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The following Surname Index is for the county of Donegal. This page is for the surnames beginning with A through L.
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The surnames have been extracted from the Griffith Valuation for County Donegal 1857.

A to L


Abraham, Abram, Acheson, Acorn, Acrite, Actor, Acumminey, Adair, Adams, Adamson, Ahearne, Ahern, Aiken, Aikin, Aikins, Alcorn, Alcorne, Alexander, Alford, Algee, Algeo, Allan, Allender, Alleson, Alley, Allingham,  Allison, Allman, Alocran, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Arbrinkle, Arbuckle, Arbucle, Archdall, Archy, Ardagh, Aril, Arl, Armor, Armour, Armstrong, Arnod, Arnot, Arnott, Arran, Arthur, Ash, Ashe, Ashton, Asken, Askill, Askin,  Atkinson, Austin, Aymes,


Babington, Backin, Bailey, Baillie, Baines, Baird, Baison, Baker, Baldrick, Ball, Banigan, Banks, Bannigan, Barber, Barclay, Bardley, Barker, Barkham, Barley, Barnes, Barnett, Barnhill, Barns, Barr, Barrett,  Barron, Barronhill, Barrow, Barry, Bart Sir, Bartley, Bartly, Barton, Baskin, Bateman, Bates, Bateson, Batt, Battle, Baxter, Bayne, Beade, Beal, Beale, Beanagan, Beard, Bearde, Beatie, Beats, Beattie, Beatty, Beaty, Becket,  Beckett, Bedford, Beers, Begley, Begly, Beirne, Beirnes, Beirney, Belindsay, Bell, Belle, Bellinsley, Benson, Bergin, Beriskell, Bermingham, Berne, Berney, Bernie, Berny, Berry, Besland, Best, Bevaird, Bigley, Billinsey, Billinsley, Bingham,  Binns, Bird, Birds, Birky, Birland, Birney, Bishop, Black, Blackburn, Blackburne, Blackhall, Blackwood, Blain, Blaind, Blaine, Blair, Blaire, Blake, Blane, Blaney, Blatt, Blayney, Blee, Blien, Bligh, Boak, Boal, Boale,  Bogan, Boggs, Bogle, Bohanan, Bohannan, Boland, Bole, Boles, Bonar, Bond, Boner, Bones, Bonnar, Bonner, Bonor, Booner, Borefoy, Borland, Boskin, Boss, Bourke, Bourne, Bovaid, Bovaird, Boveard, Bowen, Bowles, Bowles,  Boyce, Boyd, Boyde, Boyee, Boyle, Boyton, Bradden, Bradley, Brady, Bragdon, Brally, Bralton, Branagan, Branagh, Brandon, Branigan, Branly, Brannan, Brannon, Branny, Brassy, Bratten, Bratton, Brawn, Bray, Brazer, Brearty, Breason,  Bredan, Bredin, Bredin, Breen, Breesland, Breeson, Brennan, Brennon, Brerety, Bresken, Breslan, Bresland, Breslen, Breslin, Bressan, Bresson, Brewster, Brice, Brickley, Bride, Brien, Brierty, Brigham, Brishe, Brislain, Brislan, Brisland, Brislane,  Brislian, Brislin, Brison, Brittain, Brittan, Brittin, Britton, Broadben, Broadbent, Broadley, Brock, Brodal, Brodben, Brodie, Brodly, Brogan, Brooke, Brookins, Brooks, Broooke, Brougham, Brouster, Brown, Browne, Brownlow, Bruce, Brunton, Bryan,  Bryce, Bryne, Bryson, Buchanan, Buchannan, Buchannon, Budd, Bunton, Burdy, Burgoyne, Burke, Burley, Burnes, Burnett, Burney, Burns, Burnside, Burris, Burrowes, Burte, Bustard, Butler, Button, Byers, Byrnes, Byron,


Cafferty, Caffrill,  Cahill, Cain, Cairns, Calahan, Calderwood, Caldwell, Calhown, Call, Callaghan, Callahan, Callan, Callion, Calvin, Calvy, Camack, Cameron, Cammeron, Camp, Campbell, Campwell, Cane, Canlon, Canney, Canning, Cannon, Canny, Canon, Canty,  Carberry, Carbery, Carbey, Carbin, Carbon, Carbury, Carey, Cargell, Carlan, Carland, Carleton, Carlin, Carlon, Carmichael, Carn, Carnell, Carney, Carolan, Carolin, Carr, Carrabin, Carrabine, Carran, Carre, Carribine, Carrigan, Carrolan, Carroll,  Carron, Carry, Carson, Carswell, Cart, Carter, Carthy, Carton, Carty, Caruthers, Carwford, Cary, Cashore, Caslin, Cassan, Cassidy, Caterson, Cathcart, Cather, Cathers, Catherwood, Caul, Caulfield, Cauthers, Cavanagh, Cecil, Chambers, Channing,  Chapman, Charley, Chately, Cheatly, Cheevers, Chesnut, Chichester, Chisholm, Chism, Chittick, Chrisholm, Christian, Clafferty, Clancy, Clarke, Clay, Clayman, Clea, Cleary, Clee, Clements, Clening, Cleveland, Clifford, Clingain, Clinton, Clovin, Clyde,  Coach, Coaltin, Coan, Coane, Cochran, Cochrane, Cockburn, Coen, Coghlan, Coghran, Cohin, Colbin, Cole, Coleman, Colgan, Colhoon, Colhoun, Coll, Collester, Collier, Collins, Collins, Collum, Colquhoun, Colter, Colton, Colum, Colville,  Colvin, Compton, Conagan, Conagham, Conaghy, Conahan, Conalogue, Conaughan, Conboy, Coneglan, Conegly, Conihan, Conlan, Conley, Conly, Connaghan, Connaghy, Connahan, Connahy, Connaughan, Connell, Connihan, Connoghan, Connolly, Connor, Connoughan, Conoghan, Conohoe,  Conolly, Conologue, Conoughan, Conrehan, Considine, Conway, Conwell, Conyagham, Conynghan, Coogan, Cook, Cooke, Coole, Coonaghan, Coonehan, Cooney, Coonihan, Coony, Cooper, Coote, Copeland, Corbett, Corboy, Corden, Cordock, Corduck, Corfield, Corgill,  Cormack, Cornish, Corr, Corran, Corrigan, Corrin, Corristan, Corscaddan, Corscaden, Corssan, Costello, Coulter, Courtney, Coventry, Cowan, Cowden, Cowen, Cowley, Cox, Coy, Coyle, Craig, Craigh, Cramnord, Cramohy, Cramshy, Cramsie, Cranny,  Cranor, Cranshina, Crawford, Crawley, Crayner, Creamer, Crearon, Credan, Creedon, Creely, Creenan, Creerin, Cregg, Creggann, Creighton, Creilly, Cremlist, Creran, Crerand, Creron, Creswell, Criag, Criggeen, Crimley, Crimlish, Crockett, Croley, Cromer,  Cromlish, Crommer, Crone, Crooke, Crookshank, Crosbie, Crosby, Cross, Crossan, Crossen, Crossin, Crosson, Crotchett, Crothers, Crow, Crowe, Crozier, Cruddan, Cruise, Crumley, Crumlish, Crummer, Cubbert, Cul, Culbert, Culberton, Culbertson, Culderwood,  Cull, Cullen, Cullian, Cullin, Cullion, Cummims, Cunnaghan, Cunnahan, Cunnahy, Cunnane, Cunnea, Cunneen, Cunnes, Cunney, Cunnian, Cunnie, Cunniffe, Cunnigan, Cunnigham, Cunnighan, Cunnigle, Cunnihan, Cunning, Cunningham, Cunny, Curless, Curley, Curnion,  Curraghan, Curran, Curren, Currin, Currisken, Curry, Curtis, Cusack, Cuscor, Cutlip,


Dair, Daizley, Dally, Daly, Daniel, Daniell, Daragh, Darcus, Dare, Dareus, Darley, Darmond, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Davison,  Dawly, Dawson, Day, De, Deacon, Dean, Deane, Deany, Dearmod, Deary, Deasley, Deegan, Deehan, Deeney, Deeny, Deering, Deery, Deivard, Delany, Delap, Delase, Dempster, Denease, Dening, Denison, Deniston, Denmore, Dennery,  Denning, Denniston, Denny, Densmoor, Densmore, Dermod, Dermody, Dermot, Dermott, Derreen, Derry, Desmond, Devan, Devanny, Devany, Devenny, Deveny, Dever, Deverell, Devers, Devin, Devine, Deviny, Devir, Devitt, Devlahan, Devlin, Devolmant,  Devon, Devor, Diarmod, Dick, Dickie, Dickson, Diermod, Dill, Dillon, Dimon, Dinesmore, Dingwell, Dinmore, Dinnan, Dinneen, Dinney, Dinsmore, Disney, Divanny, Diven, Diver, Divers, Divin, Dixon, Doak, Doakes, Dobbin, Dobbins,  Dobbit, Dobby, Dobbyn, Dobson, Dodd, Dodwell, Dogherty, Dohan, Doherty, Dohin, Dohohoe, Dolan, Dollan, Dollon, Donagh, Donagher, Donaghey, Donaghy, Donahy, Donald, Donaldson, Donan, Donegal, Donegan, Donehy, Donien, Donigan, Donnell,  Donnellan, Donnelly, Donnolly, Donohoe, Donohy, Donovan, Doody, Dooey, Doogan, Doohan, Doohin, Doohy, Doolan, Doolin, Dooris, Doory, Doragh, Dorain, Doran, Dorgan, Dorian, Dormin, Dornan, Dorneen, Dornin, Dorreen, Dorrian, Dorrien,  Dorrin, Dorson, Douaher, Dougal, Dougall, Doughan, Doughey, Douglas, Douglass, Dowd, Dowde, Dower, Downes, Downey, Doyle, Dreenan, Driscoll, Drum, Drummond, Dubbs, Duddy, Dudgeon, Duffield, Duffy, Dugary, Duggan, Duggery, Dunbar,  Duncan, Dundas, Dungan, Dunion, Dunlap, Dunleary, Dunleavy, Dunlevy, Dunlop, Dunlop, Dunlop, Dunlop, Dunlop, Dunn, Dunnaghy, Dunne, Dunnin, Dunning, Dunnion, Dunsmere, Durneen, Durney, Durning, Durragh, Dwyer, Dyer, Dykes, Dysart,  Dysert,


Eager, Eagleton, Eakens, Eames, Earle, Earley, Earls, Early, Eaton, Eatons, Eccles, Eccleson, Eden, Edgar, Edminston, Edmondson, Edward, Edwards, Eeles, Egan, Elder, Elgin, Elkin, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison,  Elscott, Elvin, Elwee, Emuck, English, Erskine, Esington, Espie, Evans, Ewan, Ewart, Ewen, Ewin, Ewing, Eyre,


Fackenter, Fahenter, Fahy, Fair, Fairman, Falconer, Falkenten, Fall, Falls, Fanin, Fannen, Fannin, Fanny,  Faren, Fargey, Faries, Faris, Farmer, Farmin, Farnen, Farquinter, Farran, FARRELi, Farrell, Farren, Farrey, Farris, Farry, Fassett, Faucett, Faughinbridge, Faulkner, Faussett, Fawcett, Fealty, Feehily, Feely, Feeny, Fennelly, Fenton, Fenwick,  Fergison, Ferguson, Ferman, Ferra, Ferrar, Ferray, Ferrier, Ferris, Ferry, Fetz, Fie, Fielty, Finlay, Finley, Finn, Finucane, Firisky, Fisher, Fissure, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimons, Flaherty, Flanagan, Fleming, Flemming, Fletcher, Flood, Floyd,  Flynn, Folan, Foland, Forbes, Ford, Forde, Forisky, Forker, Forrest, Forster, Forsyth, Forsythe, Foster, Foster McWhoriskey, Fouskey, Fox, Foy, Fraim, Francis, Franks, Fraser, Frazer, Freal, Frearty, Freeborn, Freeborne, Freebourne, Freeburn,  Freeburne, Freel, Freene, Frehill, Freil, French, Freyle, Freylle, Friars, Frie, Friel, Frill, Frill, Fring, Frize, Frizel, Frizell, Frizzelle, Fry, Fryer, Fullerton, Fulton, Funston, Furey, Furie, Furney, Furry, Fury,  Fyffe,


Gablin, Gadsby, Gaffagan, Gailbraith, Gailey, Gaily, Gairgan, Galagher, Galbraith, Galina, Gallagehr, Gallaghe, Gallagher, Gallaher, Gallan, Gallanagh, Gallen, Gallenagh, Gallgher, Gallina, Gallinagh, Gallinoch, Gallon, Galvin, Gamble, Ganila, Gannon,  Gara, Garde, Gardiner, Garigan, Garigan, Garigan, Garland, Garra, Garrett, Garrigan, Garron, Garry, Gartland, Gartley, Gartly, Garvan, Garvey, Gary, Gascoyne, Gavacan, Gavagan, Gavahan, Gavan, Gavigan, Gavin, Geary, Geatings, Geehan,  Geer, Gellespie, Geo., Geo. Madison, Geoghegan, Geran, Gethins, Getins, Gettens, Gettigan, Getting, Gettings, Gettins, Gibbin, Gibbins, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibson, Gilbraith, Gilbride, Gilchriest, Gildea, Giles, Gilfeder, Gilfellan, Gilfillan, Gilgar, Gilina,  Gill, Gillan, Gillanagh, Gillaway, Gilleand, Gilleece, Gillen, Gillepie, Gillepsie, Gilliard, Gillick, Gilligan, Gilliland, Gillin, Gillinan, Gillis, Gilloegly, Gilmartin, Gilmore, Gilroney, Gilroy, Gilvarry, Gilvary, Ginen, Ginley, Ginn, Giran, Githins,  Gittings, Giveen, Given, Giver, Givin, Glackan, Glacken, Glackin, Glass, Glasse, Glecken, Gleckin, Glee, Glen, Glendenning, Glenn, Glinn, Glynn, Goban, Gobban, Gobbin, Gobin, Going, Golden, Goldrick, Golinagh, Gonagh, Gondy,  Gonigle, Goode, Goodwim, Goold, Goorley, Gordan, Gordon, Gorman, Gormley, Gormly, Gorrell, Gorry, Gough, Goural, Gourley, Gowan, Gowlan, Gowland, Graham, Grahame, Graims, Granahan, Granahane, Granny, Grant, Grany, Graves, Gray,  Greaves, Greehan, Green, Greene, Greenfield, Greenlan, Greenlanes, Greenlaw, Greenly, Greenshields, Greenslead, Greer, Gregg, Gregory, Grenary, Grey, Greyley, Gribbins, Grier, Griffin, Griffith, Grime, Grimes, Groarty, Grogan, Grouty, Groves, Grueber,  Gubbin, Gubbings, Gubbins, Gublin, Gumley, Gunila, Gunn, Gunnigle, Gunning, Gurney, Guthrie, Guttery, Guy, Gwynne,


Haby, Haddick, Hagan, Hagarty, Haghey, Haghy, Hagney, Hahy, Haigney, Haily, Hairken, Halferty, Hall, Hallaghy,  Halley, Halliday, Halloran, Hally, Halpin, Haman, Hamell, Hamill, Hamilton, Hammell, Hammon, Hammond, Hanagan, Hancock, Hand, Hanigan, Hanlon, Hanly, Hanna, Hannagan, Hannah, Hannan, Hannigan, Hanson, Haragan, Harahy, Haran, Hard,  Harden, Hardy, Hare, Hargan, Hargen, Harglot, Harighey, Harkan, Harken, Harker, Harkey, Harkin, Harkins, Harkness, Harl, Harland, Harley, Harlin, Harlond, Harman, Harold, Harper, Harpur, Harraghan, Harraghy, Harren, Harrigan, Harrihy,  Harris, Harrison, Harrity, Hart, Harte, Harten, Harthern, Hartin, Harton, Harty, Harvey, Harwood, Haslein, Haslem, Haslett, Haslim, Hassard, Hastings, Hasty, Hatrick, Hatton, Haughe, Haughey, Haughie, Haughny, Haughton, Haughy, Haven,  Havlin, Hawkes, Hawkins, Hay, Hayden, Hayes, Hazlett, Heaghy, Heagney, Heagny, Healy, Hean, Heany, Heard, Hearde, Hearld, Hearn, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne, Hearne,  Hearns, Hebourne, Heburn, Hector, Heekin, Heekins, Heekins, Heena, Heenan, Heeney, Heeny, Heffernan, Hegarty, Heickan, Heil, Hekin, Heky, Helferty, Helverty, Hely, Hemphill, Henderson, Hendry, Henegan, Heneran, Heney, Henigan, Henna,  Hennison, Henrican, Henry, Hepburn, Heraghty, Herald, Herarty, Herbert, Hereran, Herevan, Herne, Herold, Heron, Herrill, Herriran, Herririn, Hetherington, Heveran, Heverty, Hewitt, Hewly, Hewston, Heygate, Hickey, Higginbotham, Higgins, Higney, Hilferty,  Hill, Hilley, Hillian, Hilliard, Hillnan, Hilly, Hirl, Hirlin, Hodge, Hodkeys, Hoey, Hogan, Hogg, Holland, Hollyhock, Holmes, Holt, Holten, Homan, Home, Homes, Hone, Hones, Hood, Hooey, Hooresky, Hopkins, Horadan,  Horan, Horgan, Horisky, Horne, Horner, Hough, Houghney, Houghton, Houghy, Houston, Houton, Hovey, Howard, Howen, Howington, Howton, Hoy, Hoyne, Hueston, Huey, Hughes, Hughey, Hume, Humes, Humfrey, Humphrey, Humphries, Hunter,  Hurden, Hurley, Hurper, Hurrisky, Hurst, Huston, Hutchenson, Hutchinson, Hutton, Hyland, Hyndman, Hynes,


Irving, Irwin,


Jack, Jackson, Jacob, James, Jameson, Jange, Jasper, Jeffery, Jenkins, Jennings, Jervis, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone,  Jones, Jordan, Joseph, Joy, Joyce, Judge,


Kane, Karly, Kavanagh, Keakerson, Keamy, Keane, Keany, Kearnes, Kearney, Kearns, Kearny, Kears, Keary, Keaterson, Keatley, Keatly, Keays, Kee, Keeffe, Keegan, Keelan, Keeling,  Keely, Keenahan, Keenan, Keeney, Keeny, Keeran, Keeve, Kehone, Keilan, Keiland, Kelferty, Kelger, Kellaghan, Kellim, Kelly, Kelsey, Kelso, Kelverty, Kemp, Kemps, Kenn, Kennan, Kennedy, Kenny, Keoghan, Keon, Keown, Keran,  Keriban, Kerin, Kerlin, Kernahan, Kernan, Kernduff, Kerr, Kerrigan, Kerrin, Kerwy, Kevican, Kevin, Key, Keys, Kickey, Kidd, Kierny, Kieve, Kilbride, Kilday, Kildea, Kilfedden, Kilfedder, Kilfillan, Kilfinane, Kilfoyle, Kilger, Kilgive,  Kilgore, Kilgrace, Kilkpatrick, Killan, Killeen, Killen, Killenny, Killim, Killips, Killoon, Killum, Kilmartin, Kilpatrick, Kilroane, Kilroy, Kinahan, Kincade, Kincaid, Kincart, Kinehan, King, Kingsborough, Kingsmill, Kinkaid, Kinley, Kinnear, Kirban, Kirk,  Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Kirlin, Kitchen, Kivlahan, Knee, Knight, Knipe, Knox, Kyle, Kyles,


Labatt, Labett, Lackey, Lackie, Lacy, Laffan, Lafferty, Laffery, Lahan, Laing, Laird, Lally, Lamb, Lamberton, Lammond, Lamond,  Landers, Landy, Langan, Langley, Lanigan, Lannagan, Lannigan, Lapsley, Larkey, Lasabe, Lasley, Last, Lata, Latham, Latin, Latta, Laun, Lavens, Law, Lawder, Lawn, Lawson, Layard, Leadbetter, Leadon, Leakely, Leakly, Leany,  Leaper, Leathem, Leckey, Leckie, Lecky, Ledford, Lee, Leech, Leekey, Leeky, Leeper, Leitch, Leitrim, Leitrin, Lekly, Lenahan, Lennox, Leonard, Lepper, Lepsitt, Leslie, Letham, Lethem, Letter, Leve, Lever, Levings, Levingston,  Levins, Lewis, Lifford, Lighton, Likly, Lilford, Limerick, Linahan, Linchean, Lindsay, Linehan, Linney, Linny, Linsday, Linsky, Lipsett, Lipsey, Lipsitt, Listen, Listrane, Little, Lloyd, Locheed, Lockard, Lockart, Locker, Lockhart, Lockhead,  Lockyer, Lodge, Logan, Loghery, Logue, Lohery, Lone, Long, Longan, Longing, Longwell, Louge, Lough, Loughead, Lougherd, Loughery, Loughlan, Loughlea, Loughlin, Loughnan, Loughreed, Loughrey, Loughry, Lovatt, Love, Lover, Lowrey, Lowry,  Lowther, Lucas, Luck, Luke, Lumsden, Lungan, Lunnery, Lunny, Lyall, Lyle, Lynagh, Lynch, Lynn, Lyons,


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