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The following pages cover the Griffith Valuation index for the Parish of Killabban and parishes that adjoin Killabban. They include the parishes of Tankardstown, Ballyadams, Killeshin, Monksgrange, Rathpick and Shrule.

The sort order is Surname, Townland and Parish.

This page covers surnames : Keegan to Mahon

Surname Given Name Townland Parish County
Keegan Denis Ballickmoyler Upper Killabban Laois
Keegan James Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Keegan Mary Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Keegan John Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Keegan John Boley Rathaspick Laois
Keegan Matthias Boley Rathaspick Laois
Keegan John Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Judith Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Michael Glennan Beg Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Patrick Glennan Beg Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Hugh Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Cornelius  Rathaspick Rathaspick Laois
Keegan James Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Keegan John Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Patrick Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Keegan Peter Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Keelagher Michael Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Kehoe Timothy Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Kehoe Edward Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Kehoe John Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Kehoe Michael Monavea Killabban Laois
Keiffe William Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Keiffe Michael Killeen Killabban Laois
Keirnan Catherine Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Daniel Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Edward Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Rose Drumdiffer Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Terence Drumlea Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan John Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Sylvester Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan John Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Patrick Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Peter Jr Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Patrick Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan James Leganamer Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan George Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan James Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Patrick Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Peter Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Daniel Mullaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Fergus Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Hugh Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Owen Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Patrick Sranadarragh Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan James Toome Ballyadams Laois
Keirnan Philip Toome Ballyadams Laois
Kelagher John Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Kelagher William Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Kelagher John Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Kellagher Patk Jr Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Kellagher Patrick Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Catherine Aghanure Killabban Laois
Kelly Thomas Aghanure Killabban Laois
Kelly James Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Kelly Sarah Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Kelly William Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Kelly Edward Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Patrick Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Michael Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Terence Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Terence Jr Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Kelly John Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Patrick Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Kelly William Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Michael Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Kelly Michael Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Kelly Anne Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Kelly Edward Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Kelly James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Kelly Stephen Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Kelly Bryan Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Kelly Anne Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Kelly Garrett Boley Rathaspick Laois
Kelly Michael Boley Rathaspick Laois
Kelly Denis Castletown Killabban Laois
Kelly Rev Eugene Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Clonybecan Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Kelly James Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Kelly Lawrence  Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Kelly Loughlin  Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Kelly John Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Kelly John Cullenagh Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Kelly Rev Eugene Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Kelly Patrick Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Terence Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Edward Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Martin Farnans Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Kelly Hugh  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kelly James Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kelly Lawrence  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kelly Patrick Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kelly Edward Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Kelly Garrett Graigue-Leighlin St. Killeshin Laois
Kelly Patrick Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Kelly Judith Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Kelly Patrick Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Kelly John  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Kelly Thaddues Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Thomas B Esq Kellyville Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Denis Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Kelly James Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Kelly John Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Kilgory Killabban Laois
Kelly Bridget Killabban Killabban Laois
Kelly James Killabban Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Killabban Killabban Laois
Kelly Thomas Killabban Killabban Laois
Kelly Anne  Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Kelly Martin Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Patrick Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Kelly John Monavea Killabban Laois
Kelly Michael Monavea Killabban Laois
Kelly Thomas Monavea Killabban Laois
Kelly John  Oldderrig Killeshin Laois
Kelly Patrick Oldleagh Killabban Laois
Kelly Patrick Rathduff Shrule Laois
Kelly William Ratherrig Ballyadams Laois
Kelly Thomas Rathtillig Killabban Laois
Kelly Bridget Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Kelly James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Kelly John  Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Kelly Martin Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Kelly Michael Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Kelly Thomas Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Kelly James Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Kelly William Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Edward Shrule Shrule Laois
Kelly Patrick Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Kelly Thomas Springhill Killeshin Laois
Kelly Martin Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Patrick Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Kelly Hugh Tirernan Killabban Laois
Kemmis Rep Thos Esq Ratherrig Ballyadams Laois
Kenealy Patrick Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Kenna Rose Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Kenna Bryan Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Kenna James Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Kenna Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Kenna Patrick Crossneen Killeshin Laois
Kenna Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Kenna Richard Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Kenna Mary Farnans Killabban Laois
Kenna Matthew Farnans Killabban Laois
Kenna Michael Farnans Killabban Laois
Kenna Thomas Farnans Killabban Laois
Kenna John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kenna Margaret  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kenna Mary  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kenna Patrick Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Kenna Lawrence Killeen Killabban Laois
Kenna Peter Killeen Killabban Laois
Kenna Matthew Monebrock Tankardstown Laois
Kenna Mary Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Kennedy Bridget Ardateggle Killeshin Laois
Kennedy James Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Kennedy William Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Kennedy Catherine Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Kennedy Patrick Dunbrin Lower Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Michael Farnans Killabban Laois
Kennedy Robert Graigue Killeshin Laois
Kennedy Anne Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Cornelius Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Patrick Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Patrick Jr Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Thomas Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Patrick Lislahy Ballyadams Laois
Kennedy Mary Rahin Killabban Laois
Kennedy James Jr Towlerton Killabban Laois
Kennedy James Sr Towlerton Killabban Laois
Kennedy Michael Towlerton Killabban Laois
Kennedy Arthur Turra Killabban Laois
Kennedy Catherine Turra Killabban Laois
Kennedy  Edward Boley Rathaspick Laois
Kennedy  Honoria Boley Rathaspick Laois
Kennedy  John Boley Rathaspick Laois
Kennedy  Thomas Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Kennedy  Edward Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
Kennedy  John Mullaghmore Rathaspick Laois
Kenny John Ballynagarr Killabban Laois
Keogh John  Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Keogh Margaret  Bohernasear Killeshin Laois
Keogh John  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Keogh Patrick Springhill Killeshin Laois
Kerfoot James Kilgory Killabban Laois
Keys John Mayo Killabban Laois
Kidd Phoebe Farnans Killabban Laois
Kidd Phoebe Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Kidd  John  Clogrenan Killeshin Laois
Kiernan Michael Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Kilbride Rev James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Kilbride Thomas Dunbrin Upper Ballyadams Laois
Kilroy Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Kilroy Edward Crettyard Killabban Laois
Kinchela Mary Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Kinchela Patrick Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Kinchela Mary Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Kinchela John Coolanagh Killabban Laois
Kinchela Bridget Gortahile Killabban Laois
Kinchela Martin Gortahile Killabban Laois
Kinchela Martin Monavea Killabban Laois
Kinchela William Oldleagh Killabban Laois
King James Ashfield Killabban Laois
King William Ashfield Killabban Laois
King Bridget Ballynagall Killabban Laois
King Michael Clonbrock Killabban Laois
King Patrick Coolanowle Killabban Laois
King Murtagh Drumagh Killabban Laois
King Alice Gurteen Killabban Laois
King Thomas Kilcruise Killabban Laois
King James Killenny Killabban Laois
King John Killenny Killabban Laois
King Adam Rappa Shrule Laois
King Michael Stroke Ballyadams Laois
King Anne Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
King James Tinnasragh Killabban Laois
King Darby Towlerton Killabban Laois
King James Towlerton Killabban Laois
King James Jr Towlerton Killabban Laois
King John Towlerton Killabban Laois
King Margaret Towlerton Killabban Laois
King William Jr Towlerton Killabban Laois
King William Sr Towlerton Killabban Laois
King John Turra Killabban Laois
King Julia Turra Killabban Laois
King Murtagh Turra Killabban Laois
King  Catherine Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
King  Patrick Graigue-Connaught Lane Killeshin Laois
King  Thomas Graigue-Connaught Lane Killeshin Laois
King  James Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
King  John  Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
King  Richard Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
King  Thomas Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
King  Patrick Graigue-The Numbers Killeshin Laois
Kinsella Patrick Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Kinsella Michael Graigue-Church St. Killeshin Laois
Kinsella Mary  Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Kinsella Mary  Leagh Killeshin Laois
Kinsella Ellen Parkahoughill Ballyadams Laois
Kinsella John  Springhill Killeshin Laois
Kirby Rev James Rushes Killabban Laois
Kirwan William Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan Daniel Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan Edward Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan James Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan John Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan Patrick Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan Thomas Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Kirwan Michael Rahin Killabban Laois
Kitely John Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Knott Patrick Leckan Ballyadams Laois
Knowles Anne Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Knowles Garret Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Knowles Richard Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Knowles James Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Knowles Mary Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Knowles Henry Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Knowles John Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Knowles Anne Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Knowles Patrick Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Knowles  Denis  Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  James  Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  John Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  John Jr  Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  Mary Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  Michael Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  Simon  Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Knowles  Thomas Crissard Rathaspick Laois
Kohoe John Wolfhill Rathaspick Laois
La Farrelle James Springhill Killeshin Laois
Lacy Martin Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Lacy Anne Ballyfinnan Killabban Laois
Lacy Anne Rahin Killabban Laois
Lacy Edward Rahin Killabban Laois
Lacy Edward Jr Rahin Killabban Laois
Lacy Patrick Rahin Killabban Laois
Lacy Daniel Rathmore Ballyadams Laois
Laffan  Mary  Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Lalor Anne Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Lalor Ellen Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Lalor Murtagh Coorlaghan Killeshin Laois
Lalor Daniel Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Lalor John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Lalor Mary  Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Lalor Patrick Graigue-Maryborough St. Killeshin Laois
Lalor Anne  Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Lalor Michael Rathgilbert Ballyadams Laois
Lalor James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Lalor Daniel Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Lalor Denis  Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Lalor James Springhill Killeshin Laois
Lambe Peter Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Lane Thomas Village of Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Langto Elizabeth Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Langton Owen Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Langton Patrick Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Langton Mary Fallaghmore Ballyadams Laois
Langton Patrick Rathgilbert Ballyadams Laois
Langton John Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Langton Patrick Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Langton William Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Langton William Jr Shanganaghbeg Tankardstown Laois
Langton  Mary Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Langton  Owen Wolfhill Rathaspick Laois
Large Thomes Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Large Robert Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Lark  Robert Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Lark  Stephen Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Lawder William Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Lawder William Kilnacreevy Ballyadams Laois
Lawler Mary Aghcross Killabban Laois
Lawler Thomas Ashfield Killabban Laois
Lawler Bridget Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Lawler John Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Lawler Judith Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Lawler Patrick Ballickmoyler Killabban Laois
Lawler Michael Ballinree Tankardstown Laois
Lawler Hugh Ballybeg Tankardstown Laois
Lawler William Ballybeg Tankardstown Laois
Lawler John Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Lawler Michael Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Lawler Patrick Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Lawler Eliza Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Lawler John Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Lawler Thomas Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Lawler James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Lawler Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Lawler William Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Lawler Edward Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Lawler James Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Lawler John Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Lawler Edmund Boley Rathaspick Laois
Lawler Mary Boley Rathaspick Laois
Lawler Michael Boley Rathaspick Laois
Lawler David Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Lawler Patrick Clonbrock Killabban Laois
Lawler Daniel Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Lawler John Coolgarragh Killabban Laois
Lawler Daniel Crettyard Killabban Laois
Lawler James Jr Crettyard Killabban Laois
Lawler James Sr Crettyard Killabban Laois
Lawler John Crettyard Killabban Laois
Lawler Hugh Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Lawler William Cullenagh Killabban Laois
Lawler William Farnans Killabban Laois
Lawler John Garrendenny Killabban Laois
Lawler Bridget Gortahile Killabban Laois
Lawler James R Gortahile Killabban Laois
Lawler James W Gortahile Killabban Laois
Lawler John Gortahile Killabban Laois
Lawler Patrick Gurteen Killabban Laois
Lawler Edward Killabban Killabban Laois
Lawler John Killabban Killabban Laois
Lawler Margaret Killabban Killabban Laois
Lawler Patrick Killabban Killabban Laois
Lawler David Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Lawler James Killyganard Ballyadams Laois
Lawler Bridget Loughlass Ballyadams Laois
Lawler Joseph Milford Tankardstown Laois
Lawler Margaret Monavea Killabban Laois
Lawler Michael Monavea Killabban Laois
Lawler Christopher Rahin Killabban Laois
Lawler Denis Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Lawler Rev John Shanganaghmore Tankardstown Laois
Lawler Patrick Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Lawler Joseph Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Lawler Patrick Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Lawler William Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Lawler William Jr Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Lawler Catherine Towlerton Killabban Laois
Lawler James Towlerton Killabban Laois
Lawler John Towlerton Killabban Laois
Lawler Michael Towlerton Killabban Laois
Lawler Owen Towlerton Killabban Laois
Lawler Patrick Towlerton Killabban Laois
Lawler Francis Woodland Killabban Laois
Lawler  Catherine Graigue Killeshin Laois
Lawler  Hugh  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Lawler  Laughlin  Grange Monksgrange Laois
Lawler  Maurice Grange Monksgrange Laois
Lawless Richard Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Lawless Michael Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Lawless Patrick Clogrenan Killeshin Laois
Lawless William Graigue-Killeshin St. Killeshin Laois
Lawlor John Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Lawrence James Sraloaghan Ballyadams Laois
Leckey John H Farnans Killabban Laois
Lecky John H Esq Doonane Rathaspick  Laois
Lee Rose Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Leech Michael Kilfeacle Rathaspick Laois
Leech John Shanragh Rathaspick Laois
Leigh James Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Leigh Mary Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Leigh Patrick Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Leigh Michael Ballynakill Killabban Laois
Leigh James Farnans Killabban Laois
Leigh Eliza Rahin Killabban Laois
Leitrim ??? Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Lennan Martin Farnans Killabban Laois
Lennan Patrick Kilcruise Killabban Laois
Leonard John Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Leonard Patrick Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Leonard Catherine Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Leonard William Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Leonard Bridget Graigue Killeshin Laois
Leonard  John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Leonard  Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Leyingston Henry Keelrin Ballyadams Laois
Lindon Patrick Garadice Ballyadams Laois
Ling  James Graigue-Sleaty St. Killeshin Laois
Lodge Francis Drumroe Ballyadams Laois
Logan Mary Stroke Ballyadams Laois
London Ellen Aghanure Killabban Laois
London Lawrence Aghanure Killabban Laois
London Richard Ballylynan Killabban Laois
London William Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Looby Andrew Drumlea Ballyadams Laois
Looby Thomas Drumlea Ballyadams Laois
Looby William Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Looby Andrew Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Looby Thomas Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
Loughlin Patrick Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Loughlin Thomas Rathaspick Rathaspick Laois
Lowry Murtagh Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Lowry Peter Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Lukeman James Ballylynan Killabban Laois
Lumbly William Farnans Killabban Laois
Lynam John Drumagh Killabban Laois
Lynam Michael Drumagh Killabban Laois
Lynam Thomas Drumagh Killabban Laois
Lynam William Drumagh Killabban Laois
Lynam Richard Graigue-Leighlin St. Killeshin Laois
Lynam Charles Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Lynam Richard Springhill Killeshin Laois
Lynch Michael Ballynagall Killabban Laois
Lynch Daniel Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Lynch George Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Lynch Thomas Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Lynch William Crannagh Ballyadams Laois
Lynch Cornelius Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Lynch Peter Drumreilly Ballyadams Laois
Lynch Patrick Graigue Killeshin Laois
Lynch James Rossmore Killeshin Laois
Lyons Daniel Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Lyons Michael Clonmore Killeshin Laois
Lyons Andrew Graigue-Chapel St. Killeshin Laois
Lyons Bridget Grange Monksgrange Laois
Lyons Bryon Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Lyons Michael Mullaghboy Ballyadams Laois
M'Abben Michael Grange Monksgrange Laois
Mack Mary Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Mack John Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Mackessy Bridget Boley Rathaspick Laois
Mackey Mary Ballintubbert Ballyadams Laois
Madden William Ballintlea Ballyadams Laois
Madden  Denis Springhill Killeshin Laois
Magauvern Edward Garadice Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Hugh Garadice Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Maragaret Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Margaret Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Marggaret Glebe Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Patrick Greaghnaloughry Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Joseph Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Patrick Keenheen Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern James Knocks Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern William Lisgruddy Ballyadams Laois
Magauvern Mary Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Magoohan Hugh Gubbs Ballyadams Laois
Magrath Patrick Ballylehane Lr. Killabban Laois
Maguire Patrick Gortachoosh Ballyadams Laois
Maguire John  Graigue Killeshin Laois
Maguire John Jr Killameen Ballyadams Laois
Maguire Nathaniel Sradrinan Ballyadams Laois
Maher Mary Aghanure Killabban Laois
Maher Hugh Ballyadams Ballyadams Laois
Maher Matthew Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Maher Michael Ballycorman Killabban Laois
Maher Patrick Ballyfoyle Killabban Laois
Maher Catherine Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Maher Edward Coolanowle Killabban Laois
Maher John Doonane Rathaspick Laois
Maher John Farnans Killabban Laois
Maher Anne  Killeshin Killeshin Laois
Maher John  Leagh Killeshin Laois
Maher Michael Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Maher Patrick Maghareagh Tankardstown Laois
Maher James Ratherrig Ballyadams Laois
Maher Murtagh Slatt Lower Rathaspick Laois
Maher Patrick Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Maher Kearnes Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Maher Michael Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Maher Patrick Tankardstown Tankardstown Laois
Mahon Anne  Ballyhide Killeshin Laois
Mahon John Ballylehane Upper Killabban Laois
Mahon Patrick Maidenhead Killabban Laois
Mahon Bridget Rahin Killabban Laois
Mahon David  Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois
Mahon Patrick Slatt Upper Rathaspick Laois


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