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1901 ED Mount Charles

1901 ED Pettigo - by townlands and surnames

1911 Census Ireland

1911 Census ED Pettigo

NOTE:  1911 Census data is for selected names only ,except data for the "Town of Mount Charles" it is a complete listing for the town site.

Those entries posted for the 1901 Census are complete.

1911 ED Ballintra  Census Ireland

NOTE the 1911 Ballintra Census data is for the Parish of Drumhome,it is a partial listing of the Electoral District.
Thanks to Jane Dixon Anderson for contributing the Ballintra and 1911 Pettigo data.

1908 Old Age Pension Search for Cty Donegal

Search data is from the 1841 and 1851 Census. This file contains the surnames of individuals who applied for the 1908 Old Age Pension. Each person had to prove when they were born. Since Ireland did not issue birth certificates until 1864 the government decided to use the data of the 1841 and 1851 census. These files were still in existance in 1908, only destroyed after 1922.

Surnames: Aiken - Burke

Surnames: Burling - Counaghan

Surnames: Coyle - Diver

Surnames: Docherty - Ewing

Surnames: Fair - Gallagher

Surnames: Gallagher - Harkins

Surnames: Harley - Kyle

Surnames: Lafferty - McCann

Surnames: McCarron - McElwaine

Surnames: McElwee - McGonigle

Surnames: McGowan - McNulty

Surnames: McShane - O'Donnell

Surnames: O'Gara - Strain

Surnames: Sweeney - Wilhare or Carr or McElhare


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