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The Killaghtee RC data was contributed by: Gerry in Australia

Killaghtee Roman Catholci Church

Baptisms 1845 – 47, 1850 – 53, 1857 – 81
Marriages 1857 – 81 
Ref MIC/1D/88



Date                      Name of Child                        Name of Father                Name of Mother

1845?                    William McBrearty                   ThomasMcBrearty              Mary McCluskey

1845?                    Bridget McBrearty                    Pat McBrearty                    Mary Cassidy

20 May 1845         Jeane McBrearty                      Sudy? McBrearty               Mary Shilliday

14 Jun 1845           William McCahel                      Mames McCahel                Nelly McBrearty

30 Aug 1845          John McBrearty                        Charles McBrierty              Mary Askin

2 Nov 1845           Catherine McBrearty                Charles McBrearty             Bell Bragan

11 Apr 1846          James McBrearty                     James McBrearty               Annie McGrory

29 Mar 1846          Francis McBrearty)                  No given McBriarty            Mary McNeillis
                              Patrick McBrearty)                                                            

12 Jul 1846            Anne McBrearty                       John McBrearty                  Bridget McBrearty

31 Jul 1846            Anne McBrearty                       John McBrearty                  Bridget McBrearty

21 Aug 1846          John McBrearty                        James McBrearty               Nancy Brady

27 Dec 1846          Margaret Mehan                       Thomas Mehan                   Margaret McBrearty

7 Mar 1847            Mary McBrearty                      Connell McBrearty             Sally McGrory

25 Apr 1847          Bridget McBrarty                     Condy McBrearty              Bridget McBrearty

18 Feb 1850          Margaret Lych                          Edward Lych                      Mary McBrearty

7 Jan 1851             (Illeg)Charles McIntyre             Charles McIntyre                Hannah McBraarty

26 Apr 1851          Francis McBrearty                    Thomas McBrearty             Anne Martin

18 May 1851         Catherine McBrearty                Condy McBrarty                Nancy McCallagan

Jun 1851                John McBrearty                        No given                            Catherine McBrearty

18 Apr 1852          Mary Bradden                          James Badden                    Mary McBrearty

15 Aug 1852          May Meehan                            Thomas Meehan                 Margaret McBrearty

9 Dec 1852            Mary McBrearty                      Bryan McBrearty                Isabella Conaghan

19 Mar 1853          Patrick McBrearty                    Charles McBrearty             Mary Askin

6 Oct 1853            Anne McBrearty                       Patrick McBrearty              Nancy Connell

Gap to 26 July 1857

13 Dec 1857          Patrick Meehan                        Thomas Meehan                 Margaret McBriarty

15 Mar 1858          Catherine McBriarty                 James McBrearty               Hannah Gallagher

12 Jul 1858            Patrick McBriarty                     John McBriarty                   Bridget McBriarty

3 Dec 1858            Catherine McBrearty                Denis McBrearty                Catherine Connell

6 Mar 1859            William McBrrearty                  James McBrearty               Catherine Deny

17 Feb 1860          Bridget McBriarty                     John McBriarty                   Mary Anne Bradden

10 Jun 1860           Catherine Vulolia                      John Vulolia                        Mary McBriarty

5 Jan 1862             Teresa McBrearty                    Connel McBrearty              Sara McGrory

11 Aug 1862          Denis McBriarty                       Patrick McBrearty              Ann Mwathn(?)

19 Nov 1862         Patrick Mullheree                     Michael Mulheree               Bridget McBrearty

Research to end of 1862



Date                      Groom                                     Bride

13 Dec                   Thomas Meehan                       Margaret McBrearty\

15 Mar 1858          James McBrearty                     Hannah Gallagher

6 Mar 1859            James McBrearty                     Catherine Deny

5 Jan 1862 (?)        Connel McBrearty                    Sara McGrory

18 Aug 1862          Patrick McBrearty                    Ann Mwathn(??)


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