvy, McCamley, McCandless, McCandley, McCanley, McCann,  McCaren, McCarey, McCarn, McCarns, McCarr, McCarran, McCarren, McCarrick, McCarroll, McCarron, McCarrow, McCarry, McCart, McCarter, McCarthy, McCartney, McCary, McCasker, McCaul, McCaulay, McCauley, McCauly, McCausland, McCawley, McCawley, McCay, McCem, McCerrin,  McCew, McClafferky, McClafferty, McClane, McClaverty, McClay, McClea, McClean, McClearn, McCleary, McCleery, McClellan, McClelland, McClements, McClenaghan, McClendry, McCleran, McClieve, McClinchy, McCline, McClinny, McClintock, McCloone, McCloskey, McClosky, McCloy, McClure, McCluskey,  McClusky, McCoach, McCoal, McCobb, McCole, McColgan, McColgen, McColgy, McColin, McColl, McCollian, McCollig, McCollins, McCollion, McCollum, McComb, McConaghy, McConagly, McConaloge, McConalogue, McConaway, McConchy, McCone, McConey, McConigly, McConistine, McConiston, McConly,  McConn, McConnaghy, McConnell, McConnelloge, McConnelloge, McConnelogue, McConnie, McConnologe, McConnolouge, McConologe, McConologue, McConomy, McConway, McCooke, McCool, McCoole, McCoon, McCord, McCorder, McCorduck, McCordy, McCoreal, McCorkall, McCorkell, McCorker, McCorkhill, McCorkie, McCorkrell,  McCormack, McCormick, McCorristan, McCorristen, McCorrister, McCorriston, McCosker, McCowell, McCowley, McCoy, McCrabb, McCracken, McCrane, McCrea, McCready, McCreanor, McCredan, McCreedy, McCreery, McCreevan, McCreevy, McCrehan, McCrevan, McCrewan, McCrodden, McCrossan, McCrossen, McCrossin,  McCrudden, McCruddon, McCue, McCuill, McCuinness, McCul, McCulkeran, McCullagh, McCullen, McCullia, McCulliagh, McCullion, McCulloch, McCunigan, McCunne, McCunney, McCunnia, McCunnigan, McCunnigle, McCunningham, McCurdy, McCure, McCusker, McCutcheon, McCutchin, McDade, McDaid, McDavitt,  McDease, McDeasy, McDermot, McDermott, McDernott, McDevit, McDevitt, McDier, McDonagh, McDonald, McDonnell, McDonough, McDougal, McDougall, McDougle, McDowel, McDowell, McDowney, McDyer, McEivers, McElcar, McEldore, McEleany, McElear, McElery, McElhaw, McElhenny, McElherney,  McElhill, McElhiney, McElhinny, McEllay, McEloon, McElreath, McElroe, McElroy, McElvenny, McElvey, McElvy, McElwain, McElwaine, McElway, McElwee, McEnery, McEnlogue, McEntire, McEntyre, McErady, McEvanny, McEver, McEverty, McEvery, McEviston, McEvoy, McFaddan, McFagan,  McFaggy, McFahan, McFale, McFall, McFalls, McFann, McFarlan, McFarland, McFarlane, McFate, McFawl, McFawn, McFeak, McFee, McFeehily, McFeely, McFeeters, McFettridge, McFinton, McFithers, McGaby, McGafferty, McGaffigan, McGaghran, McGaghy, McGaghy, McGaharan, McGahey,  McGahran, McGahy, McGallaghy, McGanahan, McGandy, McGar, McGaragle, McGarahy, McGargal, McGargle, McGargle, McGarigle, McGarley, McGarr, McGarragil, McGarrigle, McGarry, McGart, McGarvey, McGarvie, McGarvy, McGaughrin, McGauly, McGauvern, McGavacan, McGavagan, McGavaughan, McGavin,  McGawan, McGeady, McGee, McGeedy, McGeehan, McGeever, McGenley, McGenly, McGenty, McGeoghegan, McGeraghty, McGeragle, McGerr, McGervey, McGettigan, McGhee, McGibson, McGill, McGillaway, McGillawy, McGilleway, McGilligan, McGilway, McGin, McGinity, McGinlay, McGinley, McGinly,  McGinnelly, McGinney, McGinntey, McGinny, McGinty, McGirr, McGladdery, McGladery, McGlanaghy, McGlanahy, McGlananghy, McGlashan, McGlashen, McGlashin, McGlenaghy, McGlenchy, McGlennahy, McGlenshy, McGlichy, McGlin, McGlinchey, McGlinchy, McGlincy, McGlinehy, McGlinley, McGlinn, McGlinshy, McGloghan,  McGloin, McGloone, McGlyn, McGlynchy, McGlynn, McGoen, McGoin, McGoinan, McGoinar, McGoinigle, McGolderick, McGoldrick, McGolligly, McGonagle, McGonegal, McGonery, McGonigle, McGonnigle, McGonry, McGoogan, McGoran, McGorty, McGouran, McGourley, McGourty, McGovern, McGowan, McGowran,  McGrady, McGrafferty, McGrainger, McGranaghan, McGranahan, McGraorty, McGrath, McGready, McGreevan, McGregor, McGrenaghan, McGrenahan, McGrenary, McGrenegan, McGrenehan, McGrenera, McGrennan, McGrenor, McGrenr, McGrenra, McGrerty, McGrinnaghan, McGriskin, McGroarty, McGroary, McGroddy, McGrody, McGroerty,  McGrorey, McGrorty, McGrory, McGroury, McGruddy, McGuigan, McGuinness, McGuinney, McGuire, McGunegal, McGunkins, McGunnigle, McGunny, McGurdy, McGurran, McGurty, McGylnn, McHare, McHaw, McHenry, McHoney, McHugh, Mc-Hugh, McHunny, McIihenny, McIiwain, McIiwaine, McIiwee,  McIlderry, McIldore, McIldowney, McIleeny, McIlehnny, McIlhaw, McIlhenney, McIlhenny, McIlhenny, McIlhinny, McIlkenny, McIlveagh, McIlwain, McIlwaine, McIlway, McIlwee, McIntire, McIntosh, McIntyre, McIveagh, McIveigh, McIver, McIvers, McIviskin, McIvor, McIvors, McJunken, McKane,  McKaran, McKay, McKeague, McKean, McKeane, McKeany, McKearn, McKearns, McKearny, McKee, McKeely, McKeeny, McKeever, McKeloy, McKelvey, McKelvy, McKemmey, McKendrick, McKenlay, McKenlis, McKenliss, McKenly, McKenna, McKennatt, McKenneth, McKennett, McKenny, McKenny,  McKenrick, McKenrrie, McKenry, McKeogue, McKeon, McKeran, McKern, McKernan, McKerron, McKerry, McKeshan, McKevers, McKevlin, McKew, McKey, McKeye, McKiddan, McKie, McKilvery, McKilvey, McKilvy, McKim, McKinin, McKinlay, McKinley, McKinly, McKinney, McKinnley,  McKirkland, McKnight, McLachlan, McLachlin, McLafferty, McLahy, McLanahy, McLane, McLarkey, McLaughlin, McLean, McLean, McLean, McLean, McLean, McLeer, McLements, McLenaghan, McLeod, McLernin, McLihenny, McLoghlin, McLoone, McLoughan, McLoughin, McLoughlan, McLoughlin, McLucas,  McLynchy, McLynn, McMacken, McMackin, McMahon, McManamin, McManemy, McManiman, McManus, McMaster, McMearly, McMeerka, McMeerty, McMeichan, McMenaman, McMenamin, McMeneman, McMenemy, McMerty, McMicken, McMickle, McMieken, McMonagle, McMongile, McMonigan, McMonigle, McMorris, McMullan,  McMullen, McMulligan, McMullin, McMunigan, McMunn, McMurray, McNagh, McNaght, McNaghter, McNair, McNaire, McNalis, McNally, McNalty, McNaman, McNamara, McNamee, McNamie, McNatt, McNaught, McNealis, McNeally, McNealy, McNee, McNeeley, McNeely, McNeil, McNeilage,  McNeill, McNeilly, McNeir, McNelis, McNern, McNicholl, McNiff, McNulty, McNulty, McNutt, McPaul, McPeak, McPhelan, McPhelim, McPhelin, McPherson, McPhilemy, McPowell, McQuade, McQuaid, McQuilkan, McQuilkin, McReady, McReddan, McRee, McReedy, McRoarty, McRoary,  McRodden, McRorty, McRory, McRudden, McRuddin, McRuddy, McRudy, McShane, McSharry, McShea, McSheaffry, McShee, McSheffney, McSheffry, McShefney, McShehery, McSherry, McSorley, McSpane, McSweeney, McSweeny, McSwine, McSwiney, McSwyne, McTaggart, Mc-Taggart, Mctaghlan, McTaigue,  Mc-Taigue, McTead, McTeague, McTeer, McTeige, McTeigue, McTier, McTighe, McTighe, McVaney, McVeely, McVeeters, McVeigh, McVeteer, McVety, McVey, McVitty, McVity, McWaine, McWard, McWeir, McWey, Mdevitt, Meaghan, Meahan, Meally, Mealy, Means,  Meares, Mearly, MeBride, Mecormick, Meddel, Meegan, Meeghan, Meehan, Meenan, Meenin, Mehhan, Meighan, Meldrum, Melin, Melligan, Mellon, Melly, Melton, Menalis, Menelis, Mercer, Merchant, Mergery, Merly, Merrick, Merrick, Merritt, Merry,  Metcalf, Metcalfe, Mewers, Mglynn, Michaels, Middelton, Middle, Middleton, Middletown, Midgely, Miles, Miliken, Milikin, Millackey, Millar, Millbourne, Miller, Milligan, Millikin, Mills, Minahan, Minchin, Minealy, Mineelis, Mineely, Minelis, Minnan, Minnion,  Minnow, Mitchell, Moady, Moey, Moffat, Moffatt, Moffett, Moffitt, Moghan, Molloy, Molseed, Monaghan, Monagle, Monahan, Monday, Mongan, Monigle, Monney, Monteith, Montgomery, Moody, Moohan, Mooney, Moore, Moorehead, Mooreword, Moorhead, Moraghan,  Moran, Morehead, Morgan, Morning, Morning, Morough, Moroughs, Morren, Morrin, Morris, Morrison, Morrisson, Morrogh, Morrow, Mortimer, Moss, Motherwell, Mount, Mowbray, Mowbry, Moy, Moyhan, Moynagh, Moyne, Mucklerath, Mulcartagh, Mulderris, Muldoon,  Mulhare, Mulharta, Mulhearn, Mulhearne, Mulheeran, Mulheerin, Mulherin, Mulherlagh, Mulhern, Mulherne, Mulherrin, Mulhertagh, Mulholland, Mulhorn, Mulkeeran, Mulkerin, Mullan, Mullarkey, Mullderris, Mullen, Mullens, Mulligan, Mullin, Mullins, Mulloughry, Mullowney, Mullowry, Mulloy,  Mulrain, Mulrainy, Mulreany, Mulrenin, Mulrenny, Mulrine, Mulrony, Mulroony, Mulryan, Mulvaney, Munday, Munealy, Mungan, Munn, Munroe, Murdagh, Murdock, Murgan, Murphy, Murray, Murrin, Murron, Murrow, Murtland, Mustard, Myles,




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